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Car: car companies, and Employees fear to suppliers, Grammer – TIME ONLINE

Munich (dpa) – The automotive supplier Prevent touts in a company profile with the sentence: “The courage to go new ways, has accompanied us always.”

The VW group has cost the procedure of Prevent millions and the consequences of when shopping announced. Now Prevent owners want to take over the Power in the major Bavarian supplier Grammer and enable automakers and IG Metall, is in turmoil.

“This is a very critical Situation. All the car manufacturers are watching this with great concern,” says Stefan Bratzel from the car Institute CAM in Bergisch Gladbach. “All of the look exactly, whether an Investor incorporated, such as Prevent, more important suppliers, and so its pressure and blockade of potential will be greatly increased.” From the auto industry: “We are ready to go in the foot.” Risk Manager and now Task forces to make sure that the production does not stand still and, if necessary, Alternatives found.

the standstill of the bands was a disaster, says Bratzel – VW in August, 2016: In a dispute over money for a abgeblasenes project two Prevent-daughters had not provided transmission parts and seat covers and more Volkswagen. In Wolfsburg, the Golf could not be built in Emden, the Passat, with 28 000 employees had to pause. The lower Saxony Economics Minister Olaf Lies (SPD) spoke of “extortion”.

Bratzel says: “So what has been in the automotive industry, that suppliers take the production hostage to its demand to push through.” The failure to have cost VW a lot of millions and the reputation of the German car industry is harmed.

Grammer builds with 12 000 employees, dashboards, and seats for cars, trucks, tractors, buses, and trains. The biggest car customers: Volkswagen group, BMW and Daimler. With Daimler, Prevent quarrel because of canceled orders currently in Stuttgart before the court.

Prevent Nijaz Hastor and his sons Kenan and Damir. The Bosnian family of entrepreneurs took on more than 20 percent of their Grammer, and is now demanding to replace five of the six members of the Supervisory Board on the Shareholders by their own trust of people and Grammer-in-chief Hartmut Müller to replace. Reason: The leadership did not pay enough attention to profits.

The call look like a provocation, says Analyst Peter Roth Aicher of the Baader Bank. The Supervisory Board and the Board of management of Grammer, they rejected it strictly. After the company had been brought in the past few years, the effort finally to Success, were in this all together.

The exchange rate is on the rise – investors to speculate on share purchases by the Hastors on the one hand, and a “white knight” on the other hand, could secure the independence of Grammer. But shareholders such as employees fear that the auto companies pull orders from Grammer, if the Hastors take control.

The IG metal is on the barricades. In the case of Alno-kitchens and furniture manufacturers Wössner were cancelled after the entry of Prevent jobs. Frank Iwer, car expert at the IG Metall Board of management, says, Prevent risk, “to provide for short-term gain, the entire customer relations and the future of jobs and the company as a whole in question”.

In the workforce, “there is a piece of fear, and even anger,” says a trade unionist. The staff have brought in the restructuring of a considerable sacrifice, you would not be the fruit. The combat readiness level is high, is a clear message to all shareholders. The Bavarian Ig Metall head Juergen Wechsler said: “A possible hostile takeover attempt by the Hastor family, we will oppose as workers, therefore, vehemently.”

Grammer-company profile

Prevent group

Hastor Foundation


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