Friday, February 10, 2017

The ADAC study: Car toll is to minus the business –

The Minister of transport Alexander Dobrindt (CSU) initiated Car toll is according to a study commissioned by the traffic club ADAC to be a minus business.

Instead of from the Ministry of transport targeted annual net revenue of approximately 500 million Euro will be charged to the Federal budget in the year 2023 with up to 251 million euros, writes “The world”, citing the 29-page opinion. Dobrindt defended his calculation.

“estimate too high”

“is The estimate of the Federal Ministry of transport clearly too high,” said the author of the study, the Munich-based traffic expert, Ralf Ratzenberger, the newspaper. It is in revenge for that Dobrindt have said in the negotiations with the European Commission, to relieve particularly low-emission vehicles, the motor Vehicle tax is greater than expected, reported the newspaper.

The more the vehicle is tapered, the stronger the motor Vehicle tax decreased, thus, revenue. “The relief amount in the case of Motor tax will increase with the strong growth of the share of Euro-6 passenger Cars,” citing the “world” from the study.

more Favorable the year of vignette lowers revenue

In addition, Dobrindts officials were too optimistic, with regard to the sale of vignettes to foreigners. Ratzenberger, the share of the EU is likely to be foreigners who were regularly in Germany and therefore a long-term favorable year sticker purchased, higher than in the calculations of Berlin. Thus the hoped-for toll were falling and revenue.

The minus the business will be. the toll according to the forecast, due to the high annual operating costs of more than 211 million euros The cost for the introduction of the system will be spread over five years, the expert for the year 2023 on a minus amount of 251 million euros. In the case of an assignment to ten years, there are 213 million euros, the newspaper reported.

Dobrindt described the by the ADAC Figures presented as “Anti-toll-polemic”. His revenue forecast was expected “solid and conservative”, said the CSU politician. The Ministry expects total revenue of around four billion euros, gross, the amount of net revenue from foreign vehicles every year around 500 million euros.

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relief for younger cars

“The revenues of the toll are earmarked for investment in infrastructure. This is a great value for the toll,” said Dobrindt. For German motorists with particularly eco-friendly cars, the tolls bring in even a further reduction.

start The Car toll to after the Bundestag election in September. All the German car owners, but you will be relieved about the Car tax. Drivers from abroad will need to purchase for the use of the motorway vignette, valid for ten days, two months or a year. The prices depend on engine capacity and environmental friendliness, the maximum rate is 130 Euro for a year.

The toll was already adopted in the spring of 2015 by the Bundestag, but then because of objections by the EU Commission, has been put on hold. After months of dispute Dobrindt managed at the beginning of December an agreement with the Commission. The last doubts were repeatedly expressed that the revised tax brings the state of the bottom line is still money.


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