Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Carmakers increasingly under pressure: Australian authority sued Volkswagen – Handelsblatt


Volkswagen sees itself with numerous lawsuits and billions in damages confronted

(Photo: AP)

Sydney / Nashville In the exhaust scandal threatens Volkswagen (VW) further trouble. The Australian Consumer Agency ACCC has filed a lawsuit against the Wolfsburg-based group claims to be of Thursday. It complains that the automaker to have sold in the past five years more than 57,000 vehicles with a cheating software.

Volkswagen had admitted manipulating emission levels in the world eleven million diesel cars in September, 2015. An illegal shutdown ensures that the car exhaust emission limits adhere only to the test, but not on the street.

VW board IG Metall wants 2017 three women in body send

The Group is facing numerous lawsuits and billions in damages. The Lower Saxony had agreed in June with US authorities and private plaintiffs to one to 15.3 billion dollar compared to settle the gas scandal.

At the same time in Great Britain demanded a parliamentary environment committee of the government harder against VW proceed. However, the demands of the committee are not binding on the London politicians who have to decide on measures against Europe’s largest carmaker in the diesel gate affair.


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