Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Billion market marijuana – Big business in the Kiffen – WirtschaftsBlatt.at

Billion market marijuana – Big business in the Kiffen – WirtschaftsBlatt.at

“Hemp Parade” / image: APA / dpa

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Rap superstar Snoop Dogg claims he has even smoked marijuana in the White House. Whether that’s true or not: That the President invited him at all, shows how socially acceptable drug in America is now. Snoop is an avowed pothead time, he had his breakthrough once on the blockbuster album “The Chronic” by Dr. Dre Rapmogul. “Chronic” is street slang and is the best fabric that you can buy on the market.

Today, the two ex-gangster rappers are successful entrepreneurs, and Snoop continues to focus on the drug. He works together with the thriving start-up Grenco Science from California. The company sells cannabis e-cigarettes, so-called “Vaporizer”. The Company is representative of a booming industry, the increasing number of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and tech nerds attracts besides dealers and hippies. Even professional investors have already gotten wind.

In 23 states allowed

is made possible by the increasing legalization of the drug in the United States. She is now allowed in 23 states. Although mainly for medical purposes, but this is where a billion dollar market with high growth potential. “Sales are expected to dress himself this year by 63.1 percent to $ 2.6 billion,” says David Yang from New York research house IBISWorld. Studies predict that the market will grow by 2018 to ten billion dollars

Slideshow. Legal smoke pot – where marijuana is more or less allowed

No wonder that small businesses are springing up who want to earn on marijuana boom. This creativity is needed: In Denver itself FunkSac specializes in odor-proof plastic bag with child safety. Potbotics from Palo Alto wants to combine biotechnology with cannabis expertise and SpeedWeed from Los Angeles offers classically a delivery service. Investors stretch before millions: “Currently there how to drink from the fire hose is” cited the “New York Times” the FunkSac CEO Garrett Fortune

Even private equity specialist publications such as “Deal Pipeline”. report great about the start-ups. The investment company Poseidon Asset Management of San Francisco has launched at the beginning of the first hedge fund that focuses on the marijuana industry. Almost simultaneously, the “High Times Growth Fund” is gone with $ 300 million at the start, to promote the industry. Behind this are the makers of Scene magazine, which organizes otherwise Kiff festivals and growing competitions. But you are in a professional, legal experts and investment bankers has taken on board

One of the biggest profiteers, however, is one of the American Treasury. Increasing sales with legal marijuana bestowed alone the Treasury Colorados, which because of its lax laws “The Highest State “is mentioned, the first half of 2014, additional revenue of more than $ 20 million. The authorities strongly to long on the 2.9 percent sales tax are in marijuana shops again it struck at least a whopping ten percent

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