Wednesday, August 13, 2014

German Post starts SIMSme: Post-Messenger to WhatsApp competition … – ABC Online

German Post starts SIMSme: Post-Messenger to WhatsApp competition … – ABC Online

Updated on Wednesday, 8/13/2014, 19:54
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The German postal start a messenger service for smartphones, which should be especially secure and privacy-friendly. With the app SIMSme owner of an iPhone or Android smartphone text messages as well as pictures, videos, contacts, and information sent to its own location.

The messages are automatically encrypted with the sender and can only be decrypted by the recipient again. Through this end-to-end encryption, a high and reliable data protection to be guaranteed, a company spokesman said on Wednesday the dpa. “All data will be stored on servers located in Germany and the messages according to the delivery to the recipient deleted from the servers.”

The German Post AG subordinated SIMSme to, inter alia, against the U.S. giants Facebook, which with his Facebook Messenger and internationally dominated the market with the purchase of WhatsApp. In the promoted as a particularly safe Messenger segment, among others, the Swiss provider Threema and the smartphone maker BlackBerry frolicking with his Messenger BBM, which is also available for iOS and Android. The SIMSme app, the Post is free. For a self-extinguishing function, disappear with the messages after a certain period, the company paid just once 89 cents. The first million user gets this feature for free.

News SSL-encrypted

All messages sent by SIMSme be according to the Post on the phone of the transmitter with the perceived safety of AES-256 encrypted. When transmitted over the SIMSme server to the recipient the message that content such as images of the app developers are SSL-encrypted.

In the general terms and conditions the user must unlike other services not grant consent to may be more widespread across all channels. “In SIMSme the user retains his rights,” said Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President of Mobile & amp; New Media at Deutsche Post, the news agency dpa.

With free App largest possible user base to build

To use the service, the app requires access to the phonebook of your smartphone, to the anonymous entries (“verhasht”) and encrypted with the user list of SIMSme match. “Of course, your phonebook is not stored on our server,” promises the mail users.

The commercial concept of Deutsche Post provides, first build as large a user base with the free app. Here, the 480,000 employees of the company should be asked the world to advertise in their circle of acquaintances for the app.

With a high proliferation of SIMSme then corporate clients such as banks could be obtained to use SIMSme for a particularly secure communication with their customers. The service also own for secure communication within a company and can be coupled to Address Directories in firms (LDAP). The German Telekom had a few days ago announced an app that can be performed with the encrypted phone calls. It is aimed at first only to business customers.


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