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Investigation Committee doubts Piëchs education’s sake – Handelsblatt

Ferdinand Piech

to have The investigative Committee accuses the former VW Supervisory Board chief, no interest in the elucidation of the exhaust-affair.

(photo: Reuters)

Berlinthe Chairman of The exhaust investigation Committee has accused Ex-VW Supervisory Board chief Ferdinand Piëch, a lack of willingness to investigate the Diesel-scandal at Volkswagen. Piëch had previously, through his lawyer explaining that he would not testify before the investigation Committee of the Bundestag. “If he had nothing to hide had, he would have had to come,” said the Committee Chairman, Herbert Behrens (Left) the Newspapers of the Funke media group (Saturday). It Piëch does not go well on a reconnaissance of the scandal, he appears to have other motives. “The Boss of bosses pinches in front of the German Parliament”, – said the politician.

in the light of new allegations in the exhaust gas, scandal, wanted to subpoena the Left and the Green of the former VW Supervisory Board Chairman in the investigative Committee as a witness. He would not respond to the “offer of a public hearing before a Committee of inquiry of the German Bundestag”, Piëch on Friday evening via his lawyer Gerhard Strate. As an Austrian, the 79-Year-old is not required to testify.

VW Patriarch: Piëchs last stand

PremiumVolkswagen without Ferdinand Piëch has long been regarded as unthinkable. Today, the former Doyen of the Auto-world is for many just a burden. Even in the family he finds little support. What drives him? more…

The Green politician Oliver Krischer said, Piëch was ready to make its contribution to the clarification of the exhaust gas scandal. “This reaffirms the moral paintings of some of the persons in charge of the group, the more interested in themselves than the Welfare of the largest German car manufacturer,” said Krischer as Chairman of the Committee of inquiry in Berlin on Saturday. That until today no one stand up to its responsibilities and clean make, falls for a former flagship company in the crisis.

Piëch is said to have collected, according to media lawyers, and a VW dedicated firm of accusations against a number of the VW Supervisory Board and Ex-CEO Martin winter reports in surveys by the state grain. You should already have earlier than so far known from Point to exhaust-manipulations in the United States. The Manager and the supervisors deny it. In the word according to the corresponding statement protocols Piëchs are not documented yet to the public.

Ex-VW Supervisory Board chief: Piëch does not want to in front of the U-Committee of the Bundestag statements

Ex-VW Supervisory Board chief Ferdinand Piëch does not want to in front of the investigation Committee of the Bundestag to the VW-scandal statements. According to new allegations in the exhaust gas affair, it wanted to subpoena the Left and the Green as a witness. more…

The 79-Year-old left now to tell that he had made in April 2016, compared to the VW representative law firm Jones Day’s statements and repeated to the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig in December. To the content, he said. “Prof. Dr. Piëch remember to comment on what is peddled as alleged contents of the interviews, in turn, to the public,” it said in the Declaration of his attorney.


Tsipras warns Schäuble before “playing with fire” – the TIME ONLINE

criticized The Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, has the Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) sharply. “I would like to ask the Chancellor of the derogatory Remarks of Minister of Finance Schäuble against Greece, as well as references that the Greeks lived beyond their means, to stop,” said Tsipras at a party rally of his left-wing government Syriza party.

“Who is playing with a ‘Eurozone’s two-speed’, with cleavage and division, is playing with fire,” said the head of government. He could not imagine that it is in the sense of the German government to send arsonist with matches in an ammunition warehouse. You will not make any claims on the part of the creditors to sign, which is not made on the Basis of logic and Numbers.

Tsipras was referring to recent Statements by Schäuble, Greece bar to a higher standard of living than it could generate. Necessary, further reforms were. “Otherwise you will not be able to remain in the currency Union,” said Schaeuble.

The bankruptcy-threatened country and its international creditors struggle in difficult negotiations, to the current austerity and reform program. International financial aid Greece to preserve for years prior to the bankruptcy.

In the summer to pay back the government in Athens seven billion euros to its creditors. This amount can pay for the Land only if it uses money from the aid programme in the Euro countries. The want this but only if you are both agreed on the reform efforts of Greece. However, it is a fight for months. After a special the money to meet donor with the Greek Finance Ministers, Euro group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Friday evening, had spoken of “significant progress” that could pave the way for further aid payments.

the middle of 2015, had been agreed by the Euro-Partner with Greece a third programme of assistance in the amount of up to EUR 86 billion. Unlike the predecessor programs, the IMF is not involved in this but, so far, with its own financial resources. The organization calls for the long-term sustainability of the Greek debt, marriage do you want to make further money. In this respect, Greece would have to be more debts. Germany and Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble reject the. Tsipras said, however, not only Schäuble, but also the International monetary Fund (IMF), the willingness to find a solution.


“Schäuble is playing with fire” – MIRROR ONLINE

In the summer, Greece will have to pay seven billion euros, will be in need of new loans. Premier Tsipras defends itself against allegations from Germany – the Chancellor should call your Minister of Finance to order.

Prime Minister Tsipras


Prime Minister Tsipras

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has warned the International monetary Fund IMF and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), to play in the Greek debt crisis, longer “with the fire”. At the opening of the party rally of his left-wing Syriza Tsipras said on Saturday that the positions of schäuble and the IMF for the current stalemate in the negotiations between Athens and its creditors in charge.

Tsipras demanded from Angela Merkel to call for Schäuble to order. “I would like to ask the Chancellor of the derogatory Remarks of Minister of Finance Schäuble against Greece, as well as references that the Greeks lived beyond their means, to stop,” said Tsipras.

“Who is playing with a ‘Eurozone’s two-speed’, with cleavage and division, is playing with fire,” said the head of the government. He could not imagine that it is in the sense of the (German) government was to send arsonist with matches in an ammunition warehouse.

Schaeuble had accused Greece lately to filibuster reform. “I don’t know what the Greek government thinks that it has done what it has so often obliged,” said Wolfgang Schäuble, about the end of January at a Meeting of Euro Finance Ministers. Schaeuble has accused Athens also to afford a higher standard of living than the country itself could generate. Without further reforms, “can’t you stay in the currency Union,” said Schaeuble.

Greece is threatened by Bankruptcy. In tough negotiations, the government wrestles with its international creditors to the current austerity and reform program. According to a special donor, with the Greek Minister of Finance, Euro group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem had talked about meeting on Friday evening, while “considerable progress” that could pave the way for further aid payments. Tsipras said on Saturday, however, not only Schäuble, but also the International monetary Fund (IMF), the willingness to find a solution.

In the summer of debt repayments by seven billion euros for Athens. This can only be settled when the 86-billion-Euro aid program will further payments be released. There has to be but since months of stalled negotiations with the international donors on the assessment of the Greek debt crisis and efforts to reform a breakthrough.


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Piëch refuses to Appear in front of U-the Committee for the VW scandal – business week

Ferdinand Piëch-the former VW Chairman of the Supervisory Board, does not want to testify before the investigation Committee of the Bundestag to the VW scandal. Left, and Green had him want to summon.

