Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The VW works Council accuses brand chief Diess word-break –

armed with the works Council: VW brand boss, Herbert Diess


armed with the works Council at the VW brand boss, Herbert Diess

The future of VW Pact may already after three months. The works of the car manufacturer have set up the cooperation until further notice, says group circles. In a letter to brand boss, Herbert Diess, the employee representatives on the VW tip before the throw, therefore, the Board of Directors have repeatedly violated the Pact. The subliminal message of the letter was clear, say Stakeholders. The works Council threaten to announced the Pact completely. Had signed the letter, among other things, by works Council chief Bernd Osterloh and his Deputy Stephan Wolf. Neither the works Council nor the company would comment on the dispute.

In the letter to criticize the representatives of the employees mm-according to information, among other things, the Board instructed the personnel Manager to waive until June 2017 on every staff. For 1500 Vacancies were different than agreed. The hiring freeze also the future areas of are affected. Additional dispute around the removal of temporary workers, said in Wolfsburg. The works Council before throwing Diess, the behavior of the Board of management concern in the workforce for anxiety, and delay or block the VW-necessary changes.

the sender of the letter is the operating Committee, according to the company. The management Board of the Wolfsburg-based works Council demand an answer to the 13. February. The members of the Board would be asked to adhere to the agreements of the Pact. Until then, the works Council is a place-including all of the talks about the 40-hour week and the reduction of training places. Requests for more work you will agree for the time being.

With the help of the in November, after months of negotiations under Zukunftspakts signed with the workers brand boss, Herbert Diess want to save up to the year 2020, three billion euros. The core of the agreement: In the VW AG world to disappear in the coming years, 30,000 and in Germany of 23,000. On the other hand, 9000 Jobs will be created, in order to strengthen VW in the technologies of the future. The Board of Directors without the need for compulsory redundancies; for the removal of primarily vacant should not be filled by the end of new. The talks in the run-up to the Pact were extremely lost, that’s tough. Up to the end was not, for example, managed to achieve the target set for savings of three billion euros.

In Management it was called, the talks have been characterised by a mutual distrust of culture. Partially set in contrast to the letter’s allegations, the impression of parts of the works Council wanted to prevent the speedy implementation of the Pact. Similar threats by the works Council would have, but VW is a certain Tradition; and in General, you’ve found a compromise.

Osterloh and Diess were to fall since the inauguration of the brand leaders in July 2015, and repeated to each other. Also the Chairman of the Board of the group, Matthias Müller, will not be internally Diess necessarily’ defenders counted. The renovators of the yield weak brand VW brought the former BMW management Board is, however, supported so far by a major shareholder, Porsche.


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