Monday, August 18, 2014

Russia wants to thwart Western cars –

Russia wants to thwart Western cars –

In the case of new sanctions by the EU and United States media said Russia is considering a ban on imports of Western cars. A proposal had been sent to Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, told the Moscow newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing government officials. A statement of the Kremlin to draw up new sanctions, but not give.

In response to criminal sanctions of the West in Ukraine conflict had Russia in early August an import ban on food from the EU, the USA, Norway, Canada and Australia decided. Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said at the time, an extension was possible. A overflight ban for Western Airlines is talking.

weakening Russian car market

A full or partial import ban on Western vehicles would be possible according to the newspaper. In Russia cars produced but should not therefore be affected. An import ban would probably also increase the demand for domestic brands. In the first six months of import cars came, according to the newspaper in Russia accounted for 27 percent of sales, truck made 46 percent.

Recently the Russian car market slumped sharply. The sales figures were for information the Association of European companies in July compared with the previous year by 22.9 percent.

Ford Fiesta produced entirely in Russia

In the midst of sanction proceedings between Russia and the West wants to make the U.S. carmaker Ford Fiesta, the new series of his model entirely in Russia. For a plant in the Republic of Tatarstan shall modernized, said the Russian-American joint venture Ford Sollers.

The investment thus amounts to 150 million dollars (about 112 million euros). The first car to roll off the line in 2015, are planned 115,000 cars per year. In the autumn of that produced in Russia Model EcoSport will come on the market.

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