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Nord / LB assumes Bremer Landesbank BLB completely – for 262 million euros – SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Banner with BLB logo in Bremen

Because lazy boat loans Bremer Landesbank was in difficulty. Now she is completely taken over by the parent company Nord / LB – for 262 million euros

the North German Landesbank (Nord / LB) is the Bremer Landesbank (BLB) completely take over and thus resolve the capital problems at its subsidiary. This was announced by the three carriers of the BLB with late Wednesday. The state of Bremen holds 41 percent of the BLB – it pays the Nord / LB total of 262 million euros. Of these, 180 million euros cash benefits

The remaining 82 million euros arising from three major investments, which are extracted from the BLB and go to Bremen. It is the “harbor sensitive” Bremer Lagerhaus-Gesellschaft BLG and the housing companies and Gewoba BREBAU.

BLB CEO Stephan-Andreas Kaulvers and his deputy Heinrich Engelken have placed their posts available. The followers are to be determined at an extraordinary board meeting in a few weeks.

“With the result we are satisfied. But I will not deny that this is a loss for Bremen,” said Bremen’s Senator of Finance Karoline Linnert (Green ). Nord / LB CEO Gunter Dunkel spoke of a difficult but acceptable result.

Why BLB ran into difficulties

In the BLB 1000 employees employed at the Bremen and Oldenburg. It should be subject to job cuts. How much and in what areas is still open. Lower Saxony Finance Minister Peter-Jürgen Schneider (SPD) had said months ago that probably ten per cent of the bodies were on the brink

In early June the list at the BLB became public. Had the European Central German from the second smallest Landesbank requires a significantly higher risk provisions for ship loans. By thus necessary provisions a loss of 350 to 400 million euros at the bank by the end awaits.

But the BLB could not lift the, the chronically strapped budget emergency state of Bremen closed mainly because of state aid hurdles own capital injection out. NordLB declared early to step in. The price of this readiness is now taking over.

The half-year figures BLB

Immediately after agreement laid the BLB their semiannual financial statement before the expected deep in the red auswies. The first six months of this year, she finished with a loss of 384 million euros after tax. For the first time as BLB from losses. In the first half of 2015, the Bank Reuters

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Carmakers increasingly under pressure: Australian authority sued Volkswagen – Handelsblatt


Volkswagen sees itself with numerous lawsuits and billions in damages confronted

(Photo: AP)

Sydney / Nashville In the exhaust scandal threatens Volkswagen (VW) further trouble. The Australian Consumer Agency ACCC has filed a lawsuit against the Wolfsburg-based group claims to be of Thursday. It complains that the automaker to have sold in the past five years more than 57,000 vehicles with a cheating software.

Volkswagen had admitted manipulating emission levels in the world eleven million diesel cars in September, 2015. An illegal shutdown ensures that the car exhaust emission limits adhere only to the test, but not on the street.

VW board IG Metall wants 2017 three women in body send

The Group is facing numerous lawsuits and billions in damages. The Lower Saxony had agreed in June with US authorities and private plaintiffs to one to 15.3 billion dollar compared to settle the gas scandal.

At the same time in Great Britain demanded a parliamentary environment committee of the government harder against VW proceed. However, the demands of the committee are not binding on the London politicians who have to decide on measures against Europe’s largest carmaker in the diesel gate affair.


Online shopping: Amazon brings the “Dash” button to Germany – FOCUS Online

Wednesday, 08.31.2016, 22:23
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online shopping is easier will. Push the button in the future. At least with Amazon: The shipping giant leads in Germany the so-called Dash button. But there are also critics.

The online retailer giant Amazon wants to revolutionize shopping again. Since Wednesday is also available in the Germany, the so-called “Dash buttons” – small devices that consist essentially of a button. A pressure on them is enough to buy a fixed in advance by app product. The “Dash” can be executed directly adhered where consumables are running low; about the washing machine, to reorder a finger movement new washing powder can. Amazon Prime customers will then receive their order the next day free of charge.

This online shopping is so undigital and simultaneously as easy as never before. And that’s probably the plan of the retail giant: To date, should reduce the number of Germans who order products online everyday, be rather small. That is about to change. To start the system Amazon Dash offers different products and manufacturers for 32nd Approximately for dishwashing, animal feed, coffee, razors or even condoms. The buttons cost 4.99 euros each – but the price to be paid for the first order

Amazon tries in series-business, innovative ways to go.. won Which star of the shipping giant for his latest project, learn Report Clipfish

However, also already first critic and warning voices to speak. For example, caution is necessary because the current price of the goods ordered are not visible until after the actual order process in the corresponding smartphone app. Also put one heavily on a product of a particular manufacturer fixed. Another issue is – again – Privacy. So said Boris Hedde the Institute for Trade Research NDR, Amazon go there primarily to data recovery.

“Get closer to the customer than it is now no more. Amazon gets the daily focus, resulting in a need. That is, speaking in the future it may be that Amazon already sets me goods out the door before I ordered it at all, “Hedde said. With regard to another issue, Amazon has after all taken precautions: click lock end children or pets are likely to ruin any Dash users. Supposedly only an order is received respectively – open the order channel is then again when the delivery reaches the customer

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IFA 2016: Samsung unveils Gear S3 ago – SPIEGEL ONLINE

When it comes to smartwatches, one imagines at Samsung an on fat profits. The market for the wrist computer will grow significantly in the coming years, says a manager of the company, as he shows off in Berlin journalists the new models. Later this year, the market will make a leap to 2017 even doubled.

