Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump attacked the Department store chain because Ivanka – MIRROR ONLINE

U.S. President Donald Trump has attacked the Department store chain Nordstrom, because this has taken the fashion collection of his daughter Ivanka from the range. “My daughter Ivanka was treated from Nordstrom’s so unfair,” wrote Trump on Twitter. “She is such a wonderful person – you always make me do the right things! Terrible!”

Trump was criticized for immediately, because the message was dispatched by trump’s own Twitter profile, but also by the official Account of the US President (@POTUS = President of the United States). This account is Trump’s first since taking office, it was created under the predecessor to Barack Obama, and is not intended for private purposes.

“This is an abuse of public office for private gain,” said Richard Painter, a former ethics officer in the administration of President George W. Bush, the “Wall Street Journal”. It is abuse, there is also a power, because the message is clear – Nordstrom will declared “Persona non grata” in the Trump Administration.

There had never been a prior US President, to exploit his Power of office, so obviously to the advantage of his own family, criticized Jordan Libowitz of the Nonprofit organization Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, which has set the fight against corruption in the US-policy to the target.

trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer defended the President later in the Briefing of the White house vehemently: Trump had every right to his family to assist. The decision Nordstroms it was clearly a direct attack on the President’s policies, especially his decree of the immigration stop for people from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Nordstrom’s shares responded with a significant Win

Spicer ignored the multiple Statements of the group, had justified its decision with low sales of the collection, Ivanka Trumps numbers. Nordstrom had stressed that the step was not politically motivated. Every year, about ten percent of the range would depend on the paragraph replaced, and in this case, it had taken the brand of Ivanka Trump.

Also in the financial markets Trumps was the attack on Nordstrom’s mid-week theme. The share of the Department store chain responded with a significant Win to the criticism and went ultimately with a Plus of four per cent from the US trade. The caused traders to be quite a talking point, because, at the previous Trump-attacks on stock exchange, listed companies were advised the prices under pressure.

Nordstrom’s decision, the collection of Ivanka Trump trade, was followed by calls for Boycotts against dealers who sell products to the Trump family. Behind the appeals to run in the Internet under the Hashtag “grab your wallet” (grab your wallet), an Initiative of opponents of the US President. The apparel chains TJ Maxx and Marshalls were here to target.

According to a report in the New York Times told of the parent company, TJX, the staff in the shops in the last week, advertising signs for the article by Ivanka Trump to eliminate. The products would be sold, a spokesman said. The 35-year-old Trump-daughter had brought out in 2007, a jewelry line, since 2011, also clothes and shoes are sold under their Label. The business woman had been criticised after Trumps electoral victory because of the controversial PR-actions for your products.


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