Friday, January 27, 2017

100-million-Euro-order cancelled But no Trump-victims? Now accused of … – FOCUS Online

The Swabian automotive supplier SHW sees himself as a victim of the new US President Donald Trump, after a major order was cancelled 100 million euros this week. The receiver would have been Tesla boss Elon Musk, one of the advisers of the new President, and only the day before of the cancellation of this met.

Low-quality and gossip

But Tesla is contrary to the economic week now vehemently that Trump had his fingers in the game. Rather, SHW was a “defaulting supplier”. The German company had breached confidentiality agreements and parts of inferior quality delivered. Because Tesla have in the production of the Model 3 this summer on a tight schedule, would part with the car builders so quickly from such suppliers.

SHW denies technical shortcomings and now wants to complain against the order of termination. For the Swabians, the delivery would be financially very important, because the main customer is weakening Volkswagen.

100 million Euro the way: the German automotive supplier looks to be the first Trump-victims


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