It is possible that he as a little considered current market forecasts through rose-colored glasses, but also the experts of the market research firm Gartner expect that smartwatches down in popularity. According to their calculations, 2015 40.3 million of such devices have been sold, for 2016 they expect 60.4 and 2017 66.3 millions. According to Gartner, the manufacturers will then make $ 11.5 billion in revenue this year.

Of these billions would Samsung of course as many earn itself. Therefore, the Group provides on the Ifa in Berlin his new Gear S3 in two different versions. On the one hand there is the model Classic, which, as the name suggests, like a classical wristwatch to act. With a diameter of 46 millimeters this is quite large but chunky watches are in. Its counterpart, the Gear is S3 Frontier that occurs much martial, robust and somewhat clumsy acts.

technology Gemini

But these are only appearances. Otherwise, the two versions of the new Samsung SmartWatch are technically identical. They have a 1.3 inch small round display, 360 x 360 pixel represents. They are powered by a small dual-core processor and are waterproof and dustproof. Models with eSim for mobile Internet and phone service there is not, the gear S3 is everything takes place online, rely on the pair with a mobile phone. And the phone has to be a Samsung device, on competitive products is not running the app.

As in previous models, uses Samsung on the Gear S3 operating system Tizen instead of more popular in the industry Android Wear from Google. No wonder then that the Gear S3 when you first try in a Berlin hotel is very reminiscent of the Gear S2, which operates with the same software.

A ring …

the core element is again the ring around the display. By turning to him to choose from various menu items and can call functions. This works well and is reminiscent of the principle of the rotating bezel to the Apple Watch. Both system are designed to be kept free to look at the small screen, which would otherwise be blocked by fingers. to tap entirely without the touchscreen, but you will also not clear (see photo gallery).

Very much new has not to offer the SmartWatch course. A GPS receiver enables a new emergency call function. If you tap three times quickly on the display, the device sends an emergency message including GPS coordinates to a preset contact. Besides the usual sensors and a barometric altimeter also incorporated. Especially in mountain tours can be useful, for example, to anticipate a worsening of the weather by falling air pressure.

The old will stay

Less plastic, for for everyday use, the new always-on display, which now also at rest displays the time with full-color dials. That is almost like a real clock: No matter how and when that time you can always read. At least if you have thought to charge the battery, but to hold three to four days.

Ultimately Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier are therefore only moderately improved upgrade their S2 predecessors. A little bit better, a bit bigger, with a new design. It is no wonder that Samsung’s previous models of Gear-S2 series also in the program reserves as the more optimized on Fitness Gear Functions Fit 2, from now on, however, at reduced prices.

The previous model: Gear S2


Amazon Dash – With the order button Amazon pet must never be hungry – Sü

detergent, printer ink, animal feed: With “Dash”, an order button to stick, are now also German customers order more on Amazon. The resourceful pet can even order feeding stocks.

The supply of mouthwash includes a few Drops. The color printer spits out funny strips, because it lacks the ink. And the guinea pigs have to settle for an emergency ration, because the feed is low. There are those moments when the Dash button to help: a button with which you can order supplies of a product that you need regularly

Since Wednesday the online retailer Amazon offers those buttons in this country for. Prime customers, as for detergents, cosmetics or animal feeds. A few dozen producers have; it is mainly large branded companies. Delivery is by mail, on Amazon systems.

The Dash button looks like a doorbell, which is connected to the Internet. Does the customer, the dealer knows what goods he will deliver wherever. The price the customer sees only when the confirmation on the smartphone arrives. This is precisely where critics: the customer lacks the price comparison, the more of such controls there. In the US, the buttons are already available for over a year. Amazon posted two button orders per minute


the button is only an interim solution

But that’s a lot for a country like the US? The research firm Slice Intelligence According to every second Dash button-owner has pushed the button even once. Nevertheless, manufacturers are willing zuzuschießen up to $ 15 for each new button with which their product can be ordered. The reports the Wall Street Journal .

They want the new distribution apparently try. In Germany, customers will pay just under five euros if they buy a Dash button. they get the money back but if they really order a product.

Of course, the knob is only an interim solution. In the long term, the printer even noticing that he runs out of ink, and reorder themselves. This function tests Amazon since Wednesday on first printers, washing machines and dishwashers.

What to do when the pet itself ordered all food supplies?

This is a further attack on the shop around the corner, where you might have bought the ink cartridge or the washing powder, if there were no Dash button. Since only

Speaking of guinea pig, the question remains as to when even the domestic guinea pigs will be ready to order his own food. Amazon always worked only one order per button. Replenishment there only when the product is delivered. Customers can cancel in time if your child or pet has appointed times accidentally hundred Pullen mouthwash


Amazon and the return of librarians

Jeff Bezos has many bookstores on its conscience. Now opened the Amazon boss himself which – with an unusual concept. A visit. By Jürgen Schmieder more …


Amazon: What the “Dash” button Amazon bring – WirtschaftsWoche

In Germany, customers can order by pressing a button at Amazon future. For the user brings the comforts for Amazon “Dash” an important step could be to fully automated delivery back.

The world’s largest online retailer Amazon brings its “Dash” -Bestellknöpfe with which consumables can be reordered, to Germany. The small devices that look like a doorbell with Brand Label can be acquired since Wednesday as Amazon announced.

