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Alicante: Ebola suspected case in Spain –

Alicante: Ebola suspected case in Spain –

Ebola in Europe: suspected case in the Spanish resort


In the Spanish port of Alicante is a Nigerian suspected of a possible Ebola infection has been brought to the quarantine unit of a hospital. In the typical man Ebola symptoms were found

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Nigerians with Ebola suspected quarantine station
In Spain, a Nigerian, according to a report from the news agency dpa been linked to suspect a possible Ebola infection in the quarantine unit of a hospital in the resort of Alicante. According to the health authorities of the Africans had visited a hospital in the port city in the southeast of the country because of fever. The doctors found signs of a possible Ebola infection resistant. The doctors referred the man who was derkürzlich traveled to his home country, then in a special clinic.

Early symptoms may also indicate other diseases
Now, lab tests will confirm whether the man really suffers from the dangerous infectious disease. Early symptoms of viral disease, such as fever or diarrhea may also be derived from a number of other diseases such as malaria. On Tuesday in Madrid, a Spanish priest had died of Ebola. The priest had been infected with the virus in Liberia and had been flown for treatment to Spain. In Germany all-clear was in the past few days at two Ebola suspected cases in Hamburg and Frankfurt have been given.

prompted German to leave
The World Health Organization (WHO) had on Friday night indicated that as of August 13, a total of 2,127 Ebola infections and 1,145 deaths were recorded. The cases were reported from the countries affected by the disease Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria. But WHO has estimated that the actual number of cases are likely to be much higher. The Federal Government had recently invited all Germans to emigrate from those affected by the epidemic countries. (Ad)

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