The former VW Supervisory Board chief Ferdinand Piëch does not want to in front of the investigation Committee of the Bundestag to the VW-scandal statements. He would not respond to the “offer of a public hearing before a Committee of inquiry of the German Bundestag”, Piëch about his lawyer Gerhard Strate. The Declaration was presented to the German press Agency on Friday evening.

in the light of new allegations in the VW scandal, want to subpoena the Left and the Green, the former Chairman of the Supervisory Board as a witness in the investigation Committee of the Bundestag. A hearing Piëchs was requested, according to dpa-information on Thursday from the opposition factions. The Committee had to decide.

Piëch is said to have collected, according to media lawyers, and a VW dedicated firm of accusations against a number of the VW Supervisory Board and Ex-CEO Martin winter reports in surveys by the state grain. You should already have earlier than so far known from Point to exhaust-manipulations in the United States. The Manager and the supervisors deny it. In the word according to the corresponding statement protocols Piëchs are not documented yet to the public.

VW and the diesel-recall – what to expect, customers now

  • A mammoth callback

    It’s a mammoth recall: 2.6 million vehicles in Germany alone, and 8.5 million in Europe are affected by the airbrushed exhaust gas tests in the Volkswagen diesel cars and in the workshops. Originally, the car maker had to be in order until the end of 2016 – but there is still much to do. Now the wolf Burger together according to his own admission, all of the approvals of the German Federal motor transport authority (KBA) for the conversion of engines in the diesel scandal.

    source: Reuters

  • What cars can now be upgraded?

    at Least all the cars registered in Germany, and the manipulations are concerned. Especially the best seller, the Golf and the Passat are the. Originally, VW wanted to call the return faster to push. It has been more than a year, the group had informed the Federal motor transport authority confirmed the plans of the group””. Now everything took longer – a lot of software variants for different engines had to adapt to the engineers.

  • no, this will take a little bit. VW wants to write to the car owners in the coming weeks. Then you can make appointments with a dealer. So far, good to 750,000 engines of the VW group brands in Germany, converted out of a total of 2.6 million affected cars. In Europe, the return should be completed by the call up to the autumn of next year.

  • Get in the car, now a new Software is installed?

    Yes, but not only. Although most of the motors are connected only to a Computer. You will then get a Software to control the processes in the engine better and for a more efficient combustion of diesel fuel. In the case of cars with 1.6-Liter engines in addition, a so-called flow is built-in rectifier. The small mesh tube made of plastic is swirling air that flows through the air filter in the direction of the Motor. Using precise measurements, the engine controller can fine-tune the current unit better, and thus the nitrogen oxide emissions decrease.

  • launch the cars then less pollutants on the road?

    This must not necessarily be so. The the conversion of VW are geared primarily to the fact that the cars create the Test in the relevant test and without fraud software. The ADAC has measured at measurements of a few vehicles, a decrease of emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides, in reality, is closer to the test cycles. A conclusion on all modified vehicles the not but.

  • Brings the conversion of the disadvantages for customers?

    VW is no longer asserted that the cars consume after the recall, the performance drops and they are not louder. According to VW the information is also confirmed by the KBA. Whether it’s values, but de facto, but to higher consumption or other disadvantages comes to rate at the moment, several courts using assessors. Several VW owners are complaining, because they fear such disadvantages, for compensation or return of their cars.

  • Get clients in Germany a compensation?

    no. While customers in the USA, a minimum of 5100 dollars (4900 Euro) compensation to, customers in Germany and Europe will be empty. The group justifies this, among other things, with a different legal situation. VW CEO Matthias Müller said in addition, already in the middle of the year, compensation in any amount would be too much for Volkswagen.

Piëch had now tell you that he had made in April 2016, compared to the VW representative law firm Jones Day’s statements and repeated to the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig in December. To the content, he said. “Prof. Dr. Piëch remember to comment on what is peddled as alleged contents of the interviews, in turn, to the public,” it said in the Declaration of his attorney.


Deregulation opponents Tarullo – NEWS


Saturday, 11. February 2017

Daniel Tarullo is for the “Dodd-Frank Act” jointly responsible to ensure that taxpayers do not have to save again the banks from Bankruptcy. Due to the resignation of the US-Bankers Trump comes closer to his dream of deregulation one step.

U.S. President Donald Trump has in its planned deregulation of the banks soon have an impact opponent less. Daniel Tarullo, an important Governor of the US Federal Reserve announced on Friday his resignation for at the beginning of April. In order to have a monetary policy Committee adopted a voting Fed member, the Trumps of the course. The project of the President, in the Wake of the last great financial crisis, tougher rules of the game in the financial markets to loosen up again is likely to meet less resistance.

Tarullo was appointed in 2009 by Trumps predecessor, Barack Obama, his term would actually be gone until the beginning of 2022. The 64-Year-old is in the Central Bank for financial stability, as well as the supervision and regulation of banks. He is a proponent of tighter reins on financial institutions.

Tarullo is a driving force behind the reform of the law “Dodd-Frank Act”, which should ensure that taxpayers don’t have to save again the banks prior to the Bankruptcy was>. This set of rules will turn the Trump back. A week ago, he signed an order to that effect in the White house.

Fed chair Janet Yellen praised Tarullo in the notice to withdraw expressly for his use in the Bank regulation after the financial crisis. Trump also wants to get rid of Yellen. He had announced that since 2014 at the top of the Central Bank standing Treasurer after the expiration of their term of office in February 2018 to replace.




Friday, February 10, 2017

Ferdinand Piëch is the Old – daily mirror

There will be no Celebration on 17. April in Wolfsburg, if the Old one is 80. Presumably, Ferdinand Piëch sits for a birthday grantelnd in Salzburg and ponders about life. His life’s work, is Volkswagen. Only in the case of the VW subsidiary Audi, and then for more than two decades in the corporate headquarters on the Mittelland canal in Wolfsburg, the engineer has shaped the company. Spreading fear and terror. The Patriarch and his favorite student, Martin Winterkorn bought a huge group with twelve Car, Truck and motorcycle brands that builds so many vehicles like no other company in the world.

After a long absence, has reported Piëch now. With deserts allegations against current and former VW Supervisory Board, he shall, in the Diesel-affair for new excitement. Not only the winter grain have earlier than claimed by the millions of exhaust gas fraud known to Piëch, the Prosecutor of Braunschweig said. Four members of the Supervisory Board – including lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) – months before the scandal have been in the picture. The accused rejected this immediately sharp. But who is telling the truth? What drives the soon 80-year-old Piëch to such accusations?

The attack, which went for Piëch back

“A very difficult man,” says a longtime VW Supervisory Board on Piëch. If that is not an understatement. With special Comments, mostly – as now – on media, he has often made policy, careers, and power struggles destroyed decided. For example, more than ten years ago, when he was a journalist casually the evaluation, as the chief Executive officer of VW, one could not act against the workers. The rather terse Movements meant the end of Bernd Pischetsrieder, was replaced by winter wheat. Pischetsrieder had tried to remove together with the former lower Saxony Prime Minister Christian Wulff and Porsche CEO Wendelin Wiedeking Piëch, the VW Supervisory Board. Pischetsrieder did not survive the maneuver, and Wiedeking was a few years later due.

