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Winterkorn knew early on about the exhaust decision Scam? –

New evidence dieting Information SZ the suspicion that Ex-VW boss Winterkorn was clearly informed of fraud in the Exhaust gas than previously known. The results from the investigation to the FBI. It is based on several leniency from Wolfsburg.

What is Martin Winterkorn knew about the manipulations – and, above all, when? That is, in the exhaust gas scandal is still the crucial question. They employed legions of German lawyers, prosecutors and American FBI agents. It is believed the company, the Supervisory Board and to him – then he knew nothing; then he would have lost his Job as a VW-Chairman of the Board, because a group of irresponsible technicians have placed, without his Knowledge, a sophisticated technical fraud over the years in the scene. According to the official presentation of VW, Winterkorn has only learned late in the summer of 2015 by the manipulations.

But if you believe the technicians, in what you describe as a leniency to the FBI, then the picture changes. Then the image of a power that comes benefits system in VW, in which the Boss from the wrong might know, from wrong, without having to ever stand for.

the Familiar of winter grain in the center

The key figure in this System could be the Manager Bernd gottweis. It has now accused the American justice because of fraud. He was one of the most important Confidant of Martin Winterkorn. That was all in the VW group is known. One that could speak very openly with the VW boss. If you talked to him, it portrays a witness, then one could assume that it lands at winter grain. And thus, the Diesel is approaching fraud ever closer to the Ex-chief Executive officer.

Gottweis was the man for difficult cases, for problems and return the firefighter recalls. But a high-ranking witness describes his role with the FBI, the term “Firewall”, fire protection wall. God-oriented role was to solve thorny problems, to protect the winter grain. One that ensures that the delicate things and we will notify you orally good, but that to him in writing – and thus detectable – as little as possible is officially communicated. It’s winter grain had to prove to someone “that he knew something” – so

indications of fraud in July, 2012

in July 2012, more than three years before the fraud blew up – should have know Bernd Gottweis of the manipulations. The specified VW in his admission of guilt to US authorities. Because of the fraud software to Filter soot-covered, and more and more VW customer had to in the workshops, reported this leading engineers from the diesel development is the “firefighter”. You should have explained God knows the way of rigged Software at Hand a sketch. The Familiar Winterkorn’s outstanding’ve understood the meaning and purpose of him had been clear that it was a prohibited “defeat device”, with which the exhaust emission values have been tampered with.

Instead of using the law to end illegal practice, I have asked God, looking for the engineers to use the Software, and to hide from the US authorities. The sketch for the explanation of the fraud software should destroy the engineers. It was assumed, as the state’s star witness against the FBI, that God knows Winterkorn would inform after this date.

Another Top Manager has been informed

Heinz-Jakob Neußer, head of VW-diesel development, is a close Confidant of Martin Winterkorn. He also has the short wire, and about him, the affair is moving closer to winter grain. He is said to have been informed, according to the confession of VW, also in July 2012 about the Scam software. And how God knows he is supposed to have the engineers be instructed to destroy the fraud to continue, and documents for the explanation of the fraud function. He should have forbidden to use the term “defeat device” in discussions.

The attorneys of Gottweis reject all the accusations against their clients. He didn’t know anything about the Scam software and “nothing concealed”. You accuse the US authorities, to have God-oriented self-not yet interviewed.

Also complained to the lawyer of Heinz-Jakob Neußer, that the American authorities have accused your client, without listening to him. “I have the impression you don’t want to know, what, Dr. Neußer said in it,” said the lawyer. You have distributed the roles already. “There is the Good, and there’s the bad.” All the leniency themselves were also Accused.

FBI considers leniency for credible

Currently, it is unclear whether the information provided by the witnesses. Generally speaking, the FBI considers them to be credible. But whether each individual statement will prove to be true, can’t say.

Gottweis should in any case have repeatedly announced, to inform the winter grain on the diesel issue. As in April 2014 the shockingly high exhaust-gas values of the VW cars in an American study were public and the U.S. environmental protection authorities determined, was God-oriented set without delay, and also about the possible financial risks. At this meeting, it is rumored that God had predicted: “I need to speak urgently with the chief.” One of the leniency is, therefore, convinced that God knows Winterkorn has verbally informed.

in Writing Gottweis written, however, only an ambiguous note. It says: “It is to be presumed that the authorities, the VW will be examining systems to see whether Volkswagen has implemented a test ID in the engine control device Software (so-called defeat device).” A Knower may assess the urgency of the note. An Ignorant man may not. It is a clever formulation that will later have little probative for the question of whether Martin winter knew grain at this time of the Scam software or not.

Then the 27. July 2015. The so-called bad table, an engineer, said the Scam software and possible financial consequences. There have been no Demands of winter grain, the witnesses said. He was not surprised. They had assumed that the winter grain have known the facts already. Evidence that the VW is supposed to have said to the boss: “And all because of this Software”.

notes, but there is no clear evidence

It is a fine network of suspicion against the former Chairman of the Board. There is no clear evidence. Therefore, he is also one of the six VW-managers, accused the Ministry of justice in the United States in particular. And he also belongs to the VW-managers, against which the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig investigated for fraud.

The Ex-boss, Winterkorn, is still in its presentation. He stated in his resignation that he had nothing wrong.


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