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Judgment in China: record fine for Japanese suppliers – Handelsblatt

Judgment in China: record fine for Japanese suppliers – Handelsblatt

Beijing Twelve Japanese auto suppliers have in China due to illegal price-fixing record sum of 1.24 billion yuan, the equivalent of 151 million euros pay. It is the highest fine that China’s competition watchdog previously imposed. Of the anti-monopoly investigation of the Reform and Development Commission (NDRC) in Beijing are also German carmaker affected.

How soon will a penalty against Audi expected, which could reach a double-digit million euro sum for information to the news agency dpa. According to media reports, evidence of collusion on prices for spare parts have also been found at Daimler. Both manufacturers cooperate in the investigation.

After the examination of Japanese suppliers were the competition watchdog of the powerful Development Commission both Hitachi, Denso, Aisan, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsuba, Yazaki, Furukawa, Sumitomo and the four ball bearing manufacturer Nachi, NSK, NTN JTEKT and violating the anti-monopoly law guilty.

But Hitachi and Nachi be exempted from punishment, because they appear as the first and even “important evidence” of the investigation provided have, as the authority announced.

The largest automotive suppliers worldwide

  • 10th
    ” 11 “

    Faurecia – 18.03 billion euros in sales with auto parts

    The fate of the auto supplier is closely related to PSA Peugeot / Citroen. Currently, businesses stagnate. The portfolio includes seats and emission control systems.

  • Place 9

    Aisin Seiki – 18.92 billion euros in sales of car parts

    The Japanese belong to the Toyota Group and produce a number of components for the automotive industry, including transmission and navigation systems

  • Place 8

    Michelin – 20.25 billion Euro turnover with auto parts

    The French tire giant had again suffered setbacks in sales last. In addition to tires, the company from Clermont-Ferrand also manufactures navigation systems.

  • Place 7

    Johnson Controls – 20930000000 Euro turnover with auto parts

    The US-American from Milwaukee concentrate the supply of seats, doors and instrument. Thus, the sales increased last easily.

  • Place 6

    Hyundai Mobis – 23.25 billion euros in sales of car parts

    The Koreans are part of the huge Korean Hyundai empire and among the most important suppliers to automakers Hyundai and Kia. Be built security systems, Airbus, lamps and drive trains.

  • Place 5

    Bridgestone / Firestone – 24.62 billion euros in sales of car parts

    the Japanese are even world leader in rubber processing. In France, Italy, Poland and Spain, they operate their own works.

  • Place 4

    Magna – 24.95 billion euros in sales of car parts

    Under the leadership of dazzling Austrian Frank Stronach, the Group grew – and may even produce almost all components. Cabin, seats, drive and electronics are part of the portfolio of the company.

  • Place 3

    Denso – 27.79 billion euros in sales of car parts

    The Japanese lost again last market shares. Major clients include the major Japanese car manufacturer. The company produces, among other things, air conditioning, powertrains and electronics.

  • Place 2

    Robert Bosch – 30700000000 Euro turnover with auto parts

    The second largest automotive supplier in the world is in Stuttgart at home. In addition to gasoline and diesel systems Bosch is also multimedia systems, brakes, electronics and batteries for several major car manufacturers.

  • Place 1
    Continental – 33.32 billion euros in sales of car parts

    From Hannover in the world: In addition to the known tire Conti also provides security – and telematics systems, control instrument and the electronics for drive trains. Compared to last year, sales increased slightly to.

Between 2000 and 2010, the eight parts manufacturers have prices for products defined by frequent arrangements that had been installed in 20 car models of Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Ford, and others. Similarly, the four ball bearing producers from 2000 to 2011 had their pricing strategy in the Chinese market and in Asia as a whole set.

So price increases were implemented, it said in the statement. The penalties achieved depending on cooperating, the supplier up to eight percent of its sales and fluctuate each 29 to 290 million yuan (3.5 to 35 million euros).

China’s authorities have been investigating weeks the price policy of car manufacturers and suppliers. Last week, for violations of the anti-monopoly law for the first time penalties in the amount of 1.6 million yuan (195,000 euros) imposed on BMW dealer.

The fine for Audi is expected soon, as the proceedings against the German-Chinese joint venture with First Automotive Works (FAW) is nearing completion. According to business newspaper “21st Century Business Herald” is intended to amount to 250 million yuan (30 million euros) the punishment.


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