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United States 3rd place: Goodbye USA! China is now … – FOCUS Online

  • Current leader: 2014, France, 2015 USA, 2016 China
  • Chinese state-aid, trade, flush to the top
  • United States court of 2 may this year,

back In the ranking of German trading partners it has in the last year, according to the DIHK’s a changing of the guard. For the first time, China is in first place and will replace the USA as the German chambers of industry and Commerce (DIHK) on Friday in Berlin on the Basis of a high bill announced.

China’s economy benefited from government help

Then, the USA had slipped to third place, France maintained its Position as the second largest trading partner of Germany. Our neighbors were up in 2014, even on the first place.

For the rise of China was vital that German exports would have developed after a weak start to the Year, is increasingly dynamic. In the process, benefiting from the Chinese growth of massive state support measures such as investment in infrastructure, and a very loose lending policies of the banks.

the USA could this year overtake France

The United States continue to export country number One. Exports and, in particular, the German imports from the United States were, on the whole, but was too weak to claim their top spot.

The German exports to the USA had fallen to 2016 of more than five percent because the economy grew slower than before, and more internal oriented.

“With an improving economy could take back the USA, but already in the coming year, at least Two, if not the customs policy of the new US President makes a dash through the bill,” said DIHK foreign trade chief Volker Treier.


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New economic data USA little hope

it is Questionable, however, whether the economy in the USA attracts 2017. By the end of 2016, she grew significantly weaker. In the fourth quarter, the gross domestic product (GDP) grew by an annual projected Rate of 1.9 percent, the trade Ministry announced on Friday in a first estimate, in Washington.

analysts had expected a Rate of 2.2 percent, after the world had grown the largest economy in the third quarter on this basis of calculation is 3.5 percent.

Europe is growing just as fast as the USA

growth figures in the USA for a year. You specify how strong the economy would grow if the pace were to be maintained for a year. In Europe, there is no such so-called Annualized.

The growth is lower and not directly with American to Pay comparable rates. According to the European Standards, the US growth in the final quarter of between 0.4 and 0.5 percent compared to the previous quarter. This would correspond approximately to the growth of the European economy in the third quarter of 2016. For the fourth quarter, there is still no data.

EU does not increase punitive tariffs for Chinese cheap products

However, everything is also between the EU and China in Butter: To protect against cheap imports, the EU has imposed today additional punitive duties against China and Taiwan.

stainless steel tubes and fittings for welding from China in the future, premiums of up to around 64.9 per cent of the price payable, as the EU Commission announced on Friday.

For the appropriate products from Taiwan will be subject to additional punitive duties of up to 12.1 percent. They are used, among others, in shipbuilding and in the case of energy infrastructure projects.

According to the Brussels authority in the European Union are now 39 anti-dumping measures in force. 17 of them are directed against cheap imports from China.

China had fought in the past against accusations from the EU to flood the world market with cheap steel. From the point of view of the people’s Republic is a world-wide Problem, against the protectionist measures are no solution.

that’s Why China wants to cooperate more with Germany


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