Tuesday, August 23, 2016

VW dispute with suppliers: Short work costs contributors million – THE WORLD

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short-time working at VW will cost contributors million

Because Volkswagen quarreling with suppliers, parts of the production stand still. The company wants to send employees on short time. For the contributors to the social fund is expensive.

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     Because Volkswagen quarreling with suppliers, parts of the production stand still. The company wants to send employees on short time. For the contributors to the social fund is expensive.

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Photo: dpa / dpa For example Brand new VW vehicles: the company had to stop production partially stop

The payment of partial unemployment benefits for employees of Volkswagen in the current dispute with suppliers contributors could cost around ten million euros per week. This was reported by the “Bild” newspaper, citing internal estimates. The sum is based on how many of the 28,000 threatened employees go in the six VW plants ultimately in short-time working.

The production at the sites stopped already on Monday. Before short-time working allowance is paid, the employee must first degrade overtime.

In politics criticism of the plans by VW has already been raised. The group should not impose the contributors to the social security funds, the cost of its dispute with suppliers, it said in the Union. “Short-time work is not a strike fund for companies that are located in the economic struggle and received contracts not comply willfully”, the CDU-labor expert Karl Schiewerling said the “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”.

with reduced working hours, companies can react to a drop in orders, without equal to lay off employees. For this, the company working is reduced temporarily. For the loss of earnings of employees jumps to request the Federal Employment Agency with the so-called short-time compensation when certain conditions are met.

Volkswagen and suppliers seeking to an amicable settlement. Results were not initially. You keep working on a solution, declared spokesmen for both sides in the early hours on Tuesday. The supplier ES Automobilguss and Car Trim, belonging to the group Prevent, VW supply currently not required transmission parts and seat covers. Between the company and VW raging dispute over the termination of contracts. The backgrounds are unclear.

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the stock market is the VW dispute really care

              The Delivery armed production is pulled in six VW plants affected. Almost 30,000 employees can not work as usual. . The stock market believes in an agreement Source: Reuters

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