With winter grain it went well for a long time. Until the fall of 2013. At the time, with a few Familiar a scenario played through in the event that the Supervisory Board was Chairman Piëch. Wiko, the nickname of the CEO, should be back to the top of the control panel, and CFO Hans Dieter Pötsch Board of Directors to be Chairman. The Old man was pissed and went looking for reports and rumors about his health.

The family is hopelessly divided

one and a Half years later, then again, the attack on the media: “I’m at a distance to winter grain,” said Piëch the beginning of 2015, the “mirror” and brought the group in strong turbulence. As then it became known that he owners without consultation with other stake – already in search of a winter-grain-successor had made, among other things, he should have the then-Porsche chief Matthias Müller asked, was the last straw. The Porsche family, in addition to the Piëchs major shareholder of VW, Stephan, Because as a representative of the shareholder lower Saxony and the employee, with the Ex-IG Metall chief Berthold Huber and the VW works Council boss Bernd Osterloh at the top, in front of winter grain and against Piëch. The Old man was overwrought and laid down his Supervisory Board mandate; as well Piëchs wife Ursula. What a coincidence: Supposedly Piëch impacted now in addition to winter grain, of all things, Osterloh, Huber, and Wolfgang P orsche. His Cousin.

The gentlemen are associated in the family in a cordial aversion. Some of the Supervisory Board, the had to do over the years with the billionaires, even speaks of hatred. And for Piëch is barely tolerable when he sees “his” company is now in the hands of his cousin “Wolfi”, which he considers to be incompetent.

“I had the hope that Mr Piëch remembers”

Stephan Weil rejected Piëchs allegations on Thursday in Hannover again, as untrue. They were “not proven and not provable”, said Because. About the motives of Piëchs he could only speculate. Piëch stepped back in 2015 in the dispute. “Perhaps there is a connection.” In the past few months, says the Prime Minister, had him Piëchs allegations known. The US law firm Jones Day, to solve the diesel scandal in the VW order, had examined the statements, and as a credibility rating.

“has Actually given it in the spring of 2015, no one notices me,” said Because of the allegation that he had early learned of the exhaust gas manipulation. But why does he not informed the Public about Piëchs alleged statement? “I had the hope that Mr Piëch to his senses,” said the SPD politician. “We were wrong, unfortunately.” The current discussion is “harmful”.

“Would set us Dr. Piëch in knowledge, then we would have the company and the workforce, perhaps in front of a large harm”, responded Osterloh and Huber on the alleged Statements Piëchs that you already have in the February 2015 of this on diesel the gate were informed. “Now, we expect that the management Board shall immediately examine whether he needs to take action against Piëch.” If the former Supervisory Board had known boss Piëch from the scandal, as he claims, then he would have been by virtue of their office obliged to do something about it. “He has never spoken with the people”, – is said in the group. “And now he is digging his own grave.”

VW will probably sue Piëch

Not only is the VW Board is now considering “possible action, and claims” against Piëch. The Board of Directors may reimburse active and display. “As you can imagine, the entire legal bandwidth”, it said on Thursday from the panel. The claim for damages, a criminal complaint for libel – “is now taken no more consideration,” said an Insider to the daily mirror. “Piëchs statement, you can’t let that stand, now we are going to keep it.”

Whether Piëch said in fact, in December 2016, the judiciary and the members of the Executive Committee of the VW-weighted Supervisory Board, is unclear. The competent Prosecutor Klaus Parents could not be reached on Thursday.

the role of The Israeli secret service

gets The exhaust-affair, meanwhile, more political dimensions. The greens and the Left, demanded to load Piëch in front of the gas investigation Committee of the Bundestag. The Prime Minister, Because there is heard next Thursday. It is speculated also that the Israeli domestic secret service Shin played Bet a role in the Diesel affair. The Spiegel Online” and the “business week reported “”. The service is said to have possessed a Letter stating that U.S. authorities Martin winter, informed the grain at an early stage about scams in the exhaust gas values. This Letter had shown the former Israeli Ambassador to Germany, Avi Primor, at the end of February 2015 Piëch. Primor had had the former Shin-Bet-chief-Juval Diskin. Primor told the “business weekly”, he was friends with Diskin and have this done as a Favor. If we had been in different German companies including VW. To the exhaust gas scandal would not comment of the Ex-Ambassador: “an ything that has to do with the VW scandal, I say nothing. Nothing."


Rinderspacher calls for the end of the toll-”nonsense” – Neue Presse Coburg

Markus Rinderspacher the parliamentary leader of The SPD in the Landtag, Markus Rinderspacher. Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand/archive

What the hell is a toll that gives the state more costs instead of revenue?”, SPD parliamentary leader Markus Rinderspacher said on Friday in Munich. The toll appeared to be in reality “as a non-starter and the number of business”.

the revenue forecast by transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) from under the dash more than 500 million euros per year became the new criticism. According to a study commissioned by the motorists ‘ club ADAC, a loss of business threatens the state. However, could fail, according to a report commissioned by the Ministry of the revenues even higher than projected.


Ferdinand Piëch against the Rest of VW – daily mirror

Wolfsburg is not the navel of the world. The city is not very pretty, sometimes ICEs by boards by mistake. But what is happening in the last few days around the largest employer in the city, even the fabric that will be shown at the Berlinale, in the shadows.

Familiar: the Ex-group boss, Martin Winterkorn (left) and the former Supervisory Board Chairman Ferdinand Marcus Brandt/dpa

The settlement of Ferdinand Piëch, with Ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn and his former colleagues on the Supervisory Board is great cinema. The Israeli secret service appears in the fact, it comes to lies and intrigue and the revenge of the man who has made a Volkswagen once and then dumped. A touch of James Bond, flavored with the “godfather” – this is the wolf Burger mixture.

Says Piëch, the truth? VW’s senior executives knew long before they went Public, of the exhaust gas manipulation? Have members of the management Board, Supervisory Board members, trade unionists, families, and Ferdinand Piëch himself remained silent – against their better Knowledge and in the confidence that the dirty scams come to light? And what is with Stephan Weil, Minister-President of lower Saxony? The SPD politician wants to have informed Piëch from time to time.

Whether Piëch tells the truth, the knowledge only to himself and those he is now accused of. And yet the mudslinging has more than just entertainment value. The former Chairman of the Supervisory Board would have – despite all the denials to the opposite side – right, then the Diesel would get scandal on a new, political Dimension. The politicians and the unions should be as a companion and confidant reveals, would be the model VW dead.

so Far, VW is surprisingly good as

not to mention the possible claims of the shareholders and of the customers ‘ lawyers in the United States. With unforeseeable consequences. So far VW since is surprisingly good. The past year, the group is expected to have completed with a neat billion profit before tax, the paragraph is superb, VW has replaced Toyota as the largest car company in the world, in spite of the fraud. Only the core VW brand is weakening in Germany – no wonder, denied that the group’s German diesel drivers, unlike the American compensation.