The idea is that customers attach it to a suitable location in their budget – for example, directly to the washing machine – and then can press when they run out individual daily consumer goods. This order is thereby triggered with just one click

The Dash buttons sold Amazon for 4,99 € -. Which are credited on first purchase with them. To start marks are “dozens” it said Amazon manager Amir Pelleg. On the website, there are currently 20 different ordering buttons.

Amazon Dash: These products are available in Germany at your fingertips

  • organic products

    cornflakes ., agave syrup or millet: This can be ordered with the Dash button of Bio-Zentrale

  • labels

    also, for the office, there is a matching Dash button. Namely, the for labels of the brand Herma

  • facial

    products such as the wrinkle Expert -3-D-Hyaluron activator or the high-performance anti-aging night cream No. . 110 can be delivered to the push of the Diadermine Dash

  • hair removal

    in some places on the body, the hair is to be maintained (for there is the Schwarzkopf button), elsewhere one fights with the hair removal. . Again, there are the appropriate buttons: the brands Gillette and Veet products can also be ordered through Amazon Dash buttons

  • hair care

    From Schauma 7 herbal shampoo to got-2-B-styling paste (matte, . for the surfer look) you can stock over the matching Dash button with hair care products Schwarzkopf

  • coffee

    Whether or Lungo Intensivo: with the Dash button of Caffè Vergnano 1882 coffee supplies at your fingertips on the way.

  • dough

    Yes, plasticine there also. You should probably better to hang this button somewhere out of reach of children’s hands. Or be director of a kindergarten. . Otherwise you might soon have more Play-Doh-Glitter Plasticine, than you’d like

  • condoms

    also, condoms and lube from Durex can buy an Amazon button.

  • garbage bags

    Even trash bags are easy to order: By Brabantia button ., with which you can also purchase the same garbage bag dispenser

  • handkerchiefs

    For allergic and excessive love schmaltz-gazers, it is particularly good news. Kleenex there also purchased a Dash

  • animal feed

    also, animal feed there at your fingertips. . Own Dash buttons there each Eukanuba, Whiskas, Dreamies and Pedigree

  • toilet paper

    Yes, this button glued myself to the bathroom. In addition to home fragrance. . Then, the supply of moist toilet paper brand Cottonelle also not clear from

  • washing

    the path to the drug store around the corner is the owner of Ariel Dash saves: For 4.99 there for new detergent button. Also Persil fans can order their detergent by pressing a button

  • .

    also toothbrush heads and toothpaste Oral-B there by pushing the Amazon Dash button.

Quite unexpectedly came the start not in Germany. Since the end of July users could in the Amazon App in Germany under the rider decide “notifications” if they want to receive notifications when orders over Dash buttons are placed.

In the US, Amazon introduced the buttons one in spring 2015, there 150 brands are now represented. In the past two months, the order would have tripled over the Dash buttons in the US, Pelleg said. “Currently we see two orders per minute.” The brands have urged Amazon to expand more rapidly internationally.

Jeff Bezos is working on the realization of his dream: to a group that knows no boundaries. Amazon is a company in the state of permanent revolution.

As Germany with a share of eleven percent of the most important foreign market for Amazon, it is not surprising that Germany is one of the first foreign markets, where attempts Amazon Dash. In the US household products made of paper, detergents and beverages are among the most frequently ordered goods.

Mabel McLean, with the US management consultancy L2 responsible for Amazon, has studied the effects of Dash buttons in the US: “Five of the ten top household products on Amazon are among brands that are part of Dash- program, “she says. Among the top 100, there are at least 35 percent. “This suggests that the Dash Buttons boost sales for brands.” But also speak, that are looking more and more brands for the Dash program.

Thanks to Amazon and Co. is any desired goods only a few clicks away. But it should go even faster and easier. At this the retail giant and its competitors operate. Technologies that are transforming our shopping.

Among Henkel. The Duesseldorf company has since the end of June in the US in Dash program, among others with the brands Persil and Schwarzkopf. On request stated a company spokesperson: “So far we are pleased with the development. Our Dash buttons are in the United States the most successful in their respective categories. “Exact sales figures they did not call. In Germany, Henkel tried with the order buttons.

Whether the buttons will prevail? Despite the good numbers in the US – on the mass market Dash has not arrived yet, says Marc Elevator, CEO of Factor-A, a company advising the producers in their activities on Amazon. To date, there is in the United States, only a small number of “early adopters” who ventured to the new order medium. “Nevertheless, the button for Amazon is already a very powerful tool, especially as customer loyalty is concerned.”


German bank Commerzbank and speak in secret meetings on merger – THE WORLD

It’s no secret: The German bank and its small rival Commerzbank have tons of problems. At Deutsche Bank, a large number of contaminated sites pushes the profit in earlier unimaginable way. The business is not going smoothly in both. They desperately seek a way

The top managers of the problem houses had an idea:. A merger, a merger of two local top players. “Yes, there were talks”, confirm financial circles a report of the magazine “Bilanz” enclosed with the Friday edition of the “world”. “However, without result.”

This does not mean that the idea is completely off the table. Postponed is not necessarily canceled. First, however, done nothing, they say. Reasons for this could be many: Firstly, there is the question of the business sense by a merger of German and Commerzbank. Both have huge domestic activities. The could be folded together. In a next step, but it was precisely in the domestic market of thousands of digits are deleted.

