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About cooperates with TripAdvisor and Starbucks – Daily Mirror

About cooperates with TripAdvisor and Starbucks – Daily Mirror

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The car service Uber builds with new prominent partners its range massively. Does the taxi had its day? The ADAC test shows: Taxi customers get a good service.

The controversial car service company Uber offers in the future to also book Apps from United Airlines and TripAdvisor. The start-up of San Francisco announced on Wednesday (local time) cooperation with a number of U.S. companies known. Uber also presented a software kit available with the programmer of mobile applications on the platform of the travel service can link to. Discuss the massively expanding its reach. This tactic proved successful in other Internet companies, including the social network Facebook.

At the same time Uber sets so competitors like Lyft under pressure.

Flight and Uber for Airport

In addition to the airlines United Airlines and the travel portal TripAdvisor Uber working together in the future with the Hyatt hotel chain, the coffee house chain Starbucks and restaurant reservation service OpenTable. Customers can therefore after the flight booking or table reservation equal a car reservation for Uber, she goes to the airport or to the restaurant. Uber was founded in 2009 and developed contacts between drivers and passengers via apps on mobile devices from. The shuttle service is worldwide in more than 170 cities in 44 countries worked and met with considerable resistance in many places of the taxi industry and the authorities.

ADAC: Taxi customers usually get good service

The fact that the offer of the classic taxi companies is better than its reputation, shows the ADAC, who drove in eight German cities sample. Taxi customer can therefore enter calms in German cities in most cases: you usually get good service. The ADAC sent for a sample of his testers in eight German cities on the street and stood firmly by 160 runs: In the overall quarter of all journeys more than half were very good, good. 17 time there was sufficient 21 trips coincided with poor and very poor by.

receipts often incompletely filled

Most just problems with the receipts. Nearly 90 percent of the documents were filled out incompletely. The most common defects were also missing information on fares and seat belts. In 16 trips registered testers unnecessary detours. In 17 percent of all trips, the driver did not stop the traffic rules. Extreme Example: On a trip in Frankfurt am Main, the driver did not know of, spoke German poorly, made a big detour, ran a red light and was finally back yet too little change. Were also lacking information on driving licenses and tariffs. The ADAC recommended after analyzing the sample to standardize the taxi orders and transparent tariff schemes.


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