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Closure of disgust branches: Burger King: If wages are not paid? – ABC Online

Closure of disgust branches: Burger King: If wages are not paid? – ABC Online

Saturday, 16.08.2014, 08:26
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All good again at Burger King? Following the closure of disgust branches believes the Burger King boss that his fast-food chain has weathered the worst. Now he fights only with the allegations of the unions. If wages are not paid?

Three months after the scandal hygienic defects in branches of the franchise entrepreneur Ergun Yildiz, see the Germany-chief of Burger King, Andreas Bork, the company is on the right track. In an interview with the newspaper “Bild” Bork said: “We have changed enormously in the past few months many things

In the affected franchise owner, we have made many improvements., A collective agreement was introduced, more than 80 percent of the current court proceedings have been resolved in record time

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unionists complain about problem with wages

The operating performance of the restaurants is much better, the guests are satisfied, “Bork told the journal. transparency and credibility in order to push forward the topics that will be held this weekend in selected stores a” day of open kitchen “instead.

The allegations of individual trade unionists, there would still be problems with the transfer of wages and allowances, Bork rejected.” When we hear of such cases, we address these issues immediately. We are to also be in contact with the unions. When did we ever hear about a case he was resolved within a very short time, “Bork justified in the” image “

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