A merger changes in the capital lack nothing

Politically this is a potential problem: the federal government is at the Commerzbank involved. If just these Bank with the blessing of black, red and announce a big job cuts a year before the next parliamentary elections, likely not appeal to everyone.

Of not to mention would be a merger would not solve the equity problem of both big banks. Both houses are not blessed with abundant capital. In both cases, there is speculation over again about the possibility of capital increases. Even the question of whether the German bank needs government support is discussed in Berlin. A merger would not change the lack of capital.

As an alternative it would also be an option to separate the various business units of the banks first and then to two completely new money worldwide reassemble. What sounds impressive on paper, is difficult in practice. And in this case arises even more urgently the question of where the capital markets business of Deutsche Bank then should get its funding.

The workforce reduction is just beginning

On a bench conference in Frankfurt gave himself German Bank CEO John Cryan then quite reserved towards this idea: “No, we do not look for partners in the German market,” said the Briton. “We are just trying to be less.” And his Commerzbank-mate Martin Zielke put it somewhat flapsiger: “. We know, like us – I think”

“Record” According to have the top secret talks between the bankers in early August received, meticulously prepared by the staff positions. At Deutsche Bank accordingly directed the former Goldman Sachs banker Marcus Schenck negotiations. In consultation with Reserve Chairman Cryan and the Supervisory Board Chairman Paul Achleitner. At Commerzbank turn already Zielke’s predecessor Martin Blessing met initial preparations.

An option is the merger – in whatever form – sure. Despite the termination of the talks. Especially the German Bank currently has but obviously a lot to do with the elimination of existing contaminated sites. Still, the bank performs thousands processes. Still have their costs at a much too high a level. The workforce reduction begins now in earnest.

is a success not guaranteed

Even more important: Especially is not yet clear what kind of bank the German Bank will be in the future. An international bank, the German and European customers accompanied to anywhere in the world with specialty products?

Or a major German bank with the home market of Germany firmly in mind? What after a deal with Commerzbank they would possibly.

One thing is likely Shareholders have learned: A success is not positively guaranteed if the German bank is incorporated another German money house. See Postbank. She wants the German largest bank just resell.

Readers are hidden.

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Whistleblower: squeal worth – Handelsblatt


A former employee had uncovered fraud in the seed company

(Photo: Reuters)

New York If you turn up grievances in their own company, makes itself so often by his colleagues and especially the superiors disliked. That’s one of the reasons that authorities often difficult to do with the investigation of wrongdoing.

In 2011, the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has therefore launched a program, can get high rewards for the whistleblower. This is possible also anonymous to protect employees against retaliation. The are prohibited but nevertheless come again and again.

In this project the SEC has now paid a former employee of the seed company Monsanto for uncovering maladministration $ 22 million. It was the second highest reward of the SEC so far – the highest was in 2014 at 30 million. So far a total of 107 million dollars were paid to 33 informants. but the best paid whistleblower remains of former banker Bradley Birkenfeld. He got from the IRS in 2012 about 104 million dollars for his services: Birkenfeld had exposed how the Swiss bank UBS rich Americans had helped in tax evasion.

The seed company Monsanto

  • US company Monsanto is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of – often genetically modified – seeds and herbicides.

  • the company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, is one of the 500 largest publicly traded in the US and most recently put around 15 billion US dollars (about 13 billion euros). Here Monsanto posted a surplus of 2.3 billion dollars.

  • Worldwide, the company claims to nearly 21,200 people, almost half of them in the US. The seed has operations in 66 countries – including Germany.

  • Monsanto called sustainable agriculture as a “core concern”, but most vigorously by environmental organizations among others for the production of genetically modified seeds criticized

    source:. dpa

In the announced would case had the former Monsanto managers, the authorities pointed out that Monsanto had lied about the cost of a discount program for the weedkiller Roundup, informed the SEC. Because of manipulation were not in the income information of the Group for 2009 by 2011.

Since inception of the program, the SEC has received 14,000 tips from all US states and 95 other countries – and rising. Some 500 million dollars to fines, the securities regulatory characterized taken what she had referred 346 million to damaged investors.

losses in the financial crisis veiled “whistleblower” gives German banking million

Eric Ben-Artzi has shortcomings in the accounting uncovered at Deutsche Bank. On the high premium of his ex-employer waived the mathematician -. And raises serious allegations against former supervisors more …

Employees often turn first to their bosses if they detect irregularities. However, this can cause exposed to reprisals if the respective managers do not share their view. Attorney Jordan Thomas of the Registry Labatan Sucharow in New York therefore advises caution: it is often better to anonymously contact the authorities.

Working Contractual arrangements vs. SEC regulations

Thomas’ opinion, contradict some contractual arrangements, such as in the banking giant Wells Fargo, the provisions of the SEC. the rules allegedly are tantamount, employees complicate accepting rewards of supervision

A former employee of Wells Fargo claims to have been fired in 2014 because he had uncovered maladministration in the real estate lending. The bank denies this. A former employee of Deutsche Bank has waived recently to his reward. He wants to draw attention to the fact that for the maladministration responsible – in the case concerned, it is a problematic accounting of derivatives -. Have not received any penalties

The rewards for whistleblowers be between ten and 30 percent of punitive sums cashed the SEC, provided they exceed the amount of one million dollars. The distributions will be financed from its own funds, which is filled with fines for violations of securities laws.


