Monday, January 23, 2017

Galaxy S8: Samsung’s new Top Smartphone is coming later – MIRROR ONLINE

Finally Samsung has found out, which is why a number of his stars-7-Smartphones catching fire, and provides the culprit. The findings have consequences: The new Top device is coming later than expected.

The batteries were to blame for the 2016 dozens of Samsung Smartphones Galaxy Note 7 caught on fire. That was the core message of a press conference hosted by Samsung on Monday morning at two o’clock German time to Seoul. A Surprise this was, of course. On Friday, the outcome of the investigations was leaked. And yet, the Top managers of the group interesting, had to say. Especially with regard to the question of guilt.

One would be able to make easily. Finally, the defective goods, electricity storage is not of Samsung’s mobile division, but from suppliers has been produced.

to unload instead of the blame on their shoulders, said DJ Koh, chief of Samsung Mobile, “Samsung has set the target specifications for the grade 7 battery inserted. Accordingly, we take responsibility for the mistakes that have occurred in the development and manufacture of the batteries and we discovered only after the launch of the Galaxy Note 7.”

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This formulation is not likely to be like the Koreans easily. In the best crisis PR, you try to turn the Problem into a Positive one. For example, if you explain the expense, with you to the cause of the fires have been looking for, had the callback and finally, the premature end of production of the flagship Smartphones.

battery consultant should investigate Samsung

help According to the Motto “a lot helps a Lot” were turned off, therefore, 700 employees, more than 200,000 Galaxy Note 7 and 30,000 batteries to. To locate the cause on the track, you should re-enact the events which led to the fires. In addition, the testing organizations UL, Exponent, and TÜV Rheinland were involved in the investigation.

was the result of extensive testing: The first Batch of batteries was simply in a tight housing plugged, resulting in short circuiting and, thus, Overheating. In the second Batch this error had been turned off. Instead, a layer of insulation was used within the battery is faulty, which could in turn lead to short circuits.

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In an attempt to ensure that something like this happens again, have the Koreans, two measures are taken. For a battery to go through Samsung in the future an “8-point safety check” before they are installed. Secondly, the group has set up a four-member staff of advisers from external battery specialists that will accompany the product development of the company in the future, “with a neutral view”.


the volume of financial losses due to the Note-7-a Disaster for Samsung to add at the end, it is currently difficult to see. At the press conference was informed, the recall is going to burden the balance sheet with a loss of almost five billion euros. In this statement the hard-to-taxi-profit should not be included failures by the stop sale, however.

another setback for Samsung remains to be seen in the near future. Usually, the group staged on the mobile exhibition Mobile World Congress in late February in Barcelona, with great effort, its new flagship Smartphone, the Galaxy S-class. In 2016, this is the Galaxy S7 and S7 the edge.

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Now, however, DJ Koh said at a press conference in Seoul that the successor of the Galaxy S7, presumably the Galaxy S8 will not be presented in Barcelona. Reasons for this deviation from the existing procedure, he called in just as little as a date for the presentations of the Galaxy S8.

advantage for the competition

Samsung’s competitors could get for the first time for years a technological lead before the Koreans. Companies such as LG, Lenovo and Sony are due to Samsung’s refusal deter you from your new Top Smartphones on the MWC. And which should be stuffed with new technology, can bring to Samsung due to the postponement until later on the market.

that’s not enough the back of Samsung S8-presentation by the shift closer to the idea of Apple’s anniversary of the iPhone. The successful model of the California group celebrated in January, its tenth anniversary. The new model could be for the inauguration of the spectacular new Apple headquarters in Cupertino unveiled and will be the main competitive model, with the Samsung S8 will need to measure.


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