Tuesday, February 7, 2017

In Hamburg and Berlin: ground personnel work down from the airport:-warning strike … – FOCUS Online

The airport Association ADV appealed to the social partners to jointly seek a solution to the passengers to avoid the turmoil of a strike.

At the Berlin airports Tegel and Schönefeld has called on the trade Union Verdi, about 2000 ground services staff between 5.00 and 11.00 PM to work stoppages. To the bottom service Check include, for example,-in and baggage handling-but also the Briefing and Refuelling of the machines.

flight cancellations in Berlin

In Hamburg, to employees of the aircraft and baggage handling, Terminal-bus transportation, and cleaning services are on strike. The recusal shall be limited according to Verdi to the 4.00 PM start at the end of morning shift and in the course of the day are completed. The airport does not exclude the impact on air traffic, wants to keep as low as possible.

Air Berlin reported that around 60 flights to and from Berlin be. It could also come to further flight cancellations. Also, strong restrictions in the case of the baggage handling was to be expected. It is recommended to travel only with hand Luggage.

criticism of Verdi’s procedure

The airport Association ADV has called the Strikes to be inappropriate. “It is unacceptable that Verdi does not harm the airports as a public stage for the enforcement of their claims and the interests of the traveller completely fades out,” said ADV-chief Executive Ralph Beisel.

In the Video, such as Delayed flights These Airlines are the most unpunctual and press the compensation


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