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Computer – Internet: Amazon buys video site Twitch for about one billion … – Süddeutsche.de

Computer – Internet: Amazon buys video site Twitch for about one billion … – Süddeutsche.de

San Francisco (dpa) – With this deal, it’s about the future of television and the attention of young Internet users. Amazon sets up for about a billion dollars a video site for gamers.

The online retailer Amazon buys for about a billion dollars a video site Twitch, can publish to the gamers live recordings from the gameplay . Amazon reinforcing its games business and is a bit more a competitor for Google. Twitch came last to around 55 million users, of which placed a million videos on the net. The purchase price lies at around 970 million dollars (735 million euros) in cash, Amazon announced on Monday. As a likely buyer had previously been traded since May Google.

The Internet giant with its powerful video platform YouTube was but worried because of possible problems with competition watchdogs, told the magazine “Forbes”, citing informed people. The service industry, “The Information”, however, wrote that there had been differences especially about the future as part of Google. Twitch investments in the order of tens of millions of dollars from Google executives as Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette would have to approve it said. The deal with the Internet giant was indeed already negotiated in principle, the gamer site but I have doubts as to whether they are under the umbrella of Google and YouTube could continue to develop dynamically.

Twitch Boss Emmett Shear stressed now, under the wing of Amazon will remain independent video site. “We chose Amazon because they believe in our user community, share our values ​​and long-term vision and want to help us get there faster.”

The “Wall Street Journal” had on Monday just hours before confirmation of the deal with Amazon at a price of more than a billion dollars called. In “The Information” it was said that Google wanted to pay about a billion dollars. Twitch was considered in the industry as a good addition to YouTube, where there are also many live streaming channels.

Twitch was started three years ago rather than niche service. The service won but quickly popularity especially among young Internet users. You spend more and more time online video instead of television sets before.

Amazon is with the purchase of an extra competitor to Google. According to media reports, the online retailer will soon also start its own system for selling advertising space on the Internet. Amazon also has a private business with online games based on the Android operating system. The set-top box Fire TV also when it does not reach the function of a games console, the graphics performance of larger rivals such as Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox.

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