Tuesday, February 7, 2017

“Hard is the Only thing that Trump impressed is to occur” – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Anton Börner, the President of the foreign trade Association.

The German foreign trade Association BGA has criticised, in unusually strong Form the new American President Donald Trump and economic decline warned. Trump was “absolutely committed and obsessed” family entrepreneurs without any commitment to a social market economy, said BGA President Anton Börner on this Tuesday in Berlin.

“With the winning the election has to be Donald Trump now ,dream company’, and regarded the United States as his company.” He was, according to his life motto is “I always win”, so the Supreme interest of the representatives of the German exporters. “Therefore, reason, logic, and willingness to compromise have made it difficult to get along with him.”

According to the current state of the German export economy is heading this year, in spite of the growing risks on a record. Exports could grow by up to 2.5 percent to 1235 billion euros, said Börner. “Behind this prognosis must, however, be a big question mark, because the uncertainties for German companies are not become less – on the contrary.” The list of risks for the foreign business will always be longer.

“We have to hard and be confident”

The first acts of the new President in the White house, according to the words Börners alarming. In the case of German companies in a new American economy, will leave politics. Also, Economists had already warned.

in view of the close interdependence with America, for German companies a lot to the game. Hundreds of thousands of jobs depend on European companies could sell their products in the United States and American companies in Europe invested.

The BGA chief called for a clear statement of policy and the economy, to the address of Trumps, could do with complex systems.
Germany needs to forge alliances with strong export businesses, politically and economically in Europe, with Asia, with Latin America and Canada: “We have to hard and be confident. This is the Only thing that impressed a businessman Trump: You get a grace to feel the competition."

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It had to be worked out, that Trump will lose much more. This only understand tough language and phrases such as “You’ll be the Loser, lose your business, because you can’t enforce your ideas in a complex world alone, and you’re too dependent.” A policy of foreclosure to lead in economic decline.

With views of the Trump face criminal threatened tariffs on German products said Börner, many of the announcements could be without breaking the rules. Trump should still want to test these red lines, it is even more important, together we are strong.

114 billion Euro exports

politicians or media impressed Trump, but banks and stock exchanges. The “Wall Street” will react very sensitive. Since the American age supply suspended on the stock exchanges, could read at any Trump-voters, each retired to his course notes, and the amount of his pension, as the winner of Trump is a loser.

about two years Ago, the United States replaced according to the BGA France as the main destination country for German exports. In 2015, the value of German exports to the United States has summed up, therefore, to 113.7 billion euros. This was 9.5 percent of total exports. In the case of imports, after Germany and the United States are imports in the value of 60.2 billion euros in the fourth position. This corresponds to imports of 6.3 percent of the Total. With approximately 28% of the direct investment
the United States was the main country of destination for German investors in the year (2014).


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