Friday, February 10, 2017

Ferdinand Piëch against the Rest of VW – daily mirror

Wolfsburg is not the navel of the world. The city is not very pretty, sometimes ICEs by boards by mistake. But what is happening in the last few days around the largest employer in the city, even the fabric that will be shown at the Berlinale, in the shadows.

Familiar: the Ex-group boss, Martin Winterkorn (left) and the former Supervisory Board Chairman Ferdinand Marcus Brandt/dpa

The settlement of Ferdinand Piëch, with Ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn and his former colleagues on the Supervisory Board is great cinema. The Israeli secret service appears in the fact, it comes to lies and intrigue and the revenge of the man who has made a Volkswagen once and then dumped. A touch of James Bond, flavored with the “godfather” – this is the wolf Burger mixture.

Says Piëch, the truth? VW’s senior executives knew long before they went Public, of the exhaust gas manipulation? Have members of the management Board, Supervisory Board members, trade unionists, families, and Ferdinand Piëch himself remained silent – against their better Knowledge and in the confidence that the dirty scams come to light? And what is with Stephan Weil, Minister-President of lower Saxony? The SPD politician wants to have informed Piëch from time to time.

Whether Piëch tells the truth, the knowledge only to himself and those he is now accused of. And yet the mudslinging has more than just entertainment value. The former Chairman of the Supervisory Board would have – despite all the denials to the opposite side – right, then the Diesel would get scandal on a new, political Dimension. The politicians and the unions should be as a companion and confidant reveals, would be the model VW dead.

so Far, VW is surprisingly good as

not to mention the possible claims of the shareholders and of the customers ‘ lawyers in the United States. With unforeseeable consequences. So far VW since is surprisingly good. The past year, the group is expected to have completed with a neat billion profit before tax, the paragraph is superb, VW has replaced Toyota as the largest car company in the world, in spite of the fraud. Only the core VW brand is weakening in Germany – no wonder, denied that the group’s German diesel drivers, unlike the American compensation.

On the dock of the space

the Board Had known in advance that he belongs on the dock, no question. There, the space would gradually narrow. Because the Prosecutor already against Winterkorn, VW brand Board member Herbert Diess and the former chief financial officer Hans Dieter Pötsch. Pötsch forwarded to the Supervisory Board. A sign that you have not recognized at VW until today, the signs of the times. To clear instead of with a new staff, the old loads out of the way, bustling around you – with the approval of the Supervisory Board.

Although the scandal has assumed huge proportions, not want to abandon the members of the management Board on their bonuses, unlike the colleagues of the Deutsche Bank. Only about a cap on Executive salaries will be considered. The head of the group in future is to earn a maximum of ten million euros, for rivets in pin-stripe also it is a lot of money. No matter whether Piëch’s telling the truth or not.

The outrage has its Good side. Now again about tougher laws against the greed of managers will be discussed, is a consequence of diesel gate. Volkswagen well, finally in the boardroom to clean up. Even without the Prosecutor.


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