Thursday, February 2, 2017

Donald Trump: Uber chief Travis Kalanick leaves Advisory Board – MIRROR ONLINE

Travis Kalanick bows to the pressure: The Uber-boss has announced its withdrawal from a Top panel of advisors from Donald Trump. His participation had been misunderstood.

Uber boss Travis Kalanick (archive image)


Uber CEO Travis Kalanick (archive image)

the chief of The service company Uber, Travis Kalanick, has left a Top panel of advisors of the US President, Donald Trump. The Uber-CEO in an E-Mail, announced to his staff.

it is stated that he had spoken on Thursday with Trump about the immigration ban, as well as the impact of the ban and the President over his withdrawal of informed.

“The group to belong to, was meant neither as a support of the President nor his Agenda,” wrote Kalanick, “but it was understood wrongly just so”. In the past few days there had been criticism of the Uber-boss, because he wanted to cooperate with Trump. In social media, there had been calls to boycott Uber. Customers and employees had criticised Kalanick. He had tweeted earlier in the week that he wanted to raise with the meeting his concerns about the ban on the entry.

Kalanick was supposed to be on a Friday with a much-anticipated Meeting with Trump in the White house, which is overwritten as a “strategy and policy forum”. Kalanick was one of the 16 corporate leaders who are supposed to be. Among the other General Electric CEO, Jack Welch, Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX) among others. The panel is intended to give the President non-partisan Council and the impact of its policy.

Against trump’s entry ban for a limited period of time, all the people from seven Muslim-majority countries, the United States, there are worldwide protests. In the United States, several companies in the Silicon Valley, on the other hand, openly. Among the sharpest critics of trump’s arrangement of Apple, Amazon and Netflix, whose heads do not belong to the discussion forum of the President. They refer, among other things, the importance of immigration, and to certain visas for the success of your company. Many Tech companies are affected by the spell immediately.


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