Sunday, August 24, 2014

Money instead of relaxing, more and more citizens to work in their spare time – Business Week

Money instead of relaxing, more and more citizens to work in their spare time – Business Week


to the movies, sports or meet friends: So should spend most of their leisure time. But more and more people in Germany sleeves instead of their free time in their sleeves.

Whether waiters for the upcoming holiday or shelves allow for the extra hundred in your pocket: More and more German citizens earn, according to a study in their free time something. In a representative survey for the “German Sports Monitor 2014″ stated one in ten to earn at least once a week in his spare time additionally money. And 20 percent earn accordingly at least once a month something.

To work in leisure is more common than admissions, sports in the gym or going out for dinner, said study director Ulrich Reinhardt of the Foundation for Future Studies. Especially teenagers and young adults up to 24 years to roll according to the study in their spare time up your sleeves. The form of employment ranges from undeclared work to mini job. Many earners These drives not only the desire for the latest TV or expensive sneakers. “There is the need to cope with the costs of everyday life better,” Reinhardt said. It ascend the number of people who would have to work extra in their spare time.

in 2007 had seven percent of low income at least once in addition earn money per week in 2014 were already twelve percent. And in 2007, gave 13 to 100 of these respondents to work at least once per month in their spare time for extra cash in your pocket. 2014 it was almost one in four respondents. “I’m sure the value will continue to rise,” Reinhardt said. Same time, many high earners would be willing to take more leisure time for less money in buying according to a survey. This gave 34 percent of them in the survey. “Leisure is felt less and less.” Results are based on a survey of 4,000 German citizens aged 14 and over.


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