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What game drives Piëch? – THE WORLD

Eome months, it had become still Piëch Ferdinand. Very quiet. After the lost struggle for power in the spring of 2015, the cost of the eternal VW Patriarch from his Post as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, disappeared the 79-Year-old completely from the Public. Even in the case of mandatory dates of the season he was missing, not even in the case of the annual General meeting of Porsche SE, he sat on the Podium, although he is in control of the company, the Porsche and Piëch families of their VW shares are still in the Supervisory Board sit. Nearly one could think, Piëch games actually no longer the world’s largest car manufacturer in Wolfsburg.

returned in the past few days, the Patriarch. Last Friday it was announced that Piëch had charged at the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig, the former CEO of VW, Martin Winterkorn, in the exhaust gas affair is difficult. On Wednesday transpired that he had also made accusations against other members of the Supervisory Board – including the President of the lower Saxony Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) and the mighty VW works Council chief Bernd Osterloh.

Thus it was opened to the mud in Wolfsburg. Because the rest of the members of the Supervisory Board reacted quickly – also because they knew for months that the attack would come eventually. Because Piëch had not only tells the prosecutors that he experienced in February 2015 of the exhaust gas manipulation, then with a winter grain, and then with the Presidium of the Supervisory Board talked about it. Also in the interviews by internal investigators, the law firm of Jones Day Piëch had made these allegations. His former colleagues knew what was going to happen to you. The statements of Piëch were “simply wrong”, the Prime Minister on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, he took personally: “I regret that a man with undeniable merits, such as Ferdinand Piëch attacks now means that you can of the coin is just as Fake News’ call,” said Weil. The entire Supervisory Board of VW, dismissed the allegations in a communication, also “emphatically wron g”. The internal investigators have reviewed the statements of Piëch. “No-of-reference points for the accuracy of these statements, they were classified as implausible,” it says.

So that the fronts are clear: Either Piëch, or his former colleagues lying to tell the truth closed. Not only in Wolfsburg, Germany, is a mystery, what drives a game, the former chief overseer. Why should Piëch raise allegations with which he goes himself legally on pretty thin ice. Finally, the prosecutors would have to consider the question of whether Piëch has met as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of his duties after he learned of the exhaust gas manipulation. The Prime Minister, Because referred to in the question as to the motives of Piëch for the allegedly false statement that is excreted in the dispute to the Supervisory Board: “Perhaps there is a connection.” Also if you listen in Wolfsburg, it is called predominantly, Piëch would want revenge on him with the allegations simply for the lost struggle for power.

it is Believed Piëch, the Supervisory Board, after his warning against manipulations in America, nevertheless, winter grain trust. A few weeks after that, Piëch was publicly so that quote that he is “at a distance” to the then Chairman of the Board. However, the members of the Supervisory Board reflected on the page Winterkorn’s outstanding, at the end of Piëch and his wife had to leave the control panel. Piëch have felt councils, the behavior of Because, Osterloh and the other Supervisory as a “betrayal”, many believe in Wolfsburg. For this, he wanted to take revenge without regard for losses.

Other former high-ranking VW Manager, which the Parties know well, however, have doubt that there is a vengeful man. Piëch handle never impulsive, but is always calculating. “He always has a long-term Agenda,” says one. What strategy could be behind it, about which opinions diverge widely. Even the Plan to sell its VW shares to trust some of Piëch. Allegedly, he did not consider himself his own heir to take over the leadership of the company. The fate of the VW was, therefore, no matter and therefore, he will take you without any consideration of revenge. Others say he wants to completely buy in on the contrary, secretly, and the best price.

if You were to ask Piëch to himself, but his attorney is on Thursday not reachable. With lawyers, he should have consulted intensively before he made the statements to the internal investigators and the prosecutors. Finally, the allegations bring him self legally in trouble. The prosecutors could come up with the idea to ask for Piëch, whether he actually did enough to exhaust fraud. Supposedly he got the information in February 2015 by the former Israeli diplomat Avi Primor, the two former employees of the Israeli domestic secret service at VW auditioned, reported the “mirror”. Allegedly, the Ex-spies even got a consulting contract from VW, it’s supposed to be but went not to emissions but to the security of connected cars. A VW spokesman said on Thursday. Primor should have shown Piëch, following an appointment in Wolfsburg, Germany, a document in which it is the diesel fraud. Check the statements of Piëch is difficult. He should be able to, no documents or witnesses to present, his claim against the four other Supervisory boards, some of which are willing to under penalty or perjury, that Piëchs statements are false.

VW also announced that the Board is “possible action and claims against Mr Piëch will carefully consider”. With the investigation, according to the “world” external lawyers should be instructed. So it would be unlikely that there is soon a decision on whether VW calls from its major shareholder damages. Also, the claim that Piëch is no longer obliged to repeat the statements, would be one possible measure, which could lead to a decision of the Board of Directors.

All of this is not likely to scare Piëch, finally, he was willing to risk his statement, significantly higher losses. The negative headlines will only charge you the price of the shares, of which Piëch holds a large share. His allegations, would also increase the prospects of success of investors, the VW to damages in the billions sue. This, in turn, would damage Piëchs a private company. “You can twist it and turn it, no strategy makes a lot of sense,” says one who knows Piëch. There are basically only three possibilities: “Either Piëch says the truth or is it only to take revenge or he is smarter than everyone else and sees a strategic advantage that nobody else has discovered.”


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