Friday, February 3, 2017

Uber-chief Trumps Advisory body to leave because of U.S. entry to stop Sü


  • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has left a panel of advisors, the President Trump should inform about the impact of his policies on the economy.
  • The car service company was previously for workers and users in the criticism, because it had not distanced himself clearly enough from the recently imposed U.S. immigration stop.

in the Midst of the growing criticism of the immigration policy of U.S. President Donald Trump has cleared Uber-chief Travis Kalanick its place in one of trump’s Advisory committees. Kalanick was one of 16 business leaders who were invited to the President’s non-partisan Council, and to inform him about the impact of its policy. “The group should not mean to be a supporter of the President or his Agenda,” wrote Kalanick on Thursday in an E-Mail to his staff. “But, unfortunately, it was to be understood as exactly that, miss.”

Kalanick saw in the past few days, exposed to strong criticism, because he wanted to participate in for this Friday’s planned Meeting of the Advisory Council. For the company that gives online driver with a private car customers, a number of immigrants. You and many opponents Trumps protest against the decree for a temporary entry ban for citizens of seven Muslim countries and proposed Visa restrictions for foreign Employees.

Many Uber users were also outraged that the taxi company to the JFK airport in New York operated, while the Union of the New York taxi driver this – to Protest against the Trump imposed entry stop bestreikte. They saw it as an inappropriate attempt by Uber that the strike, in order to gain new customers.

Uber had spread after the strike via Twitter that it is suspending its pricing mechanism for the airport. The mechanism makes trips more expensive, if at a location of particularly high demand. Uber wanted to avoid with the Tweet under the impression that it verteure rides for protesters. But the message backfired, and instead, many users were only aware of that through the airport-operated, while others are taxi drivers went on strike. In the social networks with the Hashtag #deleteuber spread. Thousands of users deleted the Uber App from your phone, or invited the Competitor Lyft.

The decision could increase the pressure on other CEOs

The entry-decree’ve hurt a lot of people in all of America, wrote Uber CEO Kalanick in the Mail to the employees. “Families are separated, people stranded abroad, and the concern grows that the USA is no longer a place where immigrants are welcome.”

The decision by the Uber-bosses could now increase the pressure on other heads of companies that Trump has been invited to the regular exchange of information about economic issues. The office of the President said on Thursday night, Trump was the importance of an open Dialogue with business people to discuss how the United States could economically be made stronger. Uber has not been mentioned in the statement.

government circles that should attend the Meeting on Friday in addition to Kalanick, the chief of General Motors, IBM, Walt Disney, JPMorgan Chase and Blackstone. General Motors said that its chief will participate as planned in the Meeting on Friday. However, the Chairman of Walt Disney said, because of a long-planned Board meeting.

gap between Trump-government and technology companies is bigger

Kalanicks cancellation indicates a growing rift between the technology groups and the new government in Washington. Among the sharpest critics of trump’s entry-arrangement of Apple, Amazon and Netflix, whose heads do not belong to the discussion forum of the President. They argue that they were dependent on staff from all over the world to develop their products and services.

Microsoft said that it had suggested to Trump a program that would loosen the restrictions on admission. After that, people from the seven States concerned should be allowed in the United States for business or urgent family reasons, if you have a work or student visa and not have committed crimes. Microsoft is the first major US company, the government is pushing to relax the ban on the entry.

Facebook could be particularly strongly affected by trump’s plans. More than 15 percent of the U.S. employees of the network have used in the past year, a so-called H1B work visa for the highly skilled. Trump has announced that the H1B provisions exacerbate, how exactly is still unclear. He should make good on their threat, could Facebook be in trouble.

critics of the H1B program before the throw company, to replace high-skilled U.S. citizens by cheaper labour from abroad. Also, some countries of origin the program to see critical. They accuse the United States, in order to “Brain Drain” in their countries.


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