On the dock of the space

the Board Had known in advance that he belongs on the dock, no question. There, the space would gradually narrow. Because the Prosecutor already against Winterkorn, VW brand Board member Herbert Diess and the former chief financial officer Hans Dieter Pötsch. Pötsch forwarded to the Supervisory Board. A sign that you have not recognized at VW until today, the signs of the times. To clear instead of with a new staff, the old loads out of the way, bustling around you – with the approval of the Supervisory Board.

Although the scandal has assumed huge proportions, not want to abandon the members of the management Board on their bonuses, unlike the colleagues of the Deutsche Bank. Only about a cap on Executive salaries will be considered. The head of the group in future is to earn a maximum of ten million euros, for rivets in pin-stripe also it is a lot of money. No matter whether Piëch’s telling the truth or not.

The outrage has its Good side. Now again about tougher laws against the greed of managers will be discussed, is a consequence of diesel gate. Volkswagen well, finally in the boardroom to clean up. Even without the Prosecutor.


Daimler Truck boss Bernhard – Kuwait is to receive a seat on the Supervisory Board –

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Doubt as to revenue times the dispute over the toll for Cars in the back – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Berlin (AP) – New doubts about the promised revenue at times the dispute over the toll for Cars. Prior to the further deliberations of the plans of the Federal transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) has demanded the coalition partner SPD for clarity on the earnings.

“The CSU shall not toll the end in itself,” said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Sören Bartol Deutsche Presse-Agentur. Now had to do the math Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), whether there is additional revenue. The Opposition demanded the toll. Dobrindt rejected concerns.

Green party leader, Anton Hofreiter said, with a view to the SPD: “The skepticism comes late, but not too late. The expense of the tolls is disproportionate to your income.” Group Vice Oliver Krischer asked if Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) speak no word against the “toll-madness”, would have to stop the SPD and its Chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, the toll in the Bundesrat and the Bundestag. Left-traffic expert Herbert Behrens asked: “Dobrindts foreigners toll must be immediately dismantled.”

Background are new concerns about the Department’s forecast of below-the-line, more than 500 million euros in revenue per year. According to a Thursday study submitted on behalf of the motoring clubs ADAC in a loss of business threatens the state. However, according to a published report for the Ministry could be the revenue to be even higher than predicted. SPD politician Bartol, warned: “The opinion-the confusion must have an end.”

Dobrindt stressed that the calculations were “solid and conservative”, which confirm the opinion. “What the ADAC is doing at the moment, this is simply wrong,” said the Minister to the station “Antenne Bayern”. He, too, had “very little understanding of the fact that the ADAC, with its toll-not represents Maulerei obviously, the interests of the German car driver in this thing.”

In the study for the ADAC it is, given the system cost, a deficit of 71 million euros in the sought toll emergent in the current operation-start year 2019. You’ll in addition to the recurring costs of the System-introduction of five years, to 2019, a “shortfall” of 147 million euros. This Minus could rise by 2023 to 251 million euros.

The report commissioned by the Ministry comes to the conclusion that revenues could be up to 25 percent higher than previously forecast./p>

The Cabinet had taken the end of January, Changes to the 2015 existing toll-laws on the way. You put a Dobrindt with the EU Commission agreed to a compromise, the Brussels green light for the toll.


The ADAC study: Car toll is to minus the business –

The Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) initiated Car toll is according to a study commissioned by the traffic club ADAC to be a minus business.

Instead of from the Ministry of transport targeted annual net revenue of approximately 500 million Euro will be charged to the Federal budget in the year 2023 with up to 251 million euros, writes “The world”, citing the 29-page opinion. Dobrindt defended his calculation.

“estimate too high”

“is The estimate of the Federal Ministry of transport clearly too high,” said the author of the study, the Munich-based traffic expert, Ralf Ratzenberger, the newspaper. It is in revenge for that Dobrindt have said in the negotiations with the European Commission, to relieve particularly low-emission vehicles, the motor Vehicle tax is greater than expected, reported the newspaper.

The more the vehicle is tapered, the stronger the motor Vehicle tax decreased, thus, revenue. “The relief amount in the case of Motor tax will increase with the strong growth of the share of Euro-6 passenger Cars,” citing the “world” from the study.

more Favorable the year of vignette lowers revenue

In addition, Dobrindts officials were too optimistic, with regard to the sale of vignettes to foreigners. Ratzenberger, the share of the EU is likely to be foreigners who were regularly in Germany and therefore a long-term favorable year sticker purchased, higher than in the calculations of Berlin. Thus the hoped-for toll were falling and revenue.

The minus the business will be. the toll according to the forecast, due to the high annual operating costs of more than 211 million euros The cost for the introduction of the system will be spread over five years, the expert for the year 2023 on a minus amount of 251 million euros. In the case of an assignment to ten years, there are 213 million euros, the newspaper reported.

Dobrindt described the by the ADAC Figures presented as “Anti-toll-polemic”. His revenue forecast was expected “solid and conservative”, said the CSU politician. The Ministry expects total revenue of around four billion euros, gross, the amount of net revenue from foreign vehicles every year around 500 million euros.

fear of the “alternative facts”
scientists make Front against Donald Trump. get more

schäuble’s plans
child benefit – EU foreigners less. more

“abusive criticism” in Parts of the prohibited
böhm man to act against any new judgment. more

million lawsuit from the US
garnet project by Heckler & Koch.. more

– entry ban remains in force
Trump foams: “We’ll see you in court”. more

“If you say that again…"
Platzeck zofft with “image”-the chief Reichelt. more

members will get soon 9542 Euro. more

the New scandal in TV
Trump consultant advertises for Ivanka’s fashion line. more

the mass death in new Zealand
hundreds of pilot whales die on the beach. more

relief for younger cars

“The revenues of the toll are earmarked for investment in infrastructure. This is a great value for the toll,” said Dobrindt. For German motorists with particularly eco-friendly cars, the tolls bring in even a further reduction.

start The Car toll to after the Bundestag election in September. All the German car owners, but you will be relieved about the Car tax. Drivers from abroad will need to purchase for the use of the motorway vignette, valid for ten days, two months or a year. The prices depend on engine capacity and environmental friendliness, the maximum rate is 130 Euro for a year.

The toll was already adopted in the spring of 2015 by the Bundestag, but then because of objections by the EU Commission, has been put on hold. After months of dispute Dobrindt managed at the beginning of December an agreement with the Commission. The last doubts were repeatedly expressed that the revised tax brings the state of the bottom line is still money.


