Sunday, February 5, 2017

VW could claim damages from the Piëch –

VW-a major shareholder Ferdinand Piëch must be set according to the VW Supervisory Board and the IG-metal-Chef Jörg Hofmann and possibly compensation claims of the group. Piëch had told the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig that he had informed the then chief Executive, Martin Winterkorn earlier than previously admitted about the Manipulation of the Diesel engines.

Would be the statement, then the question of “whether Professor Piëch has fulfilled his duties as the then Chairman of the Supervisory Board authority,” said Hofmann, of the “Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung” (FAS). Then, any claims for liability to be considered.

For the winter grain is, according to Hofmann’s words, and the same Was inaugurated by the former CEO in fact, earlier in the criminal machinations of his engineers, like Piëch, then “we will engage in the ongoing examination of possible liability claims against Board members,” said Hofmann of the sheet.

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The Brunswick Prosecutor’s office had extended a week ago, the investigations of the winter grain on the suspicion of fraud. According to the criminal had “sufficient factual evidence” that the former head of the group, could be earlier than he publicly claimed to be the Scam software and their effect have known pursuers. The investigating authority relied on its own questioning of witnesses and the evaluation of the seized files.

first major German customer complains

in the Meantime, has filed for the first time a large German customer in the exhaust gas scandal lawsuit against VW. The fish processor Deutsche see calls for 11.9 million Euro in damages, a company spokesman said. The company had announced the step in the summer. Now, the company had not raised at the district court of Braunschweig because of the fraudulent misrepresentation claim, confirmed the spokesman.

In the case of the German lake are affected according to the company, about 500 cars of the exhaust gas manipulation. “We are deeply disappointed with VW and feel put off, and cheated,” said German-lake-in-chief Egbert Miebach. A spokesman for the fish processing group, added: “eco-friendly mobility the basic idea of the partnership.” This had been recorded in writing.


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