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Silicon Valley against Trump

status: 06.02.2017 10:56 PM

Apple Google and Facebook – almost 100 Tech companies speak with one voice against the entry bans of U.S. President Trump. The don’t want to, again, admit defeat: After a court stopped the ban, he ordered the intensive immigration controls.

Almost 100 American Tech companies, led by heavyweights such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, have condemned the ban on travel by U.S. President Donald Trump as unlawful. You submitted a detailed opinion in the procedures when a court of appeal in San Francisco. There, the dispute over the Trump-decree on fixed-term entry bans for citizens of a Muslim is to be fought-influenced countries.

Among the 97 companies are Ebay, Intel, Netflix, Twitter, Snapchat-operator Snap, the Firefox developers Mozilla, the camera specialist, GoPro, the agent for the apartment AirBnB and the ride services Uber and Lyft. Also companies outside of Silicon Valley as the Jeans company Levi Strauss. You are writing as friends of the court. However, some well-known names from the Tech industry, such as Amazon, IBM, Oracle, Yahoo, or Tesla are missing.

“not Discriminatory and against the Constitution”

The companies involved emphasise, among other things, that immigrants have contributed to many innovations in America. Many of the Top talents in the industry come from other countries, the current heads of Google and Microsoft, Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella are from India. The President’s decree was discriminatory and in breach of laws and the American Constitution. In addition, the competitiveness of U.S. firms the weakness of it. “If the decree remains in place, it is commitments for individuals and companies is impossible to predict which countries could be affected next.”

A Federal judge in Seattle had Trumps decree suspended on Saturday morning at the request of the States of Washington and Minnesota. Then the Trump-government filed an urgent application for the immediate lifting of the Blockade of the entry ban. However, the court of appeal in San Francisco rejected that. It wants to first hear more detailed arguments from both sides. To be presented today.

Up to a judgment remains of the spell. Thus, people with valid visas from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan or Somalia may enter the country for the time being in the United States: airlines around the world were affected travellers from the seven countries, U.S. airports families celebrated their reunion. Up to 60,000 foreigners were affected by Trumps prohibition. This is a 90-day entry, stop. Refugees from all over the world should be locked for 120 days, from Syria, even for an indefinite period of time.

Nevertheless, did not want to give Trump with a Wait on a judgment satisfied. He ordered the next measure: intensive immigration controls. He had instructed the Ministry to check the Passengers very carefully, informed the President about the short message service Twitter.

Lands in dispute before the constitutional court?

Since neither the government nor the opponents want to yield in the dispute over the ban on entry, it could mean that, in the end, the constitutional court must decide. There, the balance of power between Democrats and Republicans

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