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The Diplomat informed the VW Patriarch Piëch – NEWS


Saturday, 04. February 2017

New clues to the exhaust gas scandal at Volkswagen: A former top diplomat to Piëch have already warned of early problems in the United States. The bizarre story might explain why VW went to the Patriarch, surprisingly, to the winter grain “at a distance”.

The former VW Supervisory Board chief Ferdinand Piëch allegedly already been in February 2015 by Avi Primor, the former Israeli Ambassador in Germany, investigations in the USA, due to exhaust tampering warned. It was revealed the scandal in September 2015. So Piëch might have perhaps already got about seven months before evidence of serious abuses in the U.S. market.

earthquake at Volkswagen: Piëch publicly of winter grain

11.04.15 – 01:36 min

earthquake in Volkswagen Piëch publicly of winter grain

such As “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, NDR and WDR based on their own research reports, it was Primor in February 2015 in the VW Headquarters in Wolfsburg to visit. Actually, it should go in the event of security issues, according to Reports. Primor’ve brought in two experts, the VW should be advised in matters of computer security.

how is this information obtained?

Later, have pulled Piëch and Primor, however, a Four-eyes conversation, writes the SZ. Primor is supposed to have said, in America there were problems with the exhaust gases, VW have cheated. Primor is supposed to have quoted from an unspecified paper. Where the Ex-Diplomat knew of the investigation and the sources from which the document originates, is still unclear.

More about

A copy of not wanted to give the Primor Piëch of it allegedly. The two men maintain a familiarity. You know for a long time. Of SZ, NDR and WDR, with this operation, and his alleged role in the exhaust gas scandal faced, said Primor, in a telephone conversation: “I don’t want to say anything. Thank you for your understanding.”

A Patriarch, pulling the emergency brake?

During his conversation partner, the Supreme chief controller of Europe’s largest automotive group, the conversation was apparently lasting impression. With the information from the Meeting with Primor Piëch have addressed then in March 2015 at the Geneva motor show, former VW chief Martin Winterkorn on manipulations in the United States.

This topic should also be one of the backgrounds for Piëchs been surprising attack in April 2015 on the winter grain. Piëch wanted to get rid of the VW chief Executive at that time, with the words, “I’m at a distance to winter grain.” Piëch should have said months ago to be Familiar, the exhaust gas affair was the true reason why he had before known of the fraud went public on winter grain.




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