Labor market: unemployment rate rises slightly in August – SPIEGEL ONLINE

  job Center in  Sangerhausen (Sachsen-Anhalt)
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Job Center in Sangerhausen (Sachsen-Anhalt)

in August 2.684 million people were unemployed in Germany – something even more than in July. In comparison, the balance is still positive.


the number of unemployed in Germany rose to 2.684 million in August to 23,000. That’s 111,000 less than a year ago, as the Federal Employment Agency (BA) has announced that, and the lowest number in 25 years. The unemployment rate rose by 0.1 points to 6.1 percent.

Because of the holiday season the number of unemployed increases regularly slightly in July and August. Many graduates login mid temporarily unemployed, and many businesses are waiting with new hires until after the holidays. Compared to previous years, however, the development is the SA According better: On average the past three years the number of unemployed rose in August by 28,000.

“The overall labor market has continued to develop well. Unemployment has risen seasonally in August, seasonally adjusted but declined,” said BA chief Frank-Jürgen Weise. Demand for labor is still high, which proves to employment and the number of registered vacancies

After seasonal adjustment -. Ie after adjusting for seasonal influences – in August were thus 2.675 million people in Germany without work. Thus, the number of unemployed decreased compared to July at 7000. In West Germany, the number back to 1000, in the East by 6000. In addition, in August 685.000 jobs in BA were registered, 89,000 more than a year ago.

the official number is, however, not the actual size of unemployment again. Thus, if you count as unemployed in employment measures or incapacitated Diseased, in August 3.577 million people without jobs have been. These so-called underemployment rose in August, but lower, by around 7000 compared with the previous month.

fdi / dpa

 a total of 25 posts

If the number doubled to get the actual number of unemployed people in Germany probably a little closer.
 It pays a lot easier when you can so some also expected.

When. The number doubled to get the actual number of unemployed people in Germany probably closer
 It pays a lot easier when you can so some also expected.

What a statistic? I would be interested even know who is dependent on benefits, how many millions are really, who can no longer survive without or with work without State aid?

What a statistic? I would be interested even know who is dependent on benefits, how many millions are really, who can no longer survive without or with work without State aid?

Only times as an inspiration, I would be even a comparison of the methods for calculating the unemployment rate in Germany interested in other major economies – maybe with some explanations. Perhaps [...]

Only times as an inspiration, I would be even a comparison of the methods for calculating the unemployment rate in Germany interested in other major economies – maybe with some explanations. Perhaps SPON can to indeed times to publish an article?

… meaningful as an overturned potato sack in China!
 What would be much more interesting, is how many people Hartz IV refer and then split in the forms of employment and the expected later [...]

… meaningful as an overturned potato sack in China!
 What would be much more interesting, is how many people Hartz IV refer and then split in the forms of employment and the later expected pensions!
 DAS is namely what really counts!
 From unemployment falling same all “employees” out. No matter are (1 ?? job training, contract and temporary workers) which these people “busy”.
 What all believe, is why so many refugees should attend “integration courses” as quickly as possible?
 It’s all about the “beautifying” a lie .. sorry .. a statistic! ; -)

 Well, there’s an internationally comparable calculation method (ILO).
 It should be noted that after the [...]

Posted by Nick Selter Only times as an inspiration, I would be even a comparison of the methods for calculating the unemployment rate in Germany interested in other major economies – maybe with some explanations. Perhaps SPON can to indeed times to publish an article?

Well, there’s an internationally comparable calculation method (ILO). is important to note that according to the international ILO method for Germany only one AL-quota of 4 , 2% is reported. The figures from the Federal Employment Agency correspond probably feel the reality – the wise yes currently an AL-quota of 6.3%

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Labor market: share of permanent workers decreases – ZEIT ONLINE

While the number of employed people has risen in Germany over the past 20 years, the proportion of permanent employees in the same period dropped significantly. In 2015 there was in Germany 33.5 million persons in employment – 2.5 million more than in 1995, it said in a response to the federal government on a request of the Left Group, from the Rheinische Post quoted. The share of Regular Full Time employees had fallen but in these 20 years of 74 percent to only 68 percent.

An even more significant development there was in the group of employed persons without a German passport. Of them, there were in 1995 a total of 2.8 million. By 2015 the number had risen to 3.7 million. However, despite the increase in total the proportion of permanent employees has declined. 20 years ago, had still been 74 percent – in 2015, the share came in at 56 percent.

The union spokesperson of the Left Party, Jutta Krellmann evaluates that development as evidence of a “colossal failed integration policy”. A secure, standard wages and co-determined work was still for many workers – with or without a German passport – an impossible dream, Krellmann said the Rheinische Post .

especially affected by precarious jobs are the figures showed young professionals. Only about two-thirds of the workforce under 25 years are therefore in a permanent employment relationship. 20 years ago this proportion was higher at 81 percent.


German Bank Denies Interest: fusion fantasies push to Coba shares – NEWS



 Wednesday, 31 August 2016


 Plays the German bank with the idea to merge with Commerzbank? According to one media report there are such considerations, the share prices of both titles attract then. However, German Bank CEO Cryan probably other plans.



The German bank has, according to a magazine report internally engaged in a merger with Commerzbank. “The reasoning was theoretically and therefore in a very early stage,” reported the “Manager Magazin” without giving sources. “Whether they are resumed, is unclear.” Internally, the idea would only a “very small given chance of realizing” it said in the report.

