Saturday, February 11, 2017

Piëch refuses to Appear in front of U-the Committee for the VW scandal – business week

Ferdinand Piëch-the former VW Chairman of the Supervisory Board, does not want to testify before the investigation Committee of the Bundestag to the VW scandal. Left, and Green had him want to summon.

The former VW Supervisory Board chief Ferdinand Piëch does not want to in front of the investigation Committee of the Bundestag to the VW-scandal statements. He would not respond to the “offer of a public hearing before a Committee of inquiry of the German Bundestag”, Piëch about his lawyer Gerhard Strate. The Declaration was presented to the German press Agency on Friday evening.

in the light of new allegations in the VW scandal, want to subpoena the Left and the Green, the former Chairman of the Supervisory Board as a witness in the investigation Committee of the Bundestag. A hearing Piëchs was requested, according to dpa-information on Thursday from the opposition factions. The Committee had to decide.

Piëch is said to have collected, according to media lawyers, and a VW dedicated firm of accusations against a number of the VW Supervisory Board and Ex-CEO Martin winter reports in surveys by the state grain. You should already have earlier than so far known from Point to exhaust-manipulations in the United States. The Manager and the supervisors deny it. In the word according to the corresponding statement protocols Piëchs are not documented yet to the public.

VW and the diesel-recall – what to expect, customers now

  • A mammoth callback

    It’s a mammoth recall: 2.6 million vehicles in Germany alone, and 8.5 million in Europe are affected by the airbrushed exhaust gas tests in the Volkswagen diesel cars and in the workshops. Originally, the car maker had to be in order until the end of 2016 – but there is still much to do. Now the wolf Burger together according to his own admission, all of the approvals of the German Federal motor transport authority (KBA) for the conversion of engines in the diesel scandal.

    source: Reuters

  • What cars can now be upgraded?

    at Least all the cars registered in Germany, and the manipulations are concerned. Especially the best seller, the Golf and the Passat are the. Originally, VW wanted to call the return faster to push. It has been more than a year, the group had informed the Federal motor transport authority confirmed the plans of the group””. Now everything took longer – a lot of software variants for different engines had to adapt to the engineers.

  • no, this will take a little bit. VW wants to write to the car owners in the coming weeks. Then you can make appointments with a dealer. So far, good to 750,000 engines of the VW group brands in Germany, converted out of a total of 2.6 million affected cars. In Europe, the return should be completed by the call up to the autumn of next year.

  • Get in the car, now a new Software is installed?

    Yes, but not only. Although most of the motors are connected only to a Computer. You will then get a Software to control the processes in the engine better and for a more efficient combustion of diesel fuel. In the case of cars with 1.6-Liter engines in addition, a so-called flow is built-in rectifier. The small mesh tube made of plastic is swirling air that flows through the air filter in the direction of the Motor. Using precise measurements, the engine controller can fine-tune the current unit better, and thus the nitrogen oxide emissions decrease.

  • launch the cars then less pollutants on the road?

    This must not necessarily be so. The the conversion of VW are geared primarily to the fact that the cars create the Test in the relevant test and without fraud software. The ADAC has measured at measurements of a few vehicles, a decrease of emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides, in reality, is closer to the test cycles. A conclusion on all modified vehicles the not but.

  • Brings the conversion of the disadvantages for customers?

    VW is no longer asserted that the cars consume after the recall, the performance drops and they are not louder. According to VW the information is also confirmed by the KBA. Whether it’s values, but de facto, but to higher consumption or other disadvantages comes to rate at the moment, several courts using assessors. Several VW owners are complaining, because they fear such disadvantages, for compensation or return of their cars.

  • Get clients in Germany a compensation?

    no. While customers in the USA, a minimum of 5100 dollars (4900 Euro) compensation to, customers in Germany and Europe will be empty. The group justifies this, among other things, with a different legal situation. VW CEO Matthias Müller said in addition, already in the middle of the year, compensation in any amount would be too much for Volkswagen.

Piëch had now tell you that he had made in April 2016, compared to the VW representative law firm Jones Day’s statements and repeated to the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig in December. To the content, he said. “Prof. Dr. Piëch remember to comment on what is peddled as alleged contents of the interviews, in turn, to the public,” it said in the Declaration of his attorney.


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