What game drives Piëch? – THE WORLD

Eome months, it had become still Piëch Ferdinand. Very quiet. After the lost struggle for power in the spring of 2015, the cost of the eternal VW Patriarch from his Post as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, disappeared the 79-Year-old completely from the Public. Even in the case of mandatory dates of the season he was missing, not even in the case of the annual General meeting of Porsche SE, he sat on the Podium, although he is in control of the company, the Porsche and Piëch families of their VW shares are still in the Supervisory Board sit. Nearly one could think, Piëch games actually no longer the world’s largest car manufacturer in Wolfsburg.

returned in the past few days, the Patriarch. Last Friday it was announced that Piëch had charged at the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig, the former CEO of VW, Martin Winterkorn, in the exhaust gas affair is difficult. On Wednesday transpired that he had also made accusations against other members of the Supervisory Board – including the President of the lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) and the mighty VW works Council chief Bernd Osterloh.

Thus it was opened to the mud in Wolfsburg. Because the rest of the members of the Supervisory Board reacted quickly – also because they knew for months that the attack would come eventually. Because Piëch had not only tells the prosecutors that he experienced in February 2015 of the exhaust gas manipulation, then with a winter grain, and then with the Presidium of the Supervisory Board talked about it. Also in the interviews by internal investigators, the law firm of Jones Day Piëch had made these allegations. His former colleagues knew what was going to happen to you. The statements of Piëch were “simply wrong”, the Prime Minister on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, he took personally: “I regret that a man with undeniable merits, such as Ferdinand Piëch attacks now means that you can of the coin is just as Fake News’ call,” said Weil. The entire Supervisory Board of VW, dismissed the allegations in a communication, also “emphatically wron g”. The internal investigators have reviewed the statements of Piëch. “No-of-reference points for the accuracy of these statements, they were classified as implausible,” it says.

So that the fronts are clear: Either Piëch, or his former colleagues lying to tell the truth closed. Not only in Wolfsburg, Germany, is a mystery, what drives a game, the former chief overseer. Why should Piëch raise allegations with which he goes himself legally on pretty thin ice. Finally, the prosecutors would have to consider the question of whether Piëch has met as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of his duties after he learned of the exhaust gas manipulation. The Prime Minister, Because referred to in the question as to the motives of Piëch for the allegedly false statement that is excreted in the dispute to the Supervisory Board: “Perhaps there is a connection.” Also if you listen in Wolfsburg, it is called predominantly, Piëch would want revenge on him with the allegations simply for the lost struggle for power.

it is Believed Piëch, the Supervisory Board, after his warning against manipulations in America, nevertheless, winter grain trust. A few weeks after that, Piëch was publicly so that quote that he is “at a distance” to the then Chairman of the Board. However, the members of the Supervisory Board reflected on the page Winterkorn’s outstanding, at the end of Piëch and his wife had to leave the control panel. Piëch have felt councils, the behavior of Because, Osterloh and the other Supervisory as a “betrayal”, many believe in Wolfsburg. For this, he wanted to take revenge without regard for losses.

Other former high-ranking VW Manager, which the Parties know well, however, have doubt that there is a vengeful man. Piëch handle never impulsive, but is always calculating. “He always has a long-term Agenda,” says one. What strategy could be behind it, about which opinions diverge widely. Even the Plan to sell its VW shares to trust some of Piëch. Allegedly, he did not consider himself his own heir to take over the leadership of the company. The fate of the VW was, therefore, no matter and therefore, he will take you without any consideration of revenge. Others say he wants to completely buy in on the contrary, secretly, and the best price.

if You were to ask Piëch to himself, but his attorney is on Thursday not reachable. With lawyers, he should have consulted intensively before he made the statements to the internal investigators and the prosecutors. Finally, the allegations bring him self legally in trouble. The prosecutors could come up with the idea to ask for Piëch, whether he actually did enough to exhaust fraud. Supposedly he got the information in February 2015 by the former Israeli diplomat Avi Primor, the two former employees of the Israeli domestic secret service at VW auditioned, reported the “mirror”. Allegedly, the Ex-spies even got a consulting contract from VW, it’s supposed to be but went not to emissions but to the security of connected cars. A VW spokesman said on Thursday. Primor should have shown Piëch, following an appointment in Wolfsburg, Germany, a document in which it is the diesel fraud. Check the statements of Piëch is difficult. He should be able to, no documents or witnesses to present, his claim against the four other Supervisory boards, some of which are willing to under penalty or perjury, that Piëchs statements are false.

VW also announced that the Board is “possible action and claims against Mr Piëch will carefully consider”. With the investigation, according to the “world” external lawyers should be instructed. So it would be unlikely that there is soon a decision on whether VW calls from its major shareholder damages. Also, the claim that Piëch is no longer obliged to repeat the statements, would be one possible measure, which could lead to a decision of the Board of Directors.

All of this is not likely to scare Piëch, finally, he was willing to risk his statement, significantly higher losses. The negative headlines will only charge you the price of the shares, of which Piëch holds a large share. His allegations, would also increase the prospects of success of investors, the VW to damages in the billions sue. This, in turn, would damage Piëchs a private company. “You can twist it and turn it, no strategy makes a lot of sense,” says one who knows Piëch. There are basically only three possibilities: “Either Piëch says the truth or is it only to take revenge or he is smarter than everyone else and sees a strategic advantage that nobody else has discovered.”


Economy | As expected: Reckitt Benckiser wants to Mead Johnson for 16,6 … – IMAGE

GLENVIEW/SLOUGH (dpa-AFX) – The British consumer goods group Reckitt Benckiser <GB00B24CGK77> with the billion-dollar Acquisition of the baby food manufacturer Mead Johnson <US5828391061> Seriously. The manufacturer of Clearasil, Kukident and Calgon offers for the US group a total of 16.6 billion US dollars (15.5 billion euros), as he announced on Friday in the UK Slough. That’s the equivalent of 90 dollars per share. That price had called the company already, as it was reported in early February negotiations with Mead Johnson. The Mead-Johnson stock went on Thursday with 83,05 dollars from the trade.

The Reckitt-Benckiser-management expects the Deal savings of 200 million pounds sterling (235 million Euro), to be achieved within three years after the Acquisition. The acquisition is intended to drive one in the first year, the earnings per Reckitt share price upwards. In the third year, he is already an increase in the double-digit percentage range. Mead Johnson brings an annual turnover of around 3.7 billion dollars, half of which reached the US group in Asia.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bundesbank pulls 300 tons of Gold from New York –

“Get our Gold home!” – the Bundesbank seems to have the reputation of concerned citizens and critical politicians answered. Faster than originally planned, the vaults of the Central Bank to fill up in Frankfurt with the billions of treasure. The reasons for the hurry to stay hidden.

The Bundesbank had announced in 2013 that by 2020, half of your gold should be stored in its own vaults in Frankfurt am Main. Should gradually be shifted to 300 tonnes of Gold from New York and 374 tons from Paris, where the treasure for decades mostly has been stored.

each year brought hundreds of bars on a top-secret routes across the Atlantic, and the Rhine to Germany. 216 tonnes of Gold alone in the last year. Thus, 1619 tons, or 47.9 percent of the German noble store now metal in the home. In the case of a gold price from 1160 Euro per ounce (31.1 g) or 37.305 Euro per Kilo, a current value of a good 60 billion euros in Germany.<, this results in/p>

Gold fetched much faster home

After public pressure, the Bundesbank had issued four years ago, the goal, by the end of 2020, at least half of the German gold reserves in its own vaults in Germany store. However, the retrieval goes much faster than planned. The relocation from the USA was already completed last September.

