Saturday, February 4, 2017

The first major client sued VW

status: 05.02.2017 07:17 PM

In the Abgsaffäre must deal VW apparently a further claim. The fish manufactory German lake calls for a media report, according to the first German large-scale customer of the car manufacturer for damages in the amount of € 11.9 million.

The fish manufactory German lake is suing Volkswagen because of the exhaust manipulation in the case of diesel cars, apparently, to damages in the amount of € 11.9 million.

reported the “Bild am Sonntag”, submitted to the fish dealers on Friday a lawsuit against VW and its leasing subsidiary at the regional court of Braunschweig. The market leader for fresh fish and seafood in Germany, delivers his goods accordingly, with 500 VW leasing vehicles to customers.

head of the company Egbert Miebach had converted the fleet in 2010 on vehicles with “BlueMotion”diesel technology of VW, in order to make them more sustainable. After the manipulation of the nitrous oxide emissions feels the company “fraudulently deceived”, as the newspaper reported.

he Therefore call for a reversal of the leasing contracts – because the vehicles had defects, should VW will reimburse € 11.9 million for lease payments and maintenance costs. The German lake has approximately 1700 employees, the turnover was 372 million euros.

nationwide lawsuits currently single car owner in front of several courts because of the excessive nitrogen oxide values to rescission of the purchase or damages. Alone in front of the regional court of Braunschweig, more than 200 such cases are pending.

The consumer protection procedures specialized online platform, MyRight, which works with the U.S. firm’s home field, was the beginning of the year and the first pattern-action lawsuit. A financial compensation of customers in Europe, VW rejects, although demands are increasing for a similar comparison, such as in the United States. There, the billion group already-compensation payments.

About this theme reported by Germany radio on 05. February 2017 03:00 PM


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