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Lufthansa strike threat pilots at the wrong time – Frankfurter Rundschau

Lufthansa strike threat pilots at the wrong time – Frankfurter Rundschau

August 23, 2014

The pilots’ union Cockpit announced a recusal. Photo: AP

Lufthansa CEO Spohr has a pilot’s license and is an avid aviator. Now look for just the pilots’ union, the showdown and announces again strikes at. Spohr must be the end of the holiday fear an expensive industrial action

Frankfurt / Main -.

Three days paralyzed the Lufthansa pilots in April their company. Thousands of flights were canceled at the hardest strike in the company’s history, hundreds of thousands of passengers had to change trains on trains and automobiles. Now the industrial action could start again at the end of the holiday period: For in order to save the transitional provision in its current form and enforce higher salaries, makes the powerful pilot union Cockpit (VC) pressure. Not only for the passengers, also for the new Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr comes the showdown at the wrong time. It is not just about money but also about the orientation of the top-selling air transport group in Europe.

Transmissions from cost pressures in the industry, Lufthansa wants to guide Spohr, in May in office, looking for new ways to earn more money. Cheap deals to come as well as premium services. The market is getting tougher for the high-volume but relatively low-yielding group. Airlines such as Easyjet and Ryanair or state-supported attacker airlines such as Turkish or Emirates pressure on margins and make the “Crane-line” life difficult.

Lufthansa plans to reduce cost disadvantage compared to competitors, it should be a part of the concept of the pilot. For Spohr uses crews outside the existing Lufthansa fares and on a strict austerity measures.

The staff is after the kerosene is the most important cost item of the airline. At the recent wage dispute in April Lufthansa quantified their rising pension obligations at the end of 2012 in Germany to over 11 billion euros. Approximately 40 percent of which are reserved for the pilots, but make up only 10 percent of the workforce


Lush income

Still can largely decide for themselves when they go into the lucrative early retirement padded healthy Lufthansa pilots with a high annual income as before. The income decreases in the pre-retirement already due to the elimination of bonuses, but it is still abundant. The top master level, the basic salary is 193 000 euros, including allowances more than 255,000 euros can be gross achieved in the year.

On average, the Lufthansa captains go currently with nearly 59 years in paid by the company early retirement. Lufthansa plans to increase significantly the age because of the high cost and the high set at 65 years age limit for commercial pilots.

On the other hand, the union applies. “You can not force the cockpit does not feel fit a pilot,” the VC-president Ilya Schulz had defended the three-day strike in the spring. The burdens of age are high, employees should be able to retire early and still have a secure pension.

In contrast, the Lufthansa emphasized in view of the renewed strike threat pilots, it is a matter competitiveness the Group to secure “together in an enormously difficult market environment.” There is no reason to stop talking now. “This decision is understandable in any way.”

However, now threaten strikes, flight cancellations and a loss of image for the Lufthansa. And as if that were not enough: Should it come to re recusal, the switch to rail this time could be a problem. The train drivers’ union GDL is in a labor dispute and threatening to strike. Next Wednesday (August 27) the train drivers in Fulda initially called for a protest meeting.


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