Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Roaming charges to fall in June – (press release) (registration)

make phone Calls from the summer of EU-wide boundless.

the Phone is from the summer, EU-wide, limitless. Photo: shutterstock

travelers can call from the middle of June without additional costs in other EU countries mobile and surf the Internet. Representatives of the European Parliament and the member States acknowledged early Wednesday morning in Brussels, the last major hurdle out of the way: they agreed to the still to be determined Roaming wholesale prices. Both sides must approve the agreement is not yet official.

“this is The last piece of the Puzzle was,” said the Vice-President of the European Commission, Andrus Ansip. “From the age of 15. June can travel to the Europeans in the EU without roaming fees."

village man: “The end is not yet reached,”

The South Tyrolean members of the European Parliament Herbert Dorfmann, is pleased about the agreement reached between the mobile operators: “The abolition of fees is the end of a ten-year process. Since 2007, we are striving to in the European Parliament to lower the premiums for telephony, SMS and data usage abroad in the EU or abolish it. It is a great success, and if this 15. June finally disappear and I can use in Europe, the mobile phone with the same Tariff as at home."

the village man but also emphasizes that the work on the topic is still at the end: We need a real internal market for mobile providers. The final goal must be that every citizen buy his SIM Card anywhere in Europe, anywhere in Europe can make a phone call. Only then there is a truly single and competitive market in the EU”, said Herbert Dorfmann.



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