Thursday, January 26, 2017

Legal Executive leaves VW after only a year – the Berlin morning post


lawyer Hohmann-dennhardt should, but fails to competence-dispute

Andreas Schweiger

Wolfsburg. just a year Ago has Christine Hohmann-dennhardt as the Board of management for integrity and legal in the VW group, started. Now the conclusion is surprising. The 66-year-old, a former constitutional judge will be leaving the group to 31. January, as VW reported – by mutual agreement. “The Volkswagen AG and Ms. Hohmann-dennhardt separate due to differences of opinion on the responsibilities and the future operational work structures in your Department.” That sounds like trouble.

it was apparently less to the content, skills, and responsibilities. According to information this newspaper, there have been repeated disagreements between the Hohmann-dennhardt, and the head of your Department assistant legal Department, Manfred Döss.

The lawyer is considered to be a key architect of the comparison, the VW just with the United States to the exhaust-it was closed. The car maker apparently had more Initiative, Hohmann-dennhardt expected in the negotiations of the comparison. However, she lacked the experience for such discussions. Therefore, there was dispute over the future distribution of tasks in your Department – especially since the Döss co-developed, a comparison with VW is regarded as a great success.

Hohmann-dennhardt urged since taking office a year ago in Wolfsburg, never in Public, but always remained in the Background. They had a works meeting at the Wolfsburg plant, a longer appearance, which is considered to be unique. As our newspaper has learned, she has presented her program to the staff, not only in speech but also in a subsequent Film in a theatre in transition genes, which was performed by the movie actors in the workshop.

VW-in-chief Matthias Müller Hohmann-dennhardt from the competitors Daimler poached to accompany the cultural change at the automaker, and to prevent a case such as the exhaust-repeat fraud. Successor Hiltrud Werner, who has led since January of 2016, the group internal audit Department. Müller had taken after becoming aware of the fraud from the supplier ZF to Wolfsburg. Before that, she was Head of the audit with YOU and BMW.

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