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Lufthansa faces new strikes to end Holiday –

Lufthansa faces new strikes to end Holiday –

The home is expected this year for many German tourists are cumbersome: The holiday-final sprint threatens strikes on the railways and Lufthansa. In the largest German airline schedule after the failure of the most recent collective bargaining over 5000 pilots to put the stick out of his hand.

in the web could be the situation before the end of the summer holidays in populous states such as Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg escalate as two competing unions outdo with demands.

chance of a EinigungPil

Lufthansa passengers, however, could be spared the worst. Currently is not assumed that the pilots strike coverage as in April, said Lufthansa Manager Raimund Müller. Much more likely the walkout individual airports or areas meet at certain times.

pilots would also announce a walkout 24 hours in advance. Even still there is the chance of an agreement. “We are consensual ready, we seek compromise,” emphasized Lufthansa personnel manager Bettina Volkens.

But even if the pilots go on strike only at individual airports such as Frankfurt or Munich, could have far-reaching consequences and the closely endanger timed schedule. The pilots’ union Vereinigung Cockpit let hitherto open to when and to what extent a strike.

60 million euro profit losses

In April, the pilots had demonstrated their power and stopped work for three days – a total of 425,000 Lufthansa passengers were affected. Because of the largest strikes in the history of the crane airline underlined then 3800 flights. The loss of profit for the Frankfurt Group amounted to 60 million euros.

method is the situation even in the car. The train drivers’ union GDL and the Railway and Transport union (ECG) compete for the favor of the railway employees.

put On the Monday after the GDL and the ECG their demands before. It requires 6 percent wage increase, but at least 150 euros a month, said the ECG with. You want to negotiate for all employee groups.

The GDL had more, but also called for a reduction of weekly working time by two to 37 hours and better shift schedules for the 37,000 train drivers, train conductors and Rangierführer5 percent. The train had rejected this as unacceptable.

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