Now, follow a few tons from Paris. “More than three years prior to the date the relocation is implemented this year,” says Bundesbank Board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele. The original schedule for generously been calculated. Further relocations to 2017 are planned Thiele said.

The Transport and the remelting of some of the bars have so far cost 6.9 million euros. Estimated to 500,000 euros will be added this year.

Gold in the West is safer

That the Gold belongs to the German state and the Bundesbank administers, were kept a long time abroad, has historical reasons: Starting in mid-1951 the Bank deutscher Länder established the predecessor of the Bundesbank’s gold reserves, in the economic boom years after the Second world war, the German gold treasure grew rapidly.

Because of the thriving Export, the Federal Republic of Germany, many of the dollars that were exchanged for the American Central Bank against Gold assets. “The Gold is there, it was never brought there,” explained Thiele. During the Cold war, it was quite intentional, to keep German Gold “to the West of the Rhine,” and as far as possible outside the country’s borders – as a possible buffer for a currency crisis.

skeptics doubt the presence of the gold

gnawed But critical questions to conspiracy theories on the shiny Image. The gold treasure is – after all, with more than 270,000 bars, the second largest in the world – abroad safe? The Gold is still there? In the fall of 2012, the Federal court of auditors complained that the Bundesbank had taken the gold reserves beyond the country’s borders never “physically and for authenticity and weight” checked.

Since then, the Bundesbank relies on transparency: 2,400 pages, the Central Bank lists for the end of 2015, accessible to the public every single ingot. And in order to convince the last doubters, there is always Gold to touch in the neighbouring money Museum.

“Operation gold finger” was unsuccessful

politicians have always had a lot of ideas how the Gold “silver” would be – either for the financing of pensions, aid for the victims of the Elbe flood of 2002 or a system change in health care. The headlines in 1997, the then Federal Minister of Finance Theo Waigel (CSU), provided with its “Operation gold finger”: Germany’s Supreme Treasurer wanted to bring the Bundesbank to evaluate their Gold and foreign exchange reserves higher, and resulting profits be distributed to the Confederation.

But all of the desires were unsuccessful. About three tons of Gold per year, the Federal Minister of Finance gets to the Minting of collector coins. Otherwise, the Bundesbank, with Argus eyes watching over the billions of treasure – now also with direct access in the safe. He currently has an overall value of over 120 billion euros – a 68 percent of the German currency reserves.

A part of the treasure, however, still remains in New York and London. The United States is the largest economy in the world and London is the largest trading centre for Gold, explains Thiele.

Ensure that the precious metal since the inauguration of U.S. President Donald Trump, the Bundesbank does not. There is no need and no discussion to change the concept, stressing the Central Bank’s Board of Directors. “We work together with confidence with the Fed.”


ADAC reports predicts 250 million Euro loss – MIRROR ONLINE

In the Bavarian home of the Federal Minister for transport, we would refer to the result of the opinion, as a scientific clip around the ears. The renowned traffic expert Ralf Ratzenberger predicts that the Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) planned foreigner toll from the first year of a “shortfall” has, in other words, it costs the state money, without additional financial resources.

Ratzenberger calculated in his report commissioned by the ADAC in order that the current operation is a loss-making business for the state: in 2019, the Minus, therefore, amounts to 71 million Euro and 2023, even with 175 million euros. The introduction cost of the project – the Ministry of transport has estimated that once on 380 million euros will be allocated to ten years, increasing the deficit by 2023, to 213 million Euro. In a corresponding assignment to five years, there are even 251 million euros.

it can take A toll, the transport Minister praises as a “system change”, but costs a quarter of a billion Minus per year – how can it be?

Expensive compromise with Brussels

to do This, you must know that Ratzenberger was already skeptical, as Dobrindt introduced more than two years ago, its original toll plans. The expert expects, once again, with a much smaller amount, has a lot to do with that compromise, the Dobrindt in Brussels in December achieved: the EU-Commission does not consider his plans further than European law, had to provide the Minister of transport commitments, particularly low-pollutant vehicles of the so-called Euro 6-class on motor Vehicle tax to be better than originally planned. You will in the future be relieved of road tax more than you will be charged for the toll, the numbers below the line, so less than it is today.

Because almost only Euro 6 vehicles are allowed, increases with the time the number of the profiteers. Ratzenberger calculated so that the effect is to reduce revenue in 2019 by EUR 137 million, and 2023 is already at 230 million euros.

Dobrindt does not, however, assume that the discharge power so strongly felt and also the Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), for the motor Vehicle tax responsibility, at least officially, in his view. However, the Minister did not put the Details of your calculations so far.

That Dobrindt of the annual net proceeds revenue in the amount of approximately 520 million euros, Ratzenberger but already in 2019, with a loss of Euro 71 million attributed to another reason: The traffic scientist holds Dobrindts parameters for the “less realistic”, so that “the magnitude of the estimate is classified as significantly more plausible”.

Significantly lower total revenue

Ratzenberger assumes that each year only about ten million of vignettes for foreign drivers to be sold and not those almost 30 million, the data showed. That’s why he only comes on gross revenue earned by foreign Cars of 276 million euros and not to 834 million euros as the Minister. Although both believe in a similar high volume of traffic by non-residents, Ratzenberger is expected, however, that it is distributed to fewer cars: if you drive once more to Germany, more often.

The researchers justified this assumption, among other things, to the fact that many cruises one-day business and private trips in the so-called small border traffic, so that “per passenger Car, not a few trips per year, but a significantly higher number carried out”. Dobrindt, however, presented on Thursday a private opinion, which agreed with him, his calculations are plausible, and could be even higher.

Who is right, you know – so unsatisfactory, that is – only if the toll is actually “in focus”, as Dobrindt announced the launch of its favorite project.

Whether it is this, however, comes the Bundestag, the foreigners toll so actually before the next Federal election a second Time, passed, seems, after the presentation of the current opinion, at least questionable.

Even if the truth lies in the middle between the predictions of Ratzenberger and Dobrindt, would lead the project to a net income of around EUR 200 million per year. Taking into account the implementation costs, the total would be correspondingly lower. For this comparatively modest output, the bureaucratic burden would be extremely high.

to make matters worse for Dobrindt, the SPD is currently in the Martin-Schulz-to-noise and there are in the parliamentary group, only a very limited willingness Dobrindts controversial prestige project again to wave through. Clearly the relevant group Vice Sören Bartol is expressed. “I hope that the Federal Minister of Finance, the CSU has not charged a toll,” says he, and pushes a warning afterwards: “as Long as Mr Schäuble says that the toll is not a minus business, will not raise the SPD for the Hand.”


