Saturday, February 11, 2017

“Schäuble is playing with fire” – MIRROR ONLINE

In the summer, Greece will have to pay seven billion euros, will be in need of new loans. Premier Tsipras defends itself against allegations from Germany – the Chancellor should call your Minister of Finance to order.

Prime Minister Tsipras


Prime Minister Tsipras

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has warned the International monetary Fund IMF and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU), to play in the Greek debt crisis, longer “with the fire”. At the opening of the party rally of his left-wing Syriza Tsipras said on Saturday that the positions of schäuble and the IMF for the current stalemate in the negotiations between Athens and its creditors in charge.

Tsipras demanded from Angela Merkel to call for Schäuble to order. “I would like to ask the Chancellor of the derogatory Remarks of Minister of Finance Schäuble against Greece, as well as references that the Greeks lived beyond their means, to stop,” said Tsipras.

“Who is playing with a ‘Eurozone’s two-speed’, with cleavage and division, is playing with fire,” said the head of the government. He could not imagine that it is in the sense of the (German) government was to send arsonist with matches in an ammunition warehouse.

Schaeuble had accused Greece lately to filibuster reform. “I don’t know what the Greek government thinks that it has done what it has so often obliged,” said Wolfgang Schäuble, about the end of January at a Meeting of Euro Finance Ministers. Schaeuble has accused Athens also to afford a higher standard of living than the country itself could generate. Without further reforms, “can’t you stay in the currency Union,” said Schaeuble.

Greece is threatened by Bankruptcy. In tough negotiations, the government wrestles with its international creditors to the current austerity and reform program. According to a special donor, with the Greek Minister of Finance, Euro group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem had talked about meeting on Friday evening, while “considerable progress” that could pave the way for further aid payments. Tsipras said on Saturday, however, not only Schäuble, but also the International monetary Fund (IMF), the willingness to find a solution.

In the summer of debt repayments by seven billion euros for Athens. This can only be settled when the 86-billion-Euro aid program will further payments be released. There has to be but since months of stalled negotiations with the international donors on the assessment of the Greek debt crisis and efforts to reform a breakthrough.


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