Friday, February 3, 2017

Uber CEO Kalanick can Trump sit – TIME ONLINE

this Friday should meet in the White house, a panel of advisors with 16 business leaders – but not any more: Travis Kalanick, the boss of the car service Uber. The Manager has to leave because of the immigration policy of U.S. President Donald Trump the Board.

“The group should not mean to be a supporter of the President or his Agenda,” wrote Kalanick in an E-Mail to his staff. “But, unfortunately, it was to be understood as exactly that, miss.” In addition to Kalanick, the CEO of General Electric, Jack Welch, and Tesla-founder Elon Musk, among the body. The group is intended to give the President non-partisan Council and the impact of its policy.

Kalanick saw in the last days of harsh criticism, because he wanted to cooperate with Trump and at the Meeting of the Board to participate, that is overwritten as a “strategy and policy forum”. In numerous immigrants to work as a driver. You and many opponents Trumps protest against the decree for a temporary ban on entry for citizens of seven Muslim countries and proposed visa restrictions for foreign Employees.

The decree’ve hurt a lot of people in the communities in all of America, wrote to Kalanick to the employees. “Families are separated, people stranded abroad, and the concern grows that the USA is no longer a place where immigrants are welcome.” He had spoken on Thursday with Trump on the adoption and impact, and the President of its withdrawal informed.

The decision by the Uber-bosses could increase the pressure on other heads of companies that Trump has been invited to the regular exchange of information about economic issues. General Motors said that its chief will participate as planned in the Meeting on Friday. However, Disney is said to be due to a Long-planned meeting of the own Board. Among the sharpest critics of trump’s entry-arrangement of Apple, Amazon and Netflix, whose heads do not belong to the discussion forum of the President. They argue that they were dependent on staff from all over the world to develop their products and services.

The President’s office announced on Thursday morning, Trump was the importance of an open Dialogue with business people to discuss how the United States could economically be made stronger. Uber did not mention the office of the President in the statement.

In the USA, a number of Tech companies is open against trump’s entry spell. Microsoft said that it had proposed to the President a program that would mitigate the entry restrictions. After that, people from the seven States concerned should be allowed in the United States for business or urgent family reasons, if you have a work or student visa and not have committed crimes. Microsoft is the first major US company, the government is pushing to loosen by a formal program, the entry ban. Against trump’s arrangement, the members from seven countries of the United States for a temporary period of time all of the refugees and the state, there are worldwide protests.


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