300 tonnes of Gold from New York to Germany brought to THE WORLD

300 tons. Three years it lasted. Now everything is there. The Bundesbank has been completed in September of last year the relocation of its gold holdings, which were stored previously in New York and should be transferred to your Plan in accordance with to Germany. “The Gold that we wanted to get out of New York, is there,” said Bundesbank Executive Board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele in a press conference, in which some of the bars were presented.

in Total, were transferred in the past year 111 tonnes of Gold from the US Central Bank to Frankfurt, in addition, 105 tons from the Banque de France in Paris, came to the headquarters of the Bundesbank. “The relocation went smoothly, and there were no complaints,” said Thiele. All of the ingots were tested for authenticity and gold content. From New York relocated Gold-55 tons in the Switzerland, were initially also been recast, also to Check the authenticity.

source: infographic world

almost 48 percent of the Bundesbank are now gold in Frankfurt. Less than three percent are still in Paris, and this Gold is to be brought in the course of this year completely to Germany. Thus, the bearing is reversed in France. Since France and Germany are now part of a monetary Union, not a storage useful, so Thiele.

New York remains an important bearing point

Then, via bearings 50 per cent of the German gold treasure in this country, as it is in the adopted in 2013-stock concept bodies. This was, actually, that the relocation will not be until 2020 to complete. Thus, the Bundesbank is ahead of schedule now, around three years.

The warehouse locations in New York and London, however, remain intact, as the bearings provides for a concept. In London, approximately 432 tons will remain. “London is the largest and most important gold trading centre,” says Thiele. To be able to Gold in the case of a case of sell, it is important that a part of the store.

In New York, will continue to remain around 1236 tons. The reason for this is that the US Dollar is still the most important currency in the world, and since the Gold serves as a security for your currency, it makes sense to store it there, where it is in the case of the cases, the fastest in dollars exchanged.

source: infographic world

a Total of the gold reserves of the Bundesbank amount to 3378 tons, which are stored in 269.813 bars. The Bundesbank leads to a publicly-available inventory on every single ingot, together with the storage location listed. Each ingot weighs about 12.5 pounds and is just under € 450,000 in value. The total value of gold holdings is currently around 120 billion euros.

discussion of the treasure of gold purchases started in 2012

Since approximately 40 years, the population is largely constant, or the Bundesbank has sold no Gold. Only four to five tons per year will be provided to the Minister of Finance that turns it in to gold coins. The Gold is in the future taken exclusively from the bearing point in London.

The relocation of the gold at a cost of around 6.9 million euros were incurred for transportation and insurance. On each of the bars down the expected cost of about 148 euros, Thiele would result therefrom. In view of the value of 450,000 euros this is a very cost-effective.

source: infographic world

The discussion of the gold treasure of the Bundesbank began in 2012, as the CSU politician Peter Gauweiler raising publicly the question of where this was actually. He sowed asked a doubt as to the safety of gold reserves in the bunkers in New York or London, whether it really is clear that they would be issued in the event of a case to Germany. Thus, conspiracy theories, according to which the Gold don’t exist at all linked quickly, by the American and British Central Bank’s long-flogged.

came in then, that the Federal court of auditors complained in an audit that the Bundesbank is the part of your gold, and kept out of the country, ‘ve never added “physically and for authenticity and weight” checked. In response, the Bundesbank has been transparency and has promised to relocate the bulk of the gold stock to Frankfurt.

Why the Gold is deposited in foreign countries

That much of the gold stored outside of Germany, has, however, historical reasons. A significant proportion of the gold reserves was built in the 50s and 60s. Even then, Germany had – as today – large trade surpluses. In the context of the then-existing currency of the Bretton Woods system based on Gold, and aligned with, the Central banks their balance of payments balances among themselves in Gold. The US Central Bank, the Bundesbank transferred so, for example, each year a certain amount of Gold.

This, however, was not transferred across the Atlantic to Frankfurt, but in the vaults of the Federal Reserve to leave. The division in the cost of transport. At the time of the Cold war was at its peak. Because it was political, that such property was outside the reach of possible invaders from the East. So the Bundesbank in Frankfurt, held up to the German unit of only 77 tonnes of Gold in their stocks, the two percent of the national gold reserves.

by the end of 2012, this proportion grew to 31 percent, a total of 1036 tons. However, the majority of stored in New York, London and Paris. Then, the Bundesbank decided to increase this share by 2020, 50 per cent. This goal will be in the coming months, when the last of the gold bars in Paris were relocated to Frankfurt.


Why the struggle for the deepening of the Elbe river shows a Dilemma – THE WORLD

Es is a severe setback for Hamburg. The Federal administrative court has the planned deepening and widening of a still not released. The fairway may not be expanded for the foreseeable future, the port falls back into a in the fierce competition of the shipping and port sector, possibly more. This is the main problem of a port city such as Hamburg: the Development of The infrastructure is reinforced, also, for legal reasons, getting more and more tedious. And it is based on assumptions about markets and technologies change faster and faster.

To the middle of the last decade, it was believed, in Hamburg, the port will change by the year 2030, up to 25 million containers units (TEU). At the time Hamburg was moving quickly to the mark of ten million TEU a year. The trade with China but also with Russia and many other States was booming, the growth seemed to have no end. The biggest Problem of the urban policies and the port industry was: how the hell do you always take more space for ever-larger Terminals, more and more Container?

The plans for the deepening and widening of the Elbfahrrinne were from the former point of view, just as compelling as the Expansion of the container terminals in the port. “The construction of a ship takes ten months, the construction of a terminal takes ten years” – the evaluation of the former Economics Senator Gunnar Uldall (CDU), brings the Problem of the port of Hamburg and to the point. The planning and implementation of infrastructure is an extremely time-consuming business, while the technology of the ships, but also the market conditions change around you much faster.

about 14,000 to 19,000 TEU capacity, No other project in the recent history of the city has long been the Standard

as concise as the dredging. Initiated the planning to the beginning of the 2000s, in order to allow container ships with 8,500-TEU capacity barrier-free access to the port of Hamburg. In the coming April, but for the first time to make a ship with more than 20,000 TEU in Hamburg. Freighter 14,000 to 19,000 TEU capacity are on the lines between Europe and Asia, meanwhile, has long been the Standard. Ten years ago, appeared the ships of 20,000 TEU, far away from reality.

deepening of the Elbe river is in Parts illegal

The administrative court in Leipzig has declared a deepening of the river Elbe in Parts illegal. Due to the protection of the Hemlock water dropwort. Lutz Stordel about the judgment.

source: N24

The technological development, but also the history of world trade, Hamburg’s port have become obsolete in the past few years. Since the world financial market crisis of 2008 and 2009, the container throughput has stagnated in the Hanseatic city with approximately nine million TEU. The new economic policy in China, with the greater emphasis on the internal market and the trade, political Isolation of Russia, has not reached the mark of ten million TEU, up until today. And in the medium term, possibly 13 to 15 million TEU of transhipment in the year, from the current perspective, as realistic – until the Boom, then Stagnation, two completely opposing developments. There was only one constant: The deepening of the Elbe river was not in all the years.

