Friday, February 3, 2017

Online retailer Amazon disappointed investors – FAZ – Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Seattle (Reuters) – The world’s largest Online retailer Amazon, the Christmas business was about as expected, investors reacted with disappointment. Revenues increased in the fourth quarter by 22 percent compared with the previous year to 43.7 billion dollars (40.6 billion Euro).

the company said on Thursday after US stock exchange conclusion. Thus, the turnover remained significantly below the forecasts of analysts. The shares fell after hours by four percent. In an annual comparison, the rate is still over 50 percent in the Plus.

But the Outlook for the current quarter missed the market expectations significantly. Amazon introduced a turnover between 33,25 and 35,75 billion dollars. The Online shopping giant, made it to the end of the year, a surprisingly high profit, could not stockbrokers appease for the time being. The rise in net Income in the final quarter of the year-on-year by 55 percent to 749 million dollars (696 million euros). Thus, the seventh quarter of the year was already achieved with black Numbers in a row.

throughout The past financial year, the turnover grew by 27 percent to 136 billion dollars. The profit increased from 596 million to $ 2.4 billion. The booming Cloud platform AWS was vigorously ringing the cash register. The highly profitable business with computing power from the network played in 2016 revenues of 12.2 billion dollars and the sales exceeded the target of ten billion.

headlines Amazon has made recently with a foray into the transportation market. On Tuesday, the group, the car already ran a – and Boeing had announced that operates in fleet, the construction of a cargo airport in the U.S. state of Kentucky. So Amazon is taking further measures to make themselves independent of the traditional delivery services such as UPS or FedEx.

in Addition, prepares the group’s Offensive in the stationary retail trade. In December, the first food opened up Amazon in Seattle for the use of the shopping with no cash registers and queues should work. Sensors allow the desired products to choose and then with an App on the Amazon account to be settled. Soon the only employees accessible supermarket for the General customers to open.


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