Saturday, February 4, 2017

Piëch is said to have testified against winter grain – THE WORLD

Bislang rail of the former circle of power in the VW group, the workup of the exhaust gas scandal together. Prayer mill-like all Participants repeated that the Manipulation of emission values by only a small group of engineers conceived of this was that Management had been surprised in the fall of 2015.

give a damn But now, apparently, all the former Supervisory Board chief Ferdinand Piëch. He’s supposed to charge, according to a report in the “mirror” of the previous group chief Martin Winterkorn is difficult. The magazine reported that the winter grain have learned, according to Piëch, significantly earlier than is added from the exhaust gas manipulation. Piëch had received, therefore, already “at the end of February of 2015 from a teller the note that VW have a big Problem in the United States, because the company manipulated with a Software, the exhaust-gas values”. Evidence would be forwarded to US authorities to VW. Piëch have raised winter grain, but the have him not be assured that such a paper existed. This is all to be given Piëch in a survey at the end of last year, at the Prosecutor’s office Protocol.

The statements of Piëch also the struggle for power at VW almost two years ago, in a new light. The then Supervisory Board should have to learn chef, in fact, already the end of February, 2015 of the manipulations, this could be the cause of this is that he allowed his former pupil to winter grain in April 2015 of a sudden fall. Previously regarded as self-evident, that winter grain change after his term at the latest, in the spring of 2017 to the top of the control panel and Piëch should inherit. After the public distancing Piëchs a power struggle, the first, winter grain by flared up in Wolfsburg. Piëch to the Supervisory Board on back, Winterkorn’s outstanding contract as Chairman of the Board should be extended.

he did not, however, because shortly before the exhaust gas manipulation was known, and the winter grain had to resign. It is unclear what might mean the statement of Piëch for him self. Eventually, he would admit that he was more than a half a year before known of diesel gate on the Manipulation. And the held at a time when he himself as Chairman of the Supervisory Board an important Post.


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