The Dilemma the city is nowadays not less than ten years ago. What is the price to pay Hamburg and its neighbouring countries for which decision? You should not take Hamburg relapse in the international port competition in the purchase, if the transportation routes to grow with the demand? Or you should always carry higher costs, such as for the Dredging of the mud and the entertainment of the dikes, the more the fairway of the river Elbe is being expanded? Hamburg and the Federal need to drive the extremely protracted Development of the infrastructure, but the development of international markets is becoming more complex and diffuse. What are the concrete implications, for example, the new protectionism of the USA and great Britain will have on the port of Hamburg? No one can see it.

jade-Weser-port in Wilhelmshaven without strong surrounding areas

the opponents of The deepening of the Elbe river and widening’t argue, meanwhile, that an Expansion of the river, and in view of the poor development in the past years, even necessary. On top of that, ships would of 20,000 TEU capacity today to Hamburg. Fact however is, that especially the large ships, 400 meters long and nearly 60 meters wide to reach the largest German seaport, only under considerable difficulties. Hamburg would not have been offered to the shipping companies with the planned fairway adjustment to prior years, a perspective that would be a lot of Asia traffic already been deducted from the Hanseatic city – and not to Wilhelmshaven or Bremerhaven, as the proponents of a “North German port to insure cooperation”, but according to Rotterdam or Antwerp.

Bremerhaven needs, in turn, a deepening of the lower and outer Weser for the ever-larger ships, the Bremen is to have failed with his plans for Expansion, but so far, the Federal administrative court. And the JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven offers without an economically and industrially strong region, no Alternative to the established seaports. The economy ignored Germany’s “only deep-water port” consistently, because it provides a suitable environment for resettlement.

it was the largest Container ship in the world

she is even among the great ships, a giant: The “MSC Oscar” summarizes 19.224 container units and thus holds the record. On your maiden voyage you can watch it also in Germany.

source: The world

In the case of the Elbe was again in the past few years, the widening of the navigation channel is close to Hamburg is at least as important as the make deepening of the river up to Cuxhaven. In the meantime, the planned “Meeting area” shortly before Hamburg in the Maritime sector, even as important – as the more frequent bottlenecks have to be eliminated the run from ultra-wide ships urgently. The Asian routes will be operated in the foreseeable future, complete with ships of 50 to 60 metres in width are not allowed to pass each other shortly before Hamburg. The permissible total width of the two ships must not exceed at the border to Schleswig-Holstein 90 meters.

The port industry has always suggested, to a deepening and widening of the river Elbe, it was with the envelope in the Harbor quickly on the up again. This is wrong. Hamburg’s port handling depends primarily of the development of foreign trade. And there is currently no threshold land is in sight, this could only develop a nearly as strong of growth as China in the past decades. The opponents of the deepening of the Elbe river in turn, claim Hamburg could also come without an Expansion of the fairway. This is also wrong. The port needs an extension of the fairway, to be able to its today’s Position in an increasingly tougher competition, especially with Rotterdam, but also with the ports on the Mediterranean sea at all claim. And in order to maintain a perspective for the handling of goods in Hamburg is growing again-and again.


Explosion in a French nuclear power plant – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The nuclear power plant Flamanville in the North of France, right on the coast.

In the North of France, the nuclear power plant of Flamanville has occurred an Explosion. A contamination risk does not exist but, because of the Explosion outside the nuclear area of the plant was, and so that no nuclear accident is declared to the French authorities on Thursday.

The state-owned energy operator, EdF reported that the Explosion occurred around 9.40 am in the machine room of the power plant block 1. The resulting fire was quickly deleted. There have been no “victims”. Five people would be breathing in toxic fumes, but they would not be referred to as “injured”. The power production of the reactor was stopped.

More about

Flamanville France’s Normandy region is located in the North on the English channel, around 25 kilometres from the port city of Cherbourg. There are two nuclear generating since the mid-1980s, reactors, power. On the same site to EdF to build a third reactor of the latest Generation. The construction, however, takes much longer and is considerably more expensive than planned, because it is several times came to technical difficulties. As of today, he should go to the end of 2018.

In France it always comes back to incidents in nuclear power plants. The country is highly nuclear energy dependent: The 58 nuclear reactors provide around 75 percent of French electricity. A 2015, adopted the energy transition bill foresees that this percentage will be reduced by 2025 to 50 percent, including through an Expansion of renewable energies. France’s nuclear Park is coming, however slowly into the years and must be renewed. On average, the 58 reactors are around 32 years old.


Trump attacked the Department store chain because Ivanka – MIRROR ONLINE

U.S. President Donald Trump has attacked the Department store chain Nordstrom, because this has taken the fashion collection of his daughter Ivanka from the range. “My daughter Ivanka was treated from Nordstrom’s so unfair,” wrote Trump on Twitter. “She is such a wonderful person – you always make me do the right things! Terrible!”

Trump was criticized for immediately, because the message was dispatched by trump’s own Twitter profile, but also by the official Account of the US President (@POTUS = President of the United States). This account is Trump’s first since taking office, it was created under the predecessor to Barack Obama, and is not intended for private purposes.

“This is an abuse of public office for private gain,” said Richard Painter, a former ethics officer in the administration of President George W. Bush, the “Wall Street Journal”. It is abuse, there is also a power, because the message is clear – Nordstrom will declared “Persona non grata” in the Trump Administration.

There had never been a prior US President, to exploit his Power of office, so obviously to the advantage of his own family, criticized Jordan Libowitz of the Nonprofit organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which has set the fight against corruption in the US-policy to the target.

trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer defended the President later in the Briefing of the White house vehemently: Trump had every right to his family to assist. The decision Nordstroms it was clearly a direct attack on the President’s policies, especially his decree of the immigration stop for people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Nordstrom’s shares responded with a significant Win

Spicer ignored the multiple Statements of the group, had justified its decision with low sales of the collection, Ivanka Trumps numbers. Nordstrom had stressed that the step was not politically motivated. Every year, about ten percent of the range would depend on the paragraph replaced, and in this case, it had taken the brand of Ivanka Trump.

Also in the financial markets Trumps was the attack on Nordstrom’s mid-week theme. The share of the Department store chain responded with a significant Win to the criticism and went ultimately with a Plus of four per cent from the US trade. The caused traders to be quite a talking point, because, at the previous Trump-attacks on stock exchange, listed companies were advised the prices under pressure.

Nordstrom’s decision, the collection of Ivanka Trump trade, was followed by calls for Boycotts against dealers who sell products to the Trump family. Behind the appeals to run in the Internet under the Hashtag “grab your wallet” (grab your wallet), an Initiative of opponents of the US President. The apparel chains TJ Maxx and Marshalls were here to target.

According to a report in the New York Times told of the parent company, TJX, the staff in the shops in the last week, advertising signs for the article by Ivanka Trump to eliminate. The products would be sold, a spokesman said. The 35-year-old Trump-daughter had brought out in 2007, a jewelry line, since 2011, also clothes and shoes are sold under their Label. The business woman had been criticised after Trumps electoral victory because of the controversial PR-actions for your products.