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The Supervisory Board engages Piëch –

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The VW has a Supervisory Board, rejected the allegations of Ex-Chairman of the Supervisory Board Piëch in sharp Form. His claim that the panel had already known in March 2015 from the diesel scandal, had already been far-fetched. You see claims against Piëch.

VW’s Supervisory Board has rejected accusations from Ex-Supervisory Board chief Ferdinand Piëch, demufolge, the panel already knew in March 2015 from the diesel scandal, sharp. In a statement, it was said that the Volkswagen Board of management will consider possible actions and claims against Piëch “carefully”. This could also be a criminal charge or claims for compensation against Japan.

had Previously reported the newspaper “Bild”that Piëch had not been burdened with the Supervisory Board difficult. Among other things, Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan to low Because and the works Council chief Bernd Osterloh already at the beginning of March 2015 – much earlier than previously known – from a Point on the exhaust gas manipulations in the United States. The Supervisory Board has declared that this accusation Piëchs is by no means new, but by him already in the spring of 2016. This presentation had been reviewed by the Anwaltsanzlei Jones Day in depth and in detail. “No-of-reference points for the accuracy of these statements, they were classified as having no credibility.”

Because: “presentation is simply wrong,”

lower Saxony’s Minister President and Volkswagen Supervisory Board, Stephan Weil explained to him the allegations Piëchs had for some months known. “They have been subjected to an independent audit and as a implausible rating. In fact, it has been in the spring of 2015 none of the information to me, Volkswagen take impermissible values influence on pollutant. I’m only on 19. September 2015. Any contrary representation is simply wrong.” Similar to the works Council chief Bernd Osterloh.

Piëch also affected winter grain

Recently, it was reported the “mirror”, Piëch had not been burdened with Ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn to the public Prosecutor’s office in Braunschweig. Piëch was, therefore, to have at the end of February 2015 a informant to the note that the car manufacturer exhaust-manipulate values and therefore a large Problem in the United States. Thus he had faced the winter grain. Winterkorn asserts, however, to have of the manipulation until the beginning of September 2015. He was short, entered after the news of the affair. The Brunswick prosecutors investigate him and other former and current managers on suspicion of fraud and market manipulation.

The 79-Year-old Piëch is a co-owner of Porsche and also a major shareholder of VW. He was until April 2015, many years of VW Supervisory Board chief and was considered the most powerful man in the Volkswagen. He resigned after an internal power struggle with the winter grain.

About this theme, reported the daily news on may 08. February 2017 to 20:00.


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