Wednesday, February 8, 2017

134 take-offs and landings in Berlin-Tegel and Schönefeld – daily mirror

At the Tegel and Schönefeld airports have begun on Wednesday, the Strikes of ground staff. Due to work stoppages between 5 and 11 a.m. will be handled in Tegel and Schönefeld hardly aircraft, such as a Verdi spokesman in the Morning said. The airlines alone cancelled 71 flights from the capital, most of the other Compounds are considered to be too late. According to the airport spokesman Daniel Tolksdorf takeoffs and landings from a fall in total – together – 134 flights, of which 112 in Tegel and 22 in Schönefeld. Tolksdorf said the passengers had been informed by the Airlines and the airport company itself, for example via the Social Media channels. Many were taken to the airport. “The great Chaos has failed to materialize,” he said. Passengers can contact the Info-Hotline of the airport company telephone 030-609 111 50. It was on Wednesday morning, easily accessible.

the Verdi representative Katharina Wesenick said Tegel had been taken because of the strikes “between six and eight o’clock completely from the network”. For Schönefeld it will give appropriate Considerations, consultations to it running currently. On the website of the Berlin airports, it is, it’ll be for 5 and up 11 am to strong disturbances. “We ask all passengers explicitly, to inform yourself prior to arrival with your airline on the current flight status.” A spokesman for Air Berlin said the airline had about repaint 60 flights to and from Tegel in the six hours of the strike.

air travelers have to adjust to significant inconvenience. An Air Berlin customer reported that the line had neither a train ride as a replacement for a cancellation of the flight refund of the ticket price. You could only

The trade Union Verdi had called the warning strike, the employees of ground handling services at the two airports, Tegel and Schönefeld. With the action the Union wants to increase pressure on employers in the current wage negotiations. These are merged with the General Association of the industry for Berlin and Brandenburg e. V. Also in Hamburg, and Stuttgart airport employees laid down in the Morning to work.

More than 2000 Employees of collective bargaining affected

Employed more than 2000 Employees the company WISAG with its subsidiaries and subcontractors, Aeroground Berlin GmbH with its subsidiaries HSD, Swissport against Bauer as well as Ground Solution Berlin GmbH and its subsidiaries and the Aviation Handling Service in Tegel and Schönefeld. The above-mentioned companies are affected by the tariff negotiations and also from the warning strike.

the speaker of the airport company, Daniel Tolksdorf, a significant impact. He advises the passengers, “to inform oneself in advance about the flight status of the planned flight”.

Verdi calls for a Euro more per hour

Verdi calls for a contract period of 12 months, a tariff increase of one Euro per hour. An Employee receives, according to trade Union information at the moment, about eleven Euro per hour. In addition, Verdi calls for an improved collective bargaining system and better opportunities for advancement. After several rounds of negotiation, no result on the horizon.

The next round of Negotiations will take place on 10. February 2017 instead, so on Friday.

In the coming week, the public service

a strike In the coming week, Verdi and the education trade Union GEW call on all employees of the state of Berlin – from the administration, day – care centres, schools and other institutions-in the context of the bargaining round for the public service to full-day warning Strikes. Verdi limited to the actions on Tuesday, the 14. February, the WT wants to go on strike, in addition, also on Wednesday, so there may be shortages in childcare and in schools. (with dpa, AFP)


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