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shareholders to vote the division of the düsseldorf-based group in the food retail and electronics chains. A large construction site that remains

Frank Meßing

Düsseldorf, Germany. Olaf Koch chooses big words. The Metro-chief speaks only of a “special day”, announces: “We will launch a completely new Episode.” The support of its shareholders, the Manager. The annual General meeting on late Monday evening in Düsseldorf with 99.95 per cent of the shareholders present, the green light for the decomposition of the trade group. The large markets and Real hypermarkets go under the roof of the new Metro AG. The electronics chains Media Markt and Saturn are expected to be from summer to Ceconomy. The restructuring costs: EUR 100 million.

“are The strategies of the two companies as different as they can be,” explained cook, the elimination of the food business. “We can. now to the really Relevant focus,” says the Chairman of the Board, will also assume the leadership of the new Metro AG The two new “pure” companies are now “more attractive for international partners” and facilitated the access to the capital market.

cooking exercises but also self-criticism: “in the past, size was our goal. Today, it is relevance and understanding for our customers. Maybe the Metro has made in the past, a lot too much.” Metro has been shrinking for years. In 2015, the group has withdrawn from Kaufhof. The Department store chain went to the canadian group Hudson’s Bay. Also the foreign business of the supermarket chain Real sold in düsseldorf.

Metro lost in the episode the unofficial title of the largest German retail group, and had to vacate the place in the highest stock exchange League, the Dax blue-chip index,. The decomposition is now to bring a new impetus.

With more than 150,000 employees and 37 billion euros in sales, the new Metro AG operates the eponymous Cash & Carry stores and hypermarkets Real. She owns the real estate of the group. 55.000 Employees are working in the future Ceconomy, with 22 billion euros in sales. The new company, the electronics chains Media Markt and Saturn, but also the flagging online retailer Redcoon. Ceconomy is ten percent of the Metro shares and also all the pension obligations of the old group.

Both of the new companies will be listed according to the chef’s specifications in the MDax the medium values. The investors rate the rate of the Metro chiefs definitely positive: Since the announcement of the division at the end of March last year, the price of the Metro share price has risen by 20 per cent.

Nearly all of the present shareholders now have the splitting of the Metro waved on through. “This is a historic day for us as shareholders. The shares have the potential,” says Jella Benner-Heinacher, managing Director of the investor protector Association DSW. The split-up was “a liberation”. You hope that the years of endless restructuring, will find in the Metro. “It will not be a quick start, rather Start with the handbrake on.” The fine-tuning of both companies will take some time. The investors would have “a perspective”.

Critical Benner rating-Heinacher, however, day-to-day business. “Real life is-worry-child of the Metro. In the new structure, the chain is a foreign body. Here, we see an urgent need for action,” she says.

Alexander Elsmann of the protection of capital investors (SdK) asks whether, in fact, Real at all is still save. Metro-Chef countered: “We have stabilized economically.” The result of 100 million euros, was given the difficult situation in the industry. Currently there are no plans to sell Real.

on The contrary, apparently Real has found a solution for the Future: The market hall concept is currently being tested in Krefeld, is to be extended to chef words, 50 to 60 sites. Other branches are to receive modules. Since opening in November, have a Real increase in Krefeld sales by 15 percent and 30 percent more visitors are attracted.

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