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Car: diesel scandal: High payments from VW and Bosch to US-applicant – TIME ONLINE

San Francisco (AP) – to cope With the diesel scandal in the USA, the legal costs for Volkswagen and its Software suppliers, Bosch is clear.

The two companies committed to high payments to injured diesel users, such as documents from a U.S. court in San Francisco. These were published late on Tuesday evening (local time).

Accordingly, Volkswagen agrees to make payments in the amount of at least 1.2 billion dollars (1.1 billion euros) for repurchases, conversions, and compensation for owners of larger diesel vehicles with 3-Liter engines. Thus the sum takes VW for comparisons in North America in the Hand is increased, to a total of 24 billion dollars (22.2 billion euros).

the automotive supplier Bosch announced Details of an agreement with plaintiffs. The Stuttgart-based technology company and automotive supplier is also involved in the diesel scandal – of the Software, the used VW for the exhaust cheating comes. In contrast to the Wolfsburg-based group, Bosch has given, but no wrongdoing.

Still, Bosch said he is willing 327,5 million US-Dollar (EUR 304 million) to the US to pay a civil plaintiff. From the expert point of view, the company would have been a high risk and a long period of uncertainty, it would allow the company to legal process, to arrive. Bosch had put back a 750 million Euro for legal risks.

Bosch CEO Volkmar Denner said: “After careful consideration of all points of view, we have decided in this case to a settlement agreement.” The agreement with the plaintiffs was “not a concession of guilt,” it said in a statement. A criminal investigation against Bosch in the USA.

The two settlements of VW and Bosch, with plaintiffs were in principle in December known, the heights of the payments were called. The competent US judge Charles Breyer, however, must decide whether he agrees to the compromise. At the next court hearing on June 14. February he could not approve of the comparisons are preliminary, with a final approval is expected at the earliest in may.

The North America-the boss of VW, Hinrich Woebcken said, according to the memo, there is now, for all affected customers in the USA a solution. In the case of VW in the recent agreement to make repairs, repurchases, and compensation for a total of around 80 000 Diesel trucks, and larger cars such as the Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg, and various Audi models.

The vehicles are divided into two groups. For older model-year courses, the offer of redemption is, according to VW, 20 000 vehicles. For cars younger model date Volkswagen wants to make in the course of a recall, a technical adjustment to the emission standards, this relates to 58 000 cars.

If the US authorities give the green light for repairs to this vehicle group, will VW offer these vehicles have a buy-back. In this case, the payments for the VW could rise to more than 4 billion dollars.

Total tests in the USA were of the manipulations in the Exhaust far more than 500,000 diesel vehicles affected. VW had admitted in September 2015, according to allegations of the US environmental authorities, to have large-scale measurements of the emissions of the pollutant nitrogen oxide from diesel cars tampered with. The group made provisions of EUR 18.2 billion and had to later admit that the amount will not be sufficient.

Outside North America, bristles VW against compensation, but also in Germany, there are numerous lawsuits from affected customers. Investors have filed also complaints of alleged market manipulation. VW should have informed in the fall of 2015 to late, the diesel scandal. The company rejects this.

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