Thursday, August 21, 2014

Air Berlin remains on austerity – SÜDKURIER Online

Air Berlin remains on austerity – SÜDKURIER Online

At first glance, reads the good: 8.6 million euro profit, Air Berlin made in the second quarter. The second view shows that the increase results from the fact that holdings of securities and foreign currencies 30 million euros earned more than a year earlier. Thus, even from a net loss of 6.9 million euros in operating profit (EBIT) a black figure bottom line. The turnover amounted to 1.15 billion euros.

In the actual airline business, Air Berlin is despite savings and efficiency programs are not always where the company wants to be actually. The balance of the first half is mixed: 14,630,000 passengers flew with Air Berlin, 0.2 percent more than in the first half of 2013, although the space was expanded by 3.7 percent. Thus, the utilization declined, sales stagnated at 1.9 billion euros. Salary increases and the cost of job cuts drove the expenditure for staff by 14 percent in height, other operating expenses were reduced by 4 percent.

“It is not enough to sustainably come to profitability,” said Wolfgang Prock-Schauer CEO on the effects of recent initiatives. Therefore, following the next restructuring program. It has been announced since the spring, now the management has revealed the first details, the other steps will be made public in late September. The keywords are: tightening, harmonize, focus, cooperate closely

Air Berlin operates future of a lower number of air bases (10 instead of 15) in Germany. The aircraft are to be redistributed to the sites, also part of the crews have to move, alone for 100 pilots that means a move to Berlin or Dusseldorf. Mostly the machines will in future be traveling in the shuttle, ie from A to B and back to A – this is the best model of low cost airlines. The interchanges on long-haul flights had but underneath not to suffer, says Prock-Schauer. And even in the often criticized triad Europe flights, tourism business and long haul it’ll stay because you were convinced of its success.

The co-operation with the main shareholder and financier Etihad Airways, which holds 29.2 percent of the shares, remains a core element of the strategy. The Abu Dhabi hub of the Arab state company Air Berlin uses as a gateway to Asia. From the entry at the Etihad Italian Alitalia is Prock-Schauer promises a lot:. Partnership with the Italy will further opened up for Air Berlin as market

The boss also announced that the “operational platforms” on their effectiveness to check. These include the holiday airline Tui Fly, which leased to Air Berlin aircraft including crew. A decision on further cooperation here: the end of September



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