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Moscow is considering ban on imports of Western cars? –

Moscow is considering ban on imports of Western cars? –

In the dispute with the West Russia thinks a newspaper report about an import ban on cars from the EU and the USA. In the case of stricter sanctions these countries against Russia, the government in Moscow was considering the importation of Western vehicles to stop partially or completely, the newspaper reported, “Vedomosti” in its Monday edition.

A decision had not yet been made, ie it further. In Russia vehicles produced will therefore not be affected by a possible ban. From the German producers about Volkswagen, Audi or BMW site, Daimler not finished it. From the Russian Ministry of Industry was first to get an opinion.

For the German car industry Russia has become in recent years an important growth market. The Russian car market is almost as large as the German and has long been regarded as bearers of hope in Europe, where countries with strong growth are scarce. Even before the Ukraine-crisis sales but had begun to weaken, which leads the industry back to the sluggish economy and the weak ruble. An Opel spokesman in Rüsselsheim said Monday the news agency dpa: “We monitor the situation in Russia closely.” The Russian market run poorly for months. “But we are still confident of the growth prospects of the Russian market.” Felt

The first setbacks

The auto maker Daimler feels in Russia first setbacks . “The Russian economy was before the crisis through a difficult phase and is now further impaired,” said a spokeswoman. “The effect on the Russian car market, and thereby also on Daimler. During the first half of the year we have made a further 20 percent increase in business in Russia, now the momentum is going down.” Actual numbers they did not call.

In the midst of sanction proceedings between Russia and the West wants to establish the new series of his model Fiesta completely in Russia U.S. carmaker Ford. For a plant in the Republic of Tatarstan shall modernized, said the Russian-American joint venture Ford-Sollers said on Monday. The investment thus amounts to $ 150 million (about 112 million euros). The first car to roll off the line in 2015, are planned 115,000 cars per year.

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