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Piëchs statement charged to the winter-grain is hard – Sü


  • The former VW Patriarch Ferdinand Piëch burdened with a statement to the public Prosecutor, the Ex-chief Executive Martin Winterkorn.
  • Should have known winter grain earlier about the Diesel affair, as he claims, could help the shareholders – and for VW. Investors sue the group for damages in the amount of more than eight billion euros.
  • Piëch evidently got by Avi Primor, the former Israeli Embassy in Germany, is evidence of tampering in the United States.
Thomas Fromm, Max Hägler, Georg Mascolo and Klaus Ott

at the beginning of March 2015 Martin Winterkorn looked far into the future. It marked the beginning of the Geneva auto show, one of the world’s most important car fairs. The then VW boss spoke of the “innovation, forge VW” and from the new digital car world, and he said: “technology is Volkswagen’s never an end in itself.” A sentence that sounds today, after all, what do you know about diesel gate, rather quite bizarre. Something that at the time when the car salon secretly discussed, could be the winter grain now undoing. And also Volkswagen. It could cost the Ex-chief of millions and the group of billions.

of all the former VW Patriarch Ferdinand Piëch, decades-long conveyor, and a fatherly friend and brother-in-spirit of the engineer winter grain on the back of his former protege hard. Piëch said a few weeks ago as a witness at the Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig, of which he’s the head of VW at the Geneva car I spoke in March 2015, as the then Supervisory Board salon with a winter grain. Completely confidential, away from the audience. He, Piëch, have faced the winter grain with Hints on doing this with the exhaust gas tests in the United States. That doesn’t match the official Version, and the line of defense of Volkswagen, the group’s Executive Board didn’t know anything about the Diesel-fraud Overseas, before these were flown in September 2015. This winter grain yet.

Why is it that VW executives millions of dollars

Twelve million euros for ethics boss Hohmann-dennhardt, 17.5 million for the former boss of the winter grain. Why get a VW Board members so much money? By Max Hägler and Klaus Ott more …

But to keep the still-to-be? Especially, there seems to be another important witness. The Patriarch Piëch will have to get his notes on the investigation in the U.S., according to research from the süddeutsche Zeitung NDR and WDR from an old acquaintance. Avi Primor, the former Israeli Ambassador to Germany.

Primor had been Reportedly in February 2015, shortly before the Geneva motor show, the VW Headquarters in Wolfsburg to visit. Ex-Ambassador meets with Patriarch. Actually, it should go to safety issues, Primor, it is said, have brought in two experts, the VW should be advised in matters of computer security. Later, Piech and Primor have pulled back to a Four-eyes conversation. Primor is supposed to have said, in America there were problems with the exhaust gases, VW have cheated. He quoted from a paper. Piëch, however, should have no copy of it.

Of SZ, NDR and WDR, this process and its roller face, said Primor on Friday afternoon in a telephone conversation, quite friendly and polite Diplomat: “I don’t want to say anything. Thank you for your understanding.”

Piëch, Primor, winter grain, which is already plenty exciting and wild group history of the past few years, with the exhaust-affair, purchased works councils and the red light district needs, apparently, of the Supplement. Especially Piëchs surprising attack on winter grain in April 2015, a month after the Geneva auto salon will now appear in a new light. The Patriarch had said about his protégé, the mirror: “I’m at a distance to winter grain.” Car industry, industry and politics were completely surprised and were wondering what was the reason for the sudden alienation, but a statement it was. There is now the answer?


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