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Why the struggle for the deepening of the Elbe river shows a Dilemma – THE WORLD

Es is a severe setback for Hamburg. The Federal administrative court has the planned deepening and widening of a still not released. The fairway may not be expanded for the foreseeable future, the port falls back into a in the fierce competition of the shipping and port sector, possibly more. This is the main problem of a port city such as Hamburg: the Development of The infrastructure is reinforced, also, for legal reasons, getting more and more tedious. And it is based on assumptions about markets and technologies change faster and faster.

To the middle of the last decade, it was believed, in Hamburg, the port will change by the year 2030, up to 25 million containers units (TEU). At the time Hamburg was moving quickly to the mark of ten million TEU a year. The trade with China but also with Russia and many other States was booming, the growth seemed to have no end. The biggest Problem of the urban policies and the port industry was: how the hell do you always take more space for ever-larger Terminals, more and more Container?

The plans for the deepening and widening of the Elbfahrrinne were from the former point of view, just as compelling as the Expansion of the container terminals in the port. “The construction of a ship takes ten months, the construction of a terminal takes ten years” – the evaluation of the former Economics Senator Gunnar Uldall (CDU), brings the Problem of the port of Hamburg and to the point. The planning and implementation of infrastructure is an extremely time-consuming business, while the technology of the ships, but also the market conditions change around you much faster.

about 14,000 to 19,000 TEU capacity, No other project in the recent history of the city has long been the Standard

as concise as the dredging. Initiated the planning to the beginning of the 2000s, in order to allow container ships with 8,500-TEU capacity barrier-free access to the port of Hamburg. In the coming April, but for the first time to make a ship with more than 20,000 TEU in Hamburg. Freighter 14,000 to 19,000 TEU capacity are on the lines between Europe and Asia, meanwhile, has long been the Standard. Ten years ago, appeared the ships of 20,000 TEU, far away from reality.

deepening of the Elbe river is in Parts illegal

The administrative court in Leipzig has declared a deepening of the river Elbe in Parts illegal. Due to the protection of the Hemlock water dropwort. Lutz Stordel about the judgment.

source: N24

The technological development, but also the history of world trade, Hamburg’s port have become obsolete in the past few years. Since the world financial market crisis of 2008 and 2009, the container throughput has stagnated in the Hanseatic city with approximately nine million TEU. The new economic policy in China, with the greater emphasis on the internal market and the trade, political Isolation of Russia, has not reached the mark of ten million TEU, up until today. And in the medium term, possibly 13 to 15 million TEU of transhipment in the year, from the current perspective, as realistic – until the Boom, then Stagnation, two completely opposing developments. There was only one constant: The deepening of the Elbe river was not in all the years.

The Dilemma the city is nowadays not less than ten years ago. What is the price to pay Hamburg and its neighbouring countries for which decision? You should not take Hamburg relapse in the international port competition in the purchase, if the transportation routes to grow with the demand? Or you should always carry higher costs, such as for the Dredging of the mud and the entertainment of the dikes, the more the fairway of the river Elbe is being expanded? Hamburg and the Federal need to drive the extremely protracted Development of the infrastructure, but the development of international markets is becoming more complex and diffuse. What are the concrete implications, for example, the new protectionism of the USA and great Britain will have on the port of Hamburg? No one can see it.

jade-Weser-port in Wilhelmshaven without strong surrounding areas

the opponents of The deepening of the Elbe river and widening’t argue, meanwhile, that an Expansion of the river, and in view of the poor development in the past years, even necessary. On top of that, ships would of 20,000 TEU capacity today to Hamburg. Fact however is, that especially the large ships, 400 meters long and nearly 60 meters wide to reach the largest German seaport, only under considerable difficulties. Hamburg would not have been offered to the shipping companies with the planned fairway adjustment to prior years, a perspective that would be a lot of Asia traffic already been deducted from the Hanseatic city – and not to Wilhelmshaven or Bremerhaven, as the proponents of a “North German port to insure cooperation”, but according to Rotterdam or Antwerp.

Bremerhaven needs, in turn, a deepening of the lower and outer Weser for the ever-larger ships, the Bremen is to have failed with his plans for Expansion, but so far, the Federal administrative court. And the JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven offers without an economically and industrially strong region, no Alternative to the established seaports. The economy ignored Germany’s “only deep-water port” consistently, because it provides a suitable environment for resettlement.

it was the largest Container ship in the world

she is even among the great ships, a giant: The “MSC Oscar” summarizes 19.224 container units and thus holds the record. On your maiden voyage you can watch it also in Germany.

source: The world

In the case of the Elbe was again in the past few years, the widening of the navigation channel is close to Hamburg is at least as important as the make deepening of the river up to Cuxhaven. In the meantime, the planned “Meeting area” shortly before Hamburg in the Maritime sector, even as important – as the more frequent bottlenecks have to be eliminated the run from ultra-wide ships urgently. The Asian routes will be operated in the foreseeable future, complete with ships of 50 to 60 metres in width are not allowed to pass each other shortly before Hamburg. The permissible total width of the two ships must not exceed at the border to Schleswig-Holstein 90 meters.

The port industry has always suggested, to a deepening and widening of the river Elbe, it was with the envelope in the Harbor quickly on the up again. This is wrong. Hamburg’s port handling depends primarily of the development of foreign trade. And there is currently no threshold land is in sight, this could only develop a nearly as strong of growth as China in the past decades. The opponents of the deepening of the Elbe river in turn, claim Hamburg could also come without an Expansion of the fairway. This is also wrong. The port needs an extension of the fairway, to be able to its today’s Position in an increasingly tougher competition, especially with Rotterdam, but also with the ports on the Mediterranean sea at all claim. And in order to maintain a perspective for the handling of goods in Hamburg is growing again-and again.


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