The report was the rise Commerzbank shares by more than four percent to 6.40 euros. German bank securities rose by as much as 2.8 percent. German Bank and Commerzbank are listed on the Stock Exchange, near their historic lows. The price reaction see “all the despair in German banking,” said one trader. However, the rates also benefited from a strong European banking sector, which grew by 1.5 percent. Background are the good sector templates from Wall Street. The sector benefited from speculation of an early rate hike in the US.

More about

In the report on the merger intentions but quickly followed by the disclaimer: For the head of Deutsche Bank John Cryan, a merger of the two largest financial institutions is not an option. “I think not,” the Briton said when asked about a possible merger with Commerzbank. “We want the German bank actually make smaller and simpler.” The German bank is currently trying to separate from the Postbank – so far in vain. CFO Marcus Schenck has plans pushed on the back burner because Postbank would currently sell only at a loss.

Cryan said at the conference “Banks in Transition”, in Germany, should rather unite smaller houses. There are too many banks in this country, because it never came to a large merger wave.



Ceta: About 125,000 citizens sue in Karlsruhe against FTAs ​​- ABC Online

Wednesday, 08.31.2016, 07:07
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An alliance against the FTA Ceta ranges on Wednesday (10:45), the biggest civil action before the Federal Constitutional court. More than 125,000 people have joined.

The good 70 boxes with their powers were transported by truck to Karlsruhe and are passed along with the application to the court will. Behind the action are the organizations Food Watch, Campact and the club more democracy. Per urgent application, the initiators want to prevent Ceta is explained with the planned for the end of October for signing provisionally applicable. elaborated the action has the Cologne law professor Bernhard Kempen.

It is the fifth constitutional complaint, which is directed against the soon-to signing agreements between the EU and Canada. On Saturday a 70-year-old woman from NRW had filed a lawsuit against Ceta with over 68,000 supporters in Karlsruhe

Food Watch against constitutional challenge. Ceta is TTIP through the back door

The swan song of SPD leader Sigmar Gabriel on the planned FTA TTIP between the EU and the USA is nothing but tactics consumer organization Food Watch believes. “Many explained TTIP only therefore dead to push through Ceta,” said Food Watch economist Lena Blanken in Karlsruhe. But that standing before signing agreements between the EU and Canada mean “not less than TTIP through the back door”.

Federal Minister Gabriel had TTIP “failed de facto” at the weekend declared but Ceta defended. His SPD will define its position on Ceta on a party convention on September 19.

Blanken called the two agreements “twins in spirit”. Also Ceta will have a negative impact on the environment and consumer protection. The influence of parliaments would decrease the rise of corporations

In the video:. Tension in the grand coalition – Merkel is to be towed over Gabriel

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

economy | Less business tax revenue by VW: Städtebund calls aids – IMAGE

BERLIN / WOLFSBURG (AFX) – The Federation of Municipal Authorities has additional financial assistance for municipalities, which saw the business tax revenue because of the VW & lt; VOW3.ETR & gt; -Abgaskrise slumped. The federal states should consider to support these communities on the municipal financial equalization addition additionally, said Deputy General Manager of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities, Uwe Zimmermann, the German Press Agency in Berlin. “We can not drop these cities under water.”

The wegbrechenden revenues from the business tax by the exhaust scandal had for the affected communities a “serious blow” Zimmermann said. The cities have indeed benefited in the good VW times from trade tax. Now, the loss of revenue but would have a massive impact

The exhaust lt scandal at Volkswagen &;. VOW3.ETR & gt; increases the cost of the daily lives of people in many German VW locations in the level. Because of the massive slump in business tax turn affected towns like Wolfsburg, Braunschweig and Weissach in Baden-Württemberg partly violently to their charges screws as a nationwide survey of the German press agency had surrendered. The illustrative list of austerity measures is long. It ranges from higher costs for child care, parking, tombs, baths or the dog tax on Painted posts in the administration to cuts in cultural funding

Volkswagen was as a result of exhaust scandal had plunged into a serious crisis and 2015 posted its highest ever loss the Group’s history.


Savings: Who has too much money in the account, to pay soon – THE WORLD

In times of low interest banks for new business models. Exchange premium and free accounts with which the competition was fueled by private customers, the banks can afford less and less.

company in East Germany now face first Receivables from negative interest rates at financial institutions exposed. Individual savings banks negotiated with major customers on “Verwahrentgelte” of 0.4 percent, said Wolfgang Zender, General Manager of the East German Savings Bank Association on Tuesday in Berlin.

These institutions could be but counted on two hands. He expressed the hope “that all preserve the nerves,” Zender said. The ordinary savings bank customer need not fear negative interest as association president Michael Ermrich assured. “We know that many of our customers have little money, and therefore not is the issue here.”

Many savers do not know, given the low interest rates, as they their money to invest, such as when a savings is due Zender said. “The money is almost exclusively still parked on money market accounts.” The association complained that new “unrealistic” rules inhibited the assignment of private property loans. The number of commitments had declined significantly.

