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EWE-chief stumbles over donation to Vladimir Klitschko manager-magazin.de

EWE-chief Matthias Brückmann is because of a dubious: The Manager is because of a doubt, the donation from the company assets of the five largest German energy supplier From


the EWE-chief Matthias brückmann: The Manager is because of a dubious liable to a donation from the corporate assets of the five largest German energy supplier before the

it was Only last November, the municipal power had decided supplier EWE its strategic realignment. Under his one year in office Chairman of the Board Matthias Brückmann in lower Saxony, Oldenburg-based company wanted to upgrade in ten years as the leading energy suppliers to the North of the Main line.

The devised strategy now may need to implement other than brückmann. Because the Supervisory Board in top of the fifth-largest energy supplier in Germany demands the dismissal of the CEO. “Mr brück man will leave his office until the meeting of the Supervisory Board of the company for the time being,” according to eder, energy supplier, on Tuesday. 22. February to decide the overseers on the future of the Manager. Previously, the “NordWest-Zeitung had reported.”

Brückmann is likely to be a controversial donation from 253.000 Euro’s downfall, which he has referred in the past year, on his own authority and without the permission of the Finance and audit Committee of the Supervisory Council of a Foundation of Ex – Boxing world champion Vladimir Klitschko of Ukraine after Kiev. The Prosecutor’s office in Oldenburg checks a criminal investigation on suspicion of infidelity.

The Manager has stated that it is now willing to pay the donation to the Foundation out of his own pocket, but nevertheless, convinced that the accounts of the EWE prompted the original payment was not legally objectionable.

The EWE-chief and Klitschko are considered to be good Acquaintances. For the donation Brückmann should have a PR visit to the Ex-Champions in Oldenburg, agreed, told the NordWest-Zeitung. According to the newspaper brückmann on the possible Klitschko should have a visit with the EWE Baskets, the Sponsor is EWE, as well as with the Lord mayor Jürgen Krogmann spoken. So you should enter Klitschko, among other things, the Golden book of the city. However, the Klitschko Management Group emphasizes to the donation, any conditions were attached.

It had occurred brückmann in his office as the great clean man. Donations are not likely to be as not according to the Lord of the manor of individuals can be assigned, he had said in the spring of 2016, the “NordWest-Zeitung”. “Every penny must correspond to the Constitution.”

In his well-Known to Klitschko saw the Brückmann obviously different, and sat thus on the EWE-over code of conduct. The makes it absolutely clear: “The granting of donations and Sponsoring contributions must be transparent. This means that the receiver and the use of the grant is known, tested and documented.”

Possibly, but that is not the only “Offense” of the Manager. In a appointed by the Supervisory Board opinion of an auditing firm should be charged against brückmann further allegations. What allegations it is remained until Tuesday evening, unclear.

The EWE for the year 2015, an operating profit of around 428 million euros on a turnover of almost eight billion euros. The bottom line loss of around EUR 9 million was caused mainly by depreciation and amortization and provisions for restructuring measures. The regional suppliers in the areas of telecommunications and IT has around 9000 employees.



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