Saturday, August 23, 2014

Strike notice at Lufthansa pilots threaten with shorter lead times – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Strike notice at Lufthansa pilots threaten with shorter lead times – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung



                          Soon it may come back to flight cancellations at Lufthansa


At Lufthansa from immediately threaten new strikes by pilots and so massive flight cancellations. The Cockpit Association announced on Friday evening in Frankfurt that the negotiations with the group had failed to transfer pensions for the pilots. The division union had thereupon further industrial action decided, “must be those expected from now on”. The exact dates would each be published in advance.


The impending strike by Lufthansa pilots could be announced short-term than in the massive strike wave in April, according to the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC). “At that time, we have to strike 72 hours announced in advance,” said board member Mark cockpit election on Saturday. “Now it is also conceivable that we hold this lead time a bit shorter.”


Enough pre-planning for passengers

While must “immediately” be expected strikes, Wahl said. But strikes would be announced in advance. “There is no passenger experience at the airport that his flight will not take place. He will have plenty of time to come in a different way to its destination. “” We regret any inconvenience to the customers of Lufthansa, “said cockpit. The Lufthansa management could “with the corresponding signals” to the VC but the strike “at any time nor turn away.”


More about

The Lufthansa has criticized the strike notice of its pilots as incomprehensible. “We regret the decision of the Vereinigung Cockpit much to explain the negotiations had failed and to terminate industrial action. This decision is in no way understandable, “the company said on Friday evening.


The Lufthansa was at any time ready to talk and wanted to continue the negotiations. The company said that it had also submitted proposals already improved in the dispute.


pilots declare negotiations failed

In a ballot in March, about 5,400 pilots at Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and German Wings had voted 99.1 percent in favor, if necessary, enforce by means of industrial action a new collective agreement for transitional care. In recent months, Lufthansa and the Vereinigung Cockpit had negotiated behind closed doors.


In the labor dispute that had led to three full days of strikes in April for the sharpest strikers in the Lufthansa-story with approximately 3,800 flight cancellations, it comes to higher salaries and pensions of the transition pilots. In the spring, Lufthansa had lost by the strike of 45 million euros.


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strike notice at Lufthansa

pilots threaten with shorter lead times


From now must adjust Lufthansa customers back on strike. The pilots’ union Cockpit declared the collective bargaining failed. And threatens to announce the short-term strikes.

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