The savings banks thus follow the advance of Raiffeisenbank Tegernsee. This demanded as one of the first of rich client money for when they stash more than 100,000 euros in the account. Only the leaders of Skatbank from Thuringia, also a cooperative bank have, this daring yet. They had 2014 negative interest introduced, but only starting amounts of EUR 500,000

The reason for the change. The European Central Bank (ECB) has the base rate to reduced to zero and demands penalty interest of money worldwide, the park overnight money with her. This can erode the margins, in Germany especially, says analyst Katharina Barten by the rating agency Moody’s. That the first banks to abandon the low culture and reintroduce account fees, change the basic problem nothing: “A banking system that has always been weaker in the margins than others, of course, is under particular pressure to maintain a critical level in the return.”

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France wants to end TTIP –

It is close to the transatlantic FTA TTIP. Particularly critical look at the Frenchman the project. The government wants to ask the European Commission to stop the negotiations with Washington.

France makes steam. Long it annoys the French Government and also the president how to run the TTIP negotiations. François Hollande was therefore very clear words. “The negotiations are deadlocked, the positions were not respected, and there’s an obvious imbalance,” said he in a speech to the assembled ambassadors who represented France in the world. Hollande’s message was clear: “. The negotiations will probably not be completed by the end”

Even more clearly than Hollande in charge of the Foreign Trade Secretary Mathias Fekl had previously become: “The Americans move a millimeter, they throw us more than crumbs. ” A crumb tactic that no longer wants to accept at least France. “France considers that these negotiations must be stopped, and that there should be no more meetings between the negotiators,” said Fekl


EU should negotiations stop

And Fekl it means very serious about it. For some time the French criticize the behavior of their American interlocutors, but now Fekl has announced that he will ask the European Commission to stop the negotiations: “I will request the meeting of EU industry ministers in late September in Brativslava on behalf of France that the negotiations will not continue. “

France has enough. Long in charge of TTIP State is the agreement over critical. In May Fekl said in an exclusive interview to the ARD Studio Paris: “The Americans have no region accepted to open and respond to the European proposals.”

class = “subtitle small”> criticism of arbitration courts and lack of transparency

the lack of transparency is the French just an eyesore as the refusal that even small and medium sized enterprises from Europe access can get to US markets. What good TTIP if benefit only the Americans? Another problem: The proposed arbitration in commercial disputes. Europe wants a Commercial Court, the United States do not want that.

“We would like that this is a multilateral Court found that there are no private courts but public courts with public judges who be paid for by public money, “said Fekl. “That is, they are independent. The USA do not want to discuss it, that’s their right, but it is also our right to draw the consequences if it continues.”

As it stands, it goes on much longer. Within the Socialist Party TTIP is already a red flag. Former Economy Minister Arnaud Montebourg called the planned negotiating stop as “great thing”.

power TTIP without France sense?

Although could EU Commission continue to negotiate, it has to the mandate; but if gets out the second largest European economy from the negotiations with France, the question of meaning of this agreement will provide more clear

State Fekl Beginning in May very skeptical. “I do not think absolutely that there will be this year an agreement that something will be signed. ” And what will be next year, can anyway no say. For then there is a new president or a president in the United States, and there are elections in Germany and France


Apple in Ireland: 50 euros in taxes for a million euros profit – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Little time? End of the text there’s a summary.

So now Apple: The EU Commission in their fight against against tax breaks for big corporations against Ireland, thereby integrating the iPhone maker from California to. Unlike other companies it is in this case a lot of money: Up to 13 billion euros Apple has thus saved by Conning, the Irish Government should from recovering the money now

This is based Margrethe Vestager.. The EU Competition Commissioner takes the big corporations before: After Starbucks, Fiat Chrysler, soon probably McDonald’s, the Dane now dares the attack against the powerful US group

Why is the EU. -Commission against Apple before?

More than two years has the Commission examined whether the Irish government Apple treated for tax purposes differently from other companies. as applicable in the EU a favor as unlawful State aid, as well as direct subsidies for companies or tax exemptions such as those granted by Germany in the EEG apportionment energy-intensive companies. “Illegal government support distort competition and therefore the business,” argues Vestager.

In such cases, the Commission opens proceedings and demanded repayment of the benefits.

According to the EU Commission is the Apple of the case: the Irish tax rate of the iPhone maker was thus in 2003 only one percent and decreased by 2014 to 0.005 per cent – 50 Euro taxes on one million euro profit. “If my tax rate would drop to 0.005 percent,” EU Competition Commissioner Vestager commented, “I had the feeling that I should check my tax bill again.”

How did Apple’s tax dodge?

Apple has since the eighties, two subsidiaries in Ireland, Apple Operations Europe and Apple Sales International. The latter is responsible for the sales, buying Apple products from manufacturers and sells them to customers in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India. All profits from these transactions run on the Irish company. Part of it – in 2011 as there were about two billion dollars – goes quite legally to the US parent, as subsidies for research and development

The European Commission criticized the passthrough of the remaining profits within Ireland.. Particularly critical sees so-called tax advance decisions: The Company apply in advance a review of their plans. Although this is legal, but is problematic when tax authorities so that individual companies grant special conditions.

From the European Commission view that was at Apple the case. Accordingly, Apple Sales International transferred for example in 2011, the equivalent of approximately 16 billion euro profit almost entirely to administrative centers, so-called head offices that were established neither in any country still had its own staff. Only 50 million euro profit were taxed in Ireland. Similarly, it was therefore in the second Apple Operations Europe.

These companies design, the “nature or economically justified” recorded in EU Commission, had been approved by the Irish Revenue Commissioners – a breach of EU state aid rules, because other companies did not have this possibility. Competition Commissioner Vestager has however made clear that the Commission neither the general taxation system in Ireland still as such agency with domestic corporate tax rate or the tax structure of Apple in Europe in question.

Who drives the money? ‘ / b>

The EU legislation provides that unlawful aid must be recovered in order to eliminate a distortion of competition – penalties do not exist. In the case of Apple, it’s loud Vestager to tax payments of up to $ 13 billion plus interest. The Commission took into account only the period from 2003, because until 2013, the first investigation had been initiated and aid may be recovered from this point on a decade – since 2015 pays Apple in Ireland regularly taxes.

The Irish government wants to defy instructions and considers to have Apple makes no tax benefits. However, could be other countries where the Irish Apple daughters were active, use the findings of the European Commission: Should they be of the opinion that Apple’s taxes would actually in their respective countries have to pay, they could also be additional claims for part of billion repayment questions.

Apple immediately announced, to appeal. General Counsel Bruce Sewell described the EU Commission proceedings as “grossly unfair”. Sewell was confident to win a court case, there would be but “drag expected for several years.” In an article published on the Internet letter wrote Apple CEO Tim Cook, the European Commission had a trial started “rewrite history of Apple in Europe to ignore the Irish taxation law and thereby tilt the international tax system.”

existence Threatening the demand for Apple, however, is not: the iPhone Group is currently sitting on cash reserves of more than 200 billion euros – and the stock price  chart show responded to the tax claim hardly.

in summary: The European Commission has condemned Ireland to require further from Apple’s Irish subsidiary companies tax of up to 13 billion euros plus interest. The US group had forwarded the profits to administrative centers that were not registered in any country and no employee had, thus reducing its tax burden up to 0,005 percent. Both Apple Ireland intend to proceed against the decision.


Bauparkassen: Schwäbisch Hall announces further existing contracts – Handelsblatt


Schwäbisch Hall is the building society of cooperative banks

(Photo: AP)

Berlin / Stuttgart the home loan industry is due to the zero interest period under massive pressure. In addition, the stringent regulatory requirements after the financial crisis lead to additional costs. Companies are responding by cutting costs on this trend, and expensive legacy contracts rid of them.

The Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall holds about at the termination of numerous old contracts. “We do this for reasons of equal treatment of home savings”, chief executive Reinhard Klein told the “Welt am Sonntag”. What is possible and permissible, you’ll need to use. However, were the contracts would terminate, on average 22 years old. “It’s certainly no pleasure to terminate contracts. But you can also say: After 15 to 20 years, a contract may also end, “said Klein. Customers who rejected an allotment of building savings volume as long probably are not interested in taking the loan. “But that is the purpose of building savings.”

So the assets are spread across German households

  • “34″

    gross assets: € 100
    net assets: minus € 3,000
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 7500

    the 5th percentile means that households below this threshold, are among the poorest five percent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 700
    net assets: 0. €
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 9600

    The 10th percentile means households below this threshold, are among the poorest ten percent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 5,200
    net assets: € 2,400
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 14 300

    The 20th percentile means households below this threshold, among the poorest 20 percent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 14,200
    net assets: € 10,700
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 17 800

    The 30th percentile means households below this threshold, among the poorest 30 percent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 33,200
    net assets: € 27,100
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 21 100

    The 40th percentile means households below this threshold, among the poorest 40 percent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 77,200
    net assets: € 60,400
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 23 900

    The median divides Germany into two halves: Who has more, is one of the richer half. Guests who do not, is part of the poorer half. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 142,700
    net assets: € 111,900
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 27 800

    The 60th percentile means households above this threshold, are among the richest 40 per cent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 216,100
    net assets: € 174,900
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 33 100

    The 70th percentile means households above this threshold, are among the richest 30 per cent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 315,600
    net assets: € 274,700
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 39 600

    The 80th percentile means households above this threshold, are among the richest 20 per cent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 522,000
    net assets: € 468,000
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 50 300

    The 90th percentile means households above this threshold, are among the richest ten percent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

  • gross assets: € 816 500

    net assets: € 722 000
    Annual net income (self-assessment): € 60,000

    the 95th percentile means that households above this threshold, are among the richest five percent in Germany. Source: Bundesbank, data refer to 2014

The high credit interest of the contracts from the. 1990s are a burden on the industry in today’s low-interest periods. The large wave of layoffs began in 2015, over 200,000 old contracts were dissolved. Despite Klein expects that in Schwäbisch Hall new contracts with a contract sum of around 30 billion euros this year.

In a major rival it had in the first half of five billion euros. The LBS West is now retroactively 1 January 2016 arose from LBS Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate LBS. The merger was finally completed on Saturday, informed the LBS with in Stuttgart. With 1150 employees and total assets of over 17 billion euros, the new bank will be larger than the LBS West and LBS Bayern. Office is in Stuttgart with about 600 employees, Karlsruhe (300 employees) and Mainz (250) are only locations.

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In order to complete the merger both companies submitted half-year figures. Reported to the LBS Baden-Württemberg from January was able to conclude new savings contracts with a volume of 3.94 billion euros by June – although this was a decrease of three percent compared to the same period last year, but a decline at very high levels. The LBS Rhineland-Palatinate could enter into contracts for 1.05 billion euros, posting a rise of almost five per cent. A company spokeswoman said the merger will secure the performance of LBS West. It was “prepared for the continuing